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Nitro's 10 Bold Predictions for Extreme Rules

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Here I am again to bring you predictions that, while might not be right, but will be bold and that will be a big thing. At Wrestlemania 29, I got 4.5/10....well, at least I am increasing. No wonder I sucked at the prediction contest for Wrestlemania. Anyways, I bring to you 10 bold predictions for Extreme Rules!

10. Cody Rhodes frustration from pre-show will lead to him being face and involved in Kaitlyn's admirer

WWE, you have a chance here. Rhodes and Sandow are in no man's land right now so why not have a chance to break them up. They aren't even tagging together so just have Rhodes turn out to be the admirer. It is so easy and good, then have a feud between Sandow and Rhodes....c'monnnnnnnnnnn

9. Orton will still be the face we all hate

Poor Orton, remember when we still took you seriously. Good times. Anyways, his match with Big Show could be interesting since it is extreme rules, but nothing monumental will come out of this match. Just Orton being a face....yayyyyy

8. Ambrose won't win the United States Championship

Man, wouldn't people be angry. It is very obvious that fans and WWE are on the Shield train and that gold will be coming to them this sunday.....or at least bronze. Kofi won't win cleanly, but he will eek out a victory to where Ambrose will have to keep chasing.

7. Sheamus vs Henry will be the most brutal match we have seen in years

Yeah, yeah we saw Cena and Lesnar have a brutal match last year, but this strap match will want to make you wince every time you watch in pain. The buildup has been surprisingly great and this will be the most "extreme" match we get out of the night.

6. Swagger will win the I quit match

Why not give a little twist? Del Rio seems like the obvious choice, but WWE has been on the swagger train for a bit so I think they will throw us a curveball this sunday and let Swagger win for some reason.

5. Team Hell No will still be together

At least til payback. The tornado tag match is a nice one we haven't seen for a good, long time. After the Shield takes the bronze, Team Hell No will be more fired up to take out the shield and take back the championships.......and then they will break up.

4. Chris Jericho will win

Now I know this may not seem bold, but Fandango has technically been on a roll as of late and it wouldn't be surprising to see Fandango score a more decisive victory over Jericho. However, Jericho will dance his way to the top, destroy Fandango and show why he is the best in the world at what he does.

3. Brock Lesnar will have to beat Triple H by cheating

The last two fights we have seen of these two have been just pure brawls. While none of us is interested in seeing these two fight....again, Lesnar will have to beat Triple H not cleanly. While you may think that while you are in a cage, nothing is dirty, Lesnar will have to escape and leave just barely.

2. Cena will win decisively over Ryback

RYBACK Rocket. Does anyone else think his hat looks like the symbol of team rocket. And if anyone knows pokemon, Team Rocket always loses. Cena won't need to cheat to beat Ryback as he will just beat him to his feet. No Duct Tape, no cheating, just Super Cena. Cena used 5 moves of doom! Ryback Fainted.

1. The best match of the night will go to............Swagger and Del Rio

Yeah, yeah I know what I said earlier. While there will be many contenders for the top match, Swagger and Del Rio will still have the best match. Extreme Rules will come off as a very "safe" pay-per-view, just like Wrestlemania.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I actually like these predictions. The only thing I disagree with is, I'm really looking forward to HHH vs Lesnar...if for no other reason, because I like HHH. I hang on to the old school. I'm not down with the new blood at all. So my favorites consist of guys like HHH, Rock, Jericho, Big Show, Kane, Undertaker...etc.

    Good Blog. If it works out this way, I'd call it a good PPV.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    6 & 8 are the ones I strongly disagree with.
  3. pauldwku's Avatar
    10. Cody will not become a face, at this point, I can see him "accidently" losing his stache, feeling insecure about his look w/o the stache and going back to the "Undashing" gimmick.

    9. Yep.

    8. I think Ambrose and The Shield is ABOVE the US Title and don't see him winning the title. Shield and Ambrose look dominant, but Kofi wins by DQ.

    7. HHH/Brock will be the most "extreme: match of the night. Brock will look dominant for a future title shot vs Cena and HHH loss writes him off TV for a while.

    6. Agree. Personally, I think you will see Big E help Swagger win the match.

    5. Team Hell No will be at the Beginning of the End starting at Extreme Rules. Eventually, you see Daniel Bryan go to Heyman.

    4. Yep.

    3. I think the opposite Brock MUST win cleanly.

    2. There will be a finish where they will continue they will continue the feud at least one more month. They will not bury Ryback.

    1. As far as in ring action, this is looking like a very good card. Swagger/Del Rio could steal the show, but I wouldn't pass up Rollins & Reigns/Hell No, or HHH/Brock being the best match on the card. Ambrose/Kofi will be gem of a match as well.
  4. AWyatt's Avatar
    10. Most definitely wont be a face after ER. I personally can see Sandow being the admirer and thus the feud between the two commences.

    9. Yeah.

    8. This is difficult, I think the shield with tag + US title will actually make them look weak if you get me? They'll be in the WHC title picture late this year. I see Kofi winning by DQ.

    7. This will be the match of the night. I have no doubt whatsoever that Mark Henry will go over cleanly. He'll be in the title picture soon with Ryback.

    6. I'd like to imagine Big E helping Swagger win the match, however I don't think creative are entirely that, well, creative. I can see ADR winning, despite ever ounce of me wanting Swagger to be victor. Cross arm breaker on some structure.

    5. Team Hell No will lose to the shield, i can see this being a really really good match with the likes of Rollins and Brian.

    4. Yes, Y2J to be victor. I really want this feud to be over with. I'd like Fandango in the IC title picture. Perhaps at Summerslam. I'd also like them to water down his dancing character, we all know what his character is about, the long intro's are getting monotonous and boring now.

    3. This can go two ways. HHH can win, thus having Brock out for a while. That coupled with Punk being out leave Heyman to work his magic on another superstar. However, I see Brock the victor in this match. This should be the exclamation point on the end of the feud.

    2. The finish is almost obvious, it's going to be a draw where no man get's to their feet be it from out side interference or it just being a brutal match. I can foresee some sort of shell shocked off the stage thus resulting in 10 count for both men and keeping the feud alive. (Cena hasn't lost at ER and a draw won't count as a loss).

    1. Team hell no vs The shield. I'm hoping for some twist in the WWE title match, like the shield intervening or helping perhaps Ryback. You can only wish.

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