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A change in Cena

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This is my first blog on the site and it turned out longer than i thought.
Now i had this crazy idea about a change in cena’s character, so let me know what you guys think.

Its the night after payback John Cena has just defeated Rayback in cruel ambulance match, so Cena comes out on raw to celebrate and goes on to talk about the match and how it was his never give up attitude and his fans that helped him win, the crowd goes into their usual boos and cheers, Cena just soaks it in with a smile and out comes Curtis Axel along with Paul Haymen just to mock Cena and saying Cena’s not a worthy champion and in the discussion slaps Cena, and right then and there something flips inside of Cena and he loses it starts beating the life out of Axle when Paul tries to save his client he punches him too, out come a few Refs trying to brake it up and Cena just shoves them, delivers the AA to Axle and leaves. Cole and Lawler are confused as to what took place in the ring. The camera rolls to the locker room Cena is seeing washing his face has a look of confusion on his face and he drives out of the arena.

On the next RAW, the main event has been set earlier by Vickie Guerrero, John Cena vs Curt Axle, Cena out to open raw he apologises to the fans and the ref’s saying he does not know what got into him the last week on RAW saying it was not him and it will not happen again. The audience starts to say booring again and again and suddenly the smile on Cena’s face vanishes and he starts to yell at the audience ‘Shut UP, i put my ass on the line for you people, each night deliver you good shows and you don’t even respect me!! I have been to hell and back with my matches and still you don’t care, I am the Champ so you know what i don’t give a fuck what you assholes think.’ 10 sec after delivering the promo the look on Cena’s face changes and he again has that look of confusion on his face stares at the mic, then at the audience and leave the ring with a look of confusion and his hand on his head. We go backstage Cena enters Vickies office and tells her he doesn’t feel right and wont be able to compete and just leaves the arena.

The next week on RAW Vickie storms out saying Cena ruined her Main event last week but she wont let it happen tonight he’s here and that match will take place right now. Cena comes out to his usual entrance running to the ring looking ready to go. The match is mostly dominated by Cena who looks to deliver his 5 knuckle shuffle runs to the ropes and Paul grabs his leg tripping him, Cena goes after paul knocks him over real bad, than all of a sudden grabs a chair and attacks AXLE ending the match in DQ, Cena looks really angry and again the look changes to a look of confusion stares at chair, heyman and Axle laying on the floor and walks away shocked. The commentators discuss about what just happened and everyone’s shocked.

The next week on raw we understand that John Cena underwent a psyche evaluation and the wwe doctors are here to tell us his condition. The doctors reveal that Cena has developed a split personality of sorts all that anger that he kept controlled in him trying to obey his principles of ‘hustle loyalty & respect’ its all coming out without his will, he does remember the events that occur but has no control over this rage drive.
So now we get a new Cena who’s unstable nobody knows when he will flip or on whom, its not heel turn he is still a good guy when he’s himself but when the rage takes over there’s no telling what will happen.

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  1. Steve Austin's Avatar
    I like it,. Good idea, nice blog.
  2. DWO's Avatar
    " i don’t give a fuck what you assholes think." could be a step too far but generally a nice idea. Would it work with the kiddies and would they understand? Their hero is telling them to fuck themselves... it I'm not too sure but Cena heel turn marks would get a glimpse of what they want to see i guess
    Good blog
  3. Vandarius's Avatar

    Seriously, that would be one of the best angles the WWE had ever done.
  4. Kajmere's Avatar
    Well written, but for someone who constantly visits kids in the hospital and kids with disabilities, I don't see Cena using a mental disorder for his character. I could see him losing his shit maybe, but not a clinically diagnosed disorder, it's a bit much. So what, are these kids in the hospital supposed to be frightened that he may flip out on them too?
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    So, basically, John Cena should become Joseph Park/Abyss?
  6. Brian Cice's Avatar
    That would be perfect if they played off the beating he took at extreme rules but like Kajmere said, using a mental disorder for an angle now adays, especially if the person with the gimmick is the most asked for person in makeawish, would not sit well with some for good reasons. That sounds like a great Attitude Era gimmick though. Nice job thinking outside the box
  7. Kaisered's Avatar
    So Cena goes from DC Universe Superman to Marvel Jean Grey or the Hulk??
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