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Extreme Rules: A Retrospective

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WWE presented us with its fourth PPV of the year, Extreme Rules. The card looked impressive, but did it deliver? Well, last night I ordered a pizza and watched the whole thing and boy do I have much to say. I may be a critical person but if i didn't see anything wrong with it I wouldn't be making my complaints. So here we go.

Pre Show: The Miz vs Cody Rhodes

This match was thrown on at the last minute and it did not impress at all. Not a good way to start as the match was filled with missed spots and unexciting action. This time last year, The Miz was facing Santino Marella for the US Title and lost and finds himself back at Square One. WWE clearly has no idea what to do with these two. Clearly.

Chris Jericho vs Fandango

The first match of the night featured a rematch of Fandango vs Chris Jericho. Fandango made what is being dubbed "the greatest upset in WrestleMania history." So i guess Rey Mysterio beating both Randy Orton and Kurt Angle doesn't mean anything. That claim would be valid had everybody who wasn't dumb knew beforehand who would win. Anyway, this match was more or less the same thing as we saw at Mania. Nothing too spectacular. I suppose this was a decent start to the PPV but i still think Fandango was pushed a bit too far to lose. But like i said, if Jericho won I wasn't surprised.

Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kingston - US Title

As soon as Dean entered the arena, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns left him proving that Dean can handle Kofi on his own and boy did this match impress. This proves my point of Kofi Kingston being a transitional champion. By the way, I may be blind, but has anyone noticed that Kofi always gets interviewed after he wins the US or IC championship? Weird. Anyways, Dean Ambrose won with his side-headlock driver to celebrate his first taste of WWE gold. Give props to Kofi Kingston for putting on a great match, but there is a new enforcement in WWE in Dean Ambrose. Maybe he can make this title relevant again. Hopefully. A great bout.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry - Strap Match

This match was really boring to me. Seriously. And what made it worse was that Sheamus went over Mark Henry. So let me see if i can wrap my head around this. This past week, Sheamus sends Mark Henry running to the back on RAW, beats Henry in a tag match on Smackdown, and now beats him again at the PPV? How are we supposed to believe that Henry is the World's Strongest Man if he cannot beat a man whose finisher is a kick to the face? Did we not see him pull two loaded trucks using his body mass? A poor decision on WWE's part. And to think Henry was once being considered to being in the WWE Title scene.

Randy Orton vs Big Show - Extreme Rules Match

I honestly thought this match would be boring but boy was I wrong. No one would expect Big Show to win against the hometown St. Louis native Randy Orton. The match featured great spots including Big Show's collapse on a ladder placed upon to chairs. But this match told a story. A story of what may be in store for Randy Orton in the near future. He hit two RKO's but that wasn't enough to satisfy his palate. No, he used a move which could have sworn the WWE banned. The Punt Kick. The last time he attempted this was at the 2012 Survivor Series against Dolph Ziggler but all he got was a kick to the face. Does this signal a future heel turn for Randy Orton? And watching Orton in the Payback promo, i can sense that Orton won't be going there as a face. Boy am i excited for what will happen with Orton in the next couple of weeks. A man to watch out for right here. As for Big Show, well, i guess there is nothing for him to do except eat.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan and Kane - WWE Tag Team Titles

The Shield's dominance of Extreme Rules continued with an impressive Texas Tornado tag match between these two. I have long waited for the day when Team Hell No would drop the titles and my dreams came true when Rollins drove a knee deep inside Daniel Bryan and got the pinfall. This is how it should be. Roman Reigns looked as powerful as ever and Seth Rollins' aresnal is not to be ignored. I would have hoped that this match would feature more outside confrontation but it didn't matter. This match was still impressive. So we have the US Champ, and Tag Team Titles belonging to The Shield. There is a new order in WWE today.

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger - I Quit Match

Now this match was worth watching. There was some great in ring action and the wills of both men was very tested. Jack Swagger repeatedly striking ADR's chest with a kendo stick sounded very painful and Del Rio's cross armbreaker on the ropes was just as impressive. A very great bout as we get Alberto Del Rio being the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. I really hoped Dolph Ziggler would have made the PPV but a Real American would not let it happen. By the way, since when did we start using replays in WWE? Zeb Colter throws in a towel without the ref seeing and it would appear Swagger won. But all of a sudden, we have a replay and shows Colter throwing it in. Honestly, this better not continue. This ruins the whole purpose of what heels are supposed to do. What's the point in heels trying to cheat anymore if the refs can just look at the replay whenever they want? Well at least this replay system is better than the MLB for sure.

John Cena vs Ryback - WWE Championship (Last Man Standing)

For those naysayers, even I, who say that Cena can't put on a good match, they should watch this. If Cena is put in with the right person and maybe a certain stipulation it can certainly impress and boy did he impress. But i give lots of credit to WWE for making Ryback look like a beast and not lose for once. But guess what? He didn't win either. Through finishers, sending people through tables, Cena spearing Ryback through the barricade, Cena elbowing Ryback through a table in the crowd, the final spot came when Ryback tackled Cena right through the projection screen and no one got up. Cena looked very hurt and by the tone of Jerry Lawler's voice i have to say it looks real. I would bet anything that Cena comes back on tonight as if nothing happened but if that's not the case, then lets hope that Ryback will be granted the title. Because like the crowd screamed (Jerry Lawler poorly tried to cover it up. Does he think we are idiots?) the ending was truly full of garbage. All of a sudden, the referee decides to stop counting when both men are down. And here's the funny thing, Ryback, even with the help of the officials, got up on his own power, while Cena laid there motionless. People do not spend their hard earned money to see a no contest. They want a winner, no matter how bad the injuries. It may sound harsh, but that is the demand in today's WWE universe and they clearly got restless. Ryback looks incredibly dangerous after this match and it will be interesting to see what Cena and Ryback have to say after this match.

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar - Steel Cage

Now this match was a snooze fest for me. Honestly, i cannot think of a more boring feud than this one. I mentioned that this should have been at WrestleMania before but I may have to take back what I said because all i heard Brock say was "PAUL MY KNEE PAULL!!!" and Triple H consistently putting pressure on it. Brock Lesnar didn't look as powerful as WWE likes to make him out to be. If he is the Next Big Thing, he needs to prove it and having the help of Paul Heyman (who was entertaining to here on the sidelines), does not help his case. Brock Lesnar has proven he can beat Triple H clean like he did at Summerslam. Brock should have beaten Triple H cleanly and he should have dominated but he needed help and seeing him complain about his knee every single time was just making him look like a little girl. I wouldn't want to get in the ring with him, certainly. But based on the way he's been booked as monster heel, this was a poor showing on his part. That much is for sure.

I have another thing to say that's unrelated to the PPV. After the final match on the card, here is what happened. The post show was previewing and i saw guess who? Wade Barrett. Your Intercontinental Champion on the post show commentating on a PPV he wasn't booked for. The IC Champ not being on the PPV is a smack to the face on Barrett and IC Title. He has been jobbing the last few months to the likes of Sheamus, Randy Orton, and even tapping out to the Miz on a couple of occassions. WWE does not take him seriously, that much is certain. If this is how WWE is going to treat him, then just take the title off of him. He barely wins anymore and if he does its to a wrestler like Zack Ryder or Yoshi Tastu. Take the title off of him because its degrading to watch a great young title being treated so poorly. Just very dissapointing.

All in all, Extreme Rules did impress but i can't help but think that the little things and spots missed could have made it perfect. It did not dissapoint by any means and has some sort of lasting power, but it still wasn't better than last year's Extreme Rules and the matches could have gone down much better than they did.

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  1. Steve's Right Peg of Doom's Avatar
    You are about 11 years out on Brock's 'The Next Big Thing' gimmick. Nice read though.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    Your telling me Fan-dan-go beating the guy that beat Stone cold and the Rock in the same night, a 6 time world champion, 9 time ic champion. In his debut match at Wrestlemaina is not a upset?

    Also, Are you really saying Sheamus finisher is weak? Are you telling me that if Sheamus kicked you in the face with boots on with full force would not hurt?
  3. ewantu2's Avatar
    Your telling me Fan-dan-go beating the guy that beat Stone cold and the Rock in the same night, a 6 time world champion, 9 time ic champion. In his debut match at Wrestlemaina is not a upset?

    Also, Are you really saying Sheamus finisher is weak? Are you telling me that if Sheamus kicked you in the face with boots on with full force would not hurt?

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