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Raw 5-20-13 Hits and Misses

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Well another week of Raw has come and gone and I am here to let you all know what I thought the Hits, Misses, and Overall Score out of 10 was. Let's get right into it shall we.

Overall Score: 7.0


Ryback Promo: Again, I don't like his work on the mic but I can't give this a miss just because of that. I like the stipulation put in place for their rematch at Payback. They played up Cena not wanting medical attention at Extreme Rules nicely. Implementing an actual ambulance into the build up was a nice touch. I will say though that I wasn't a fan of the whole promo. I know I'm not in the best shape and I can be lazy sometimes you don't have to tell me that Ryback.

Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston vs. The Shield: I really enjoyed watching this match as I'm sure you all did too. Can I just say that I love The Shield? I didn't like them when they first came on the scene but they grew on me. They're great on the mic but more importantly they're great inside the ring. They pull off moves that no one else will. I like that they showed they could still be a cohesive unit even though Ambrose has a singles title. The biggest stand out from this match was Daniel Bryan. Kane and Kingston sold being mad over the title loses but Bryan did it best. He showed true emotion over not having the tag belts anymore and it looks like he'll be turning heel after Payback.

Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger: This match was just randomly thrown together but it still was a good match. The problem I have with this though is that they should've showed the Colter and Vickie segment on TV and not on the App. That would've made it clearer as to why Swagger was in a match tonight. They had Swagger beat the crap out of Orton which makes him still look strong but still had Orton keep gaining momentum by getting the win. Orton did a great job of selling his ankle being hurt throughout the match. Solid 15 or whatever minute match. I wonder what's next for these two though.

Paul Heyman's Client: This segment should've been hyped a couple weeks in advance. With that being said I still loved it. I'm ecstatic that they're keeping Paul Heyman on TV. I also loved that they brought in a new guy instead of letting him manage a wrestler already on the main roster. Sure we've seen Curtis Axel, Joe Henning, Michael McGuillicutty, or whatever you want to call him before, but he wasn't used right. I love that they actually adressed his blood line and that he's a third generation superstar. Something they failed to do the first time he came up. It was also nice to see them have Triple H actually want to kill Paul Heyman instead of just going after Brock Lesnar.

Triple H vs. Curtis Axel: I'm giving this one a minor hit. The match itself wasn't anything to rewatch but the story it told was good. This match had Triple H show that Brock Lesnar actually did beat him up pretty good at Extreme Rules. It's also nice that Trips would work with a new up and comer like that. It's probably going to lead up to these two battling at Payback. So for the story the match told, it gets a hit.


The Miz and Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett and Fandango: This match looked promising when it was announced, and then it happened. Why is The Miz in this match? Is he getting another shot at the IC Title down the road? And why did Fandango leave Barrett mid match? It made him look like a face when he bailed on Wade like that. I will say this though. I love Wade Barrett's new music and I burst out laughing when Fandango ran over the fan in the crowd.

The Diva's: Remember when the Diva's division was actually good? Well that was when Vince actually cared about it. He clearly doesn't anymore. AJ won that battle royal a while ago and she hasn't gotten her title match yet. Why? It's safe to say that that match may never happen and if it does it's only to make AJ and Dolph become a power couple.

No Ziggler or Cena: Okay I understand why Ziggler wasn't there but why wasn't Cena? Ziggler has an actual concussion but Cena walked off on his on power after Extreme Rules. He wasn't injured or anything. It was just weird not having both major champions on a show. However, the show was still pretty good but this still gets a miss.

Well that's it for this week. Comment down below and tell me what you liked, didn't like, or what I missed. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Just realized neither world champ showed. What a rip.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    Just realized neither world champ showed. What a rip.
    Cena came out after the show. And they got to see HHH in his first match on RAW for 3 years.
  3. Mark Hague's Avatar
    The Divas do suck, but I really like AJ right now, she has a decent looking submission, a good look and she has a character, unlike say the Bella's whose sole talent is having someone in existence who likes like themselves.

    Oh, and blowing John Cena.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Raw was pretty good. I really liked The Shield vs Team Hell No and Kofi. I don't particularly love The Shield but they are getting it done. I actually find myself intrigued in seeing their matches, waiting for that first actual loss. I root against them so much and I was hoping they lost last night. But, they win again. Sooner or later though, a trio will show up to take them down. Hoping it's a Legacy reunion to do it too.

    I like how it ended with a HHH match. I like Curtis Axel. I hope they do it right with him. I wish he looked a little stronger in the match with HHH but I still like him...and especially his music. WWE better not ruin this the way they ruined Swagger and Mark Henry's returns.
  5. zrdt12's Avatar
    Wow I thought the Miz and Jericho vs Fandango and Wade was done greatly! It just capitlizes on the great heel Fandango is becoming... without even having to talk! Which is perfect cause I'm guessing he's probably not that good on the mic, and very hard to pull off a good heel without talking! Wade seemed to be in the match only as a jobber, since it seems no one really cares about him anymore, despite having the ic title, love the 'E's recent logic on US/IC titles being meaningless. Fandango is in the middle of a HUGE push and it's great to let the world know that he doesn't work well with others, capitalizing him as a singles star. Also opens the door to a possible triple threat/fatal four way in which Fandango could end up IC champ! Jericho did great as always by teasing Summer Rae, and it's great to finally have a sexy diva on the roster again! (well, I guess Layla had a match, but, yeah...) Divas division needs Paige, there really isn't too much more to it!

    The Shield is amazing, not really much else to be said! Payback's in my town and thought about not going if Punk is still out but The Shield is so good it still might be worth it!

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