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My Summerslam Card

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Headliner :

Cena (Champion) vs Ryback vs Axel WWE Championship

Axel takes HHH out of commission @ payback. Heyman comes out the following night on Raw and puts out a challenge to Cena who happens to also be victorious against Ryback. Ryback then comes out at raw after Heyman and says he still has his rematch clause because the first match technically was a draw at extreme rules.

New WWE Champion Ryback @ 22 Minutes

Co Headliner :

Randy Orton vs (Champion )Heel Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio vs (Mystery Opponent) Christian : Ladder Match WHC Match

Winner and New WHC Randy Orton @ 24 min

Tag Team Championship

Team Hell No vs The Shield

End Of Match - Daniel Bryan so frustrated attacks Kane and then walks out- Thus setting up a Feud with Kane.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions The Shield @ 15 Minutes

Divas Championship

AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn (Champion)
Winner and new WWE Divas Champ AJ Lee @ 8 Min

Intercontinental Championship

Wade Barrett (Champion) vs Kofi Kingston
Winner and new Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston @ 13 Min

United States Championship

The Miz vs (Champion) Dean Ambrose
Winner and New WWE United States Champion The Miz @ 11 min

#1 Contenders Match for Intercontinental

Fandango vs Chris Jericho

Winner and #1 Contender is Jericho @ 13 Minutes

Cody Rhodes vs Damion Sandow

Winner Cody Rhodes

Big Show vs Mark Henry

Body Slam Match

Winner Mark Henry @ 6 Minutes

Alright guys some of this is crazy but I for one wouldn't mind most of these matches. Tell me what ya think. And yes I took off Brock Lesnar and HHH so they can be saved for Survivor Series or WM or RR.

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  1. Akshat's Avatar
    Its a nice card. Only I Would Change a match for Cody.. Rest is a Great card.
  2. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Sounds like a fantazy card as most of the matches won't take place especially the one with Curt Axel.... Not bad but average
  3. sret's Avatar
    Several of the matches will happen on the next card, not all the way down at summerslam, that's not even remotely realistic. Sheamus doesn't even have a match? Sure, that's gonna happen. And for the love of god please tell me you didn't just pick Kofi to be the new IC champion!
    I hate being that guy but this card is really subpar, especially for possibly the second biggest PPV of the year. Apart from the issues I mentioned it also suffers from a great lack of standout matches.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Decent card...but I agree a little with sret. No Sheamus on the card. Also, No Brock Lesnar. No CM Punk. No Undertaker. Where's the drawing power?

    I disagree with sret in the fact that Kofi should be new IC champ. Barrett blows and is a waste.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Worst card Summerslam could have. Why? All the matches we've seen. These same guys battling at Summerslam? No movement? I'm going to watch Team Hell No battle for their tag titles back from now thru Summerslam including a match vs them on that day? Show vs Henry how many times? Jericho/Fandango probably more than 5 battles at this point. Barrett beat Kofi more than once. Why should he have to do the same again? AJ vs Kaitlyn from April-August? Axel should be facing Barrett or in the IC title race. Especially with clients like Lesnar/Punk who should be in that position over him. Don't push him way too fast like they did Ryback. I hate the use of Daniel Bryan attacking Kane. That isn't believable that he can lay out Kane unless he used a weapon or something. Looks more like Payback ppv card....not Summerslam's ppv card.
    Updated 05-24-2013 at 02:43 PM by TheGreatOne (looks more like Payback ppv card)
  6. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    Hey, jledwig! You might want to check out my card for SummerSlam:
  7. Rehmix's Avatar
    WWE would never have that many title changes in one night. It makes no since to have that many title changes. It would make all the other changes shrink in significance.
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