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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Booking WWE Payback

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Hey everyone. I am back again with another post. This time, I will share with you on how I would book the very first WWE Payback Pay Per View. I hope you all enjoy.

[B]WWE Championship
Ambulance match
John Cena (c) vs. Ryback[/B]

Back when I was predicting the Extreme Rules match outcomes, I did not know whether to pick Ryback or Cena as the victor. As it turns out they ended up drawing in the Last Man Standing match. But Cena refusing medical attention was the first set up for an ambulance match. I would actually like to see Cena vs. Ryback in a regular one on one match to be honest. But this match was set up perfectly. I am once again not sure on who will win, I have feeling it could go either way...but for some reason, I get the feeling Ryback might win. WWE might not want Ryback to go over Cena in a match that involves pinning the champion, so maybe thats why they organised the Ambulance match. I think we might be looking at a new WWE Champion in a few weeks. They might do this and then have a regular one on one match down the road, maybe at SummerSlam where Cena regains the title by pinning Ryback.

[B]Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Ryback
Estimated time: 20-25 minutes

World Heavyweight Championship
Ladder match
Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ AJ Lee & Big E Langston vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez

[/B]Because Del Rio never got his rematch and because the Ladder match at Extreme Rules never happened because of Ziggler's concussion, I think the Ladder match might occur at Payback, plus it will be Del Rio's rematch. No matter what happens, I think the title will be staying around Ziggler's waist. I think Ziggler's reign as champion will go on for another few months. Possibly all the way through to September and lose it at Night of Champions.[B]

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Dolph Ziggler
Estimated time: 15 minutes

Randy Orton vs. Big Show

[/B]Just a regular one on one match. Giving Big Show a chance at 'payback' for him losing to Orton at Extreme Rules the other day. If this match were to happen, I would pick Big Show as the winner this time. Orton may line up the punt kick again but Big Show might get up and hit a quick KO Punch to The Viper. I think this would be good way to keep the feud going while pushing Orton. If they had a second match and then a tiebreaker at the next PPV, then I think Orton should go over in the final match to end the feud. Possibly in a Cage match?
Winner: Big Show via pinfall after a WMD
Estimated time: 10 minutes

Intercontinental Championship
International Elimination Six-Pack Challenge
Wade Barrett (England) (c) vs. R-Truth (Africa) vs. Antonio Cesaro (Switzerland) vs. Sin Cara (Mexico) vs. Christian (Canada) vs. The Miz (United States)

[/B]I this would be a good to see this gimmick match happen. In my opinion, it is a good idea. It would give Barrett a great push to come out as the victor, which is what I think would happen in this match.
Cara eliminated by Barrett after a Bull Hammer
Cesaro eliminated by Christian after a Spear
Truth eliminated by Miz after a Skull Crushing Finale
Miz eliminated by Christian after a Roll Up
Christian eliminated by Barrett after a Bull Hammer [B]

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett
Estimated time: 15 minutes

United States and WWE Tag Team Championship
Winner Tak All Six Man Tah Team match
The Shield (Dean Ambrose [U.S.] and Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins [Tag Team]) vs. Kofi Kingston and Team Hell NO (Kane & Daniel Bryan)

[/B]It has been a while since there has been a Winner Take All match plus I think that it would be a good chance at 'payback' for Kingston, Kane and Bryan against The Shield all at once and it means The Shield can roll together. I don't think The Shield will lose their gold this early so obviously they will win again. I think that one of the members will pin Kane to gain the win and retain the titles.[B]

Winners and STILL Champions: The Shield via pinfall after a Triple Powerbomb
Estimated time: 15 minutes

No Disqualification match
Triple H vs. Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman

[/B]To be honest, after what happened on RAW last night, I have a feeling that this match might indeed happen. If it does, I am not quite sure who will win. Michael McGillicutty changes his name to Curtis Axel, gets a main event push and becomes the newest 'Paul Heyman Guy'. Triple H lost at Extreme Rules but if they want Axel's new gimmick to work, they might have to have him go over The Game. If so, I have a feeling Brock Lesnar might make an appearance to help him or maybe Triple H will have another episode with Axel capitalizing and stealing the victory.[B]

Winner: Curtis Axel via pinfall
Estimated time: 15 minutes

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

[/B]This is another good feud that could be continued for a little bit. If so, I think this should be just a straight up one on one match. If that happens, I think Henry might win this one to even the score. I think this might help Henry receive his much needed push. [B]

Winner: Mark Henry via pinfall after a World's Strongest Slam
Estimated time: 10 minutes


Chris Jericho vs. Big E Langston

[/B]Just a quick match. Nothing really special here. I think that Big E will go over, just to keep his big bodybuilder guy thing going.[B]

Winner: Big E Langston via pinfall after the Big Ending
Estimated time: 10 minutes


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  1. rhyno535's Avatar
  2. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    Pre Show:Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel- Singles match

    1:Fatal 4-Way for the Intercontinental Championship
    Wade Barrett (c) vs The Miz vs Fandango vs Chris Jericho

    2: Kaitlyn (c) vs AJ Lee Divas Championship

    3: Christian vs Jack Swagger

    4.Dean Ambrose (c) vs Kofi Kingston Falls Count Anywhere match for the United States Championship

    5.The Primetime Players (babyface) vs Rhode Scholars-Tag Team match

    6.World Heavyweight Championship
    Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Alberto Del Rio

    7.Curtis Axel vs Rey Mysterio

    8.Triple threat match for the WWE Tag Team Championships
    The Shield vs Team Hell No vs Randy Orton & Sheamus

    9.WWE Championship Ambulance match
    John Cena (c) vs Ryback
  3. Ripken1983's Avatar
    I like the card for the most part. I agree that Ryback will win. Need a match for Fandango to keep momentum going.
  4. Ripken1983's Avatar
    I like the card for the most part. I agree that Ryback will win. Need a match for Fandango to keep momentum going.
  5. ozfan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Erroneous Fool
    If they didn't want Ryback going over via pin fall then why didn't he win at ER? Think your blogs through and remember common logic.
    Because they might have wanted Cena to have at least ONE successful title defence and they wanted his reign to last longer than a month, especially because he will hardly be holding the WWE Title these days because he's up to 13 reigns.
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