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WWE Should Bring Dolph Ziggler back as a face

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This is my 1st real attempt at one of these, So bare with me, i tend to ramble on. if it sucks and is completely delusional then Sorry....about you're damn luck(Yes i really wrote that)

Well for months now, ever since i heard the rumor that WWE had been considering turning Dolph Ziggler into a face, it's been on my Fav 5 of things WWE could do(even higher than Cena Heel turn).

Dolph Ziggler as far as i can remember has never been a face in WWE, so that right there intrigued me, like lots of others i've compared Zigger to HBK, Billy Gunn and Mr. Perfect and all 3 had the "it factor" as both heel and face

HBK was heel for years after Rockers Split, he had some amazing matches in those years and was very popular, but after he turned face, his popularity sky rocketed and was able to transition back and forth seamlessly.

Now Dolph hasn't exactly lived up to all the hype these past few years, a few start then stop pushes. i believe his ups and downs started with his 1st WHC run(if i can call it that) after that his career just seemed off course.

Until that is he cashed in and won WHC for real. i thought here we go, Ziggler finally gonna get the chance to "Show The World", then Swagger kicks him in the head, Ziggler has concussion and WHC Ladder match is replaced by #1 Contender I Quit match between Swagger and Del Rio....BLAH

But then i got thinking about the face turn rumor which made me see a a silver lining in all this. Like Del Rio would say, it's destiny. WWE has a chance to flip everything on it's head. and it all starts with this I Quit match.

everyone is expecting Alberto Del Rio to beat Jack Swagger and go on to face Dolph, cause Ziggler's a heel, Del Rio's a face and that's how it usually goes. So how about Swagger wins and is #1 contender.

on Raw night after Extreme Rules Ziggler returns, comes to the ring to address the WWE Universe, something about how this this concussion has made him rethink things, maybe a tease at retiring to pull some heart strings, get the crowd behind him. followed by something about not blaming Jack Swagger for what happened, that it's part of the job, accidents happen, blah, blah, blah.

Swagger's music hits him and Zeb(aka Yosemite Sam) come out and proceed to claim responsibility for the concussion, saying it was no accident, they were hoping to take out Ziggler so he'd be stripped of WHC, but since Dolph is retiring and Swagger is #1 contender, that Ziggler should come and hand Jack the WHC, of course Ziggler replies with come get it or some variation.

So Swagger charges the ring, they go at it back and forth, fans cheering, Ziggler gets the upper hand, crowd cheers louder, low blow by Zeb, crowd boos, Swagger beats don't Dolph, crowd boos louder, Zeb tells Swagger time to go, they proceed to walk out, Jack notices Dolph gets up, back in, pump handle slam to Ziggler, leaves, Ziggler gets up, Swagger knocks him back down, but Dolph keeps getting back up. then finally Big E comes out and chases them off.

meanwhile during this whole exchange the crowd is getting more and more behind Dolph Ziggler, by the end he could easily be WWE #2 face, which is #1 if you don't count John Cena(pretty good only 2 pokes at SuperCena...or 3). having AJ lee at his side will only help to get over that much more, as a face Diva AJ is probably one of the most popular Diva's since Trish and Lita, She use to and sometimes still gets a bigger pop from the crowd the many Superstars. Big E is very popular as face on NXT, why not on Raw too.

Right now all the pieces are in line for all this to happen, like a destiny, WWE has an opportunity to change the game completely, there is so much potential branching out and new, fresh rivalries that could come out of it.

1 for example has to do with The Shield and are in need of something new soon otherwise i fear a splitting of the shield. so why not have them go after the WHC, after EC if the Shield get tag titles, then that would make this feud all the better, maybe leading to Big E getting a tag partner, maybe give R Truth the job and have those 3 face The Shield in a tornado tag ladder match for all the gold, winner takes all.

from there if team Ziggler won, WWE can begin distancing Big E from Ziggler as Big E would be tag champ with R Truth, so they'd be off doing there own think now, maybe leave AJ as their "manager", her crazy and Truth's crazy might make for some entertaining TV, not to mention the power of Big E combined with the speed and agility of Truth would make a high impact tag team.

or go the other way and Shield wins and starts to implode over who should be WHC, not my choice but would be interesting.

anyways back to Dolph and a face turn, i just think it's way overdue and they say timing is everything. well timing couldn't be better

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  1. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    I have always figured they will go back to "HBK/Deisel" story where wrestler and bodyguard fall out.... assume he thinks AJ cheating or dumps her to reveal her and Big E have been hooking up.

    While part of me would love a face turn I dont think it would be good for him. He's one of the few that do heel well (look at Rybacks poor attempt) and prob will be buried as a face..
  2. kalosjuice's Avatar
    i like that idea however based on what i saw last night a double turn with ziggler and del rio works better. it's been a while since we seen a double turn and this one if properly exicuted will work. aj lee should stay heel and split with dolph and i found that with the whc title loss, there's a good reason for the split. del rio turns heel and ziggler turns face and have them fued again at mitb for the whc. meanwhile, daniel bryan should turn heel again with this whole weak link thing i say why not. two heel turns and two face turns sounds about right.
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