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WWE Payback (booking the card)

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This is my realistic card for the June PPV payback. The show will have 7 matches that will all be given the appropriate time. I really dont see CM Punk returning this soon. I also tried to include all the big names on the roster to have a match on the show so here we go. Also, let me know what you think please with comments below.

Pre-show-Tag team match (5 min)
The usos vs The PTP

1) 6 Pack challenge (IC title) (10 min)
Wade Barret vs Miz vs Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow vs Antonio Cesaro
Winner:Wade Barret or Damien Sandow

2) Singles Match
Chris Jericho vs Fandango

4) Tag Team Match (13 min)
Randy Orton/Sheamus vs Big Show/Mark Henry
Winners:Big Show/Mark Henry
**Orton finally turns heel in this match punting Sheamus to set up a good feud between the two.**

4) 6 Man Elimination tag team match (winner takes all belts) (18 min)
The shield vs Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston
Winner:The Shield

5) Singles Match (divas title) (5 min)
Kaitlyn vs AJ lee
Winner:AJ Lee

6) Triple threat Match (WHC) (18 min)
Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
Winnerolph Ziggler

**Alberto Del Rio uses his #1 contendership on Raw and loses to interference by Swagger setting up this match. Also, the reason this match will not be the triple threat ladder match as planned for ER, is due to the MITB ppv next month.**
7)Ambulance Match (WWE title) (20 min)
John Cena vs Ryback
Winner:John Cena

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