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Blade's Experience: WWE Payback 2013 Card

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Welcome to another blogside of Blade's Experience. In my last blog, I blogged about the Future of the WWE. For readers there will be another blog which will be titled as "Part 2" with logical story lines to put superstars in with them gaining momentum and drawing back viewership for WWE. For those joining WWE Extreme Rules Prediction Contest there will be 100 points rewarded for participating in the contest and bragging rights as we move on to the next WWE PPV "WWE Payback!" I will give you my opinions and ideas for the matches for this PPV. Please leave feedback and as always grammar Nazi are allowed to make my blogs better one step at a time. Enjoy!

WWE Payback
15,000 in Attendance
"Who Will Get Revenge?"

Pre-Show Match: Wade Barrett vs The Miz

The Miz is in need for Payback as Wade Barrett wants to prove to the WWE Universe that the Barrett Barrage is not a joke. The Miz is looking to gain momentum and write his wrongs with rights. Will the Barrett Barrage continue or will it crumble at the hands at the proclaimed "Awesome One" The Miz?

Duration Time: 15 Minutes

Match #1: Team Hell No vs. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins(c)

The Shield has dominated over the duration of there WWE stable career. Seth Rollins has won matches against Danial Bryan but the "Goat face" superstar has no intention of giving up. Kane has been floppy and has almost been losing it. Can Team Hell No win back the WWE Tag Team Championship or will the Shield remain victorious?

Duration Time: 10 Minutes

Match #2: Sheamus vs Big Show

Big Show and Sheamus are two superstars who lost at Extreme Rules. Big Show takes out the "Celtic Warrior" and wants Sheamus on his feeding list. Sheamus wants "Payback" on Big Show and they want to wrestle. Did those backstage attacks get to Sheamus or did Big Show just pick the wrong fight.

Duration Time: 15 Minutes

Match #3: Chris Jericho vs Mark Henry

Mark Henry has dominated Smackdown in recent weeks. Jericho fresh from his victory at Extreme Rules wants the WHC until he runs into the World Strongest Man. This gives both man a chance to give each other a good match and this time Jericho can win the match and go after the WHC at WWE Summerslam!

Duration Time: 20 Minutes

Match #4: Fandango vs Kofi Kingston vs Dean Ambrose(c): U.S Championship Match

Kofi Kingston wants Payback on both Fandango and Dean Ambrose. Fandango has cost Kingston multiple matches Dean Ambrose has destroyed Kingston pride. Whose going to walk out of WWE Payback as the U.S Champion?

Duration Time: 10 Minutes

Match #5: Jack Swagger vs Randy Orton: #1 Contender's Match-WHC

Jack Swagger and Randy Orton both need the WHC. Orton has dominated Smackdown for recent weeks and wants his chance at the WHC. Swagger wants the WHC, alongside Chris Jericho. Can this lead to a six pack challenge at Summerslam for the WHC?

Duration Time: 15 Minutes

Match #6: ADR vs Dolph Ziggler(c): WHC Match

Dolph Ziggler has come back with a new attitude. ADR wants that title back but he has to withstand the likes of Big E Langston and the fierce A.J Lee.

Match #7: Ryback vs John Cena (c): WWE Championship Match

The main event has arrived. Ryback wants Payback because he has lost at Extreme Rules unable to accept defeat wants another shot. The Shield will interfere. Can John Cena retain the championship or will the fierce Ryback win the WWE Championship?

Hope you enjoyed the following blog. Please give me feedback in the comment section as we get ready for Extreme Rules and the prediction contest which will be excellent. Thank you.

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  1. Xtreme_Virus's Avatar
    I think Fandango should not be going for the U.S, I would put him in the IC Picture instead. And Jericho vs henry? Where do you get that? I think jericho and fandango will have a third match where fandango will get his "payback". Then he can goes for the IC. Miz on another pre-show? The others seem obvious. And I would really put orton here on a situation where he turns heel. HE NEEDS IT.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TomJarvis100
    Taker & dx is probably a bit unrealistic I know but it could happen. Why does christian going straight back into main event not make sense? Get the most out of him while his fit. Fresh & better than Orton or sheamus IMO.I would turn PTPs face & Orton heel. And if U were watching this week its clear Barrett vs miz fued will continue.

    Your card is unrealistic just for the fact U have a 6 pack challenge,fatal 4 way & triple threat on the same PPV!
    Dude this is a fantasy card. If I was given the keys to the car to book WWE payback.This is how I would do it. Guys who are on the active roster who is likely able to compete for the ppv. I don't believe this will happen. This is what should happen if you ask me. Hell, if I was predicting, I wouldn't be sure if the IC title would be on the card at all. It wasn't for EC or last nights ppv.

    Christian just has dropped a lot of notches since his last world title run. You are trying to tell me Christian would be voted for over Orton and Sheamus by WWE universe if they got to pick Zigglers next opponent? Hell No!! Barrett vs Miz continue? Why didn't it happen at Extreme Rules? Why did we just get a random jobber match?
  3. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Fantasy card. Won't happen.
  4. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    I like the y2j vs Henry but here's a question how come y2j never got payback on sheamus for rr they could have a number 1 contender match for Whc and have sheamus win when he's in match y2j attacks turns heel feuds with sheamus
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