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Dashing Rachel

Booking the perfect SummerSlam card

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The "Biggest Party of the Summer" hits Los Angeles for the fifth straight year as SummerSlam commences on Sunday, August 18th at the Staples Center.

And so, what should be the perfect SummerSlam card? Here's what I think should happen:

This seems like a possible feud as I expect Kingston to lose the United States Championship to Dean Ambrose at Extreme Rules this Sunday while I see Barrett retain against The Miz perhaps at Payback on Sunday, June 16th.

The Voice of the Voiceless is expected to return sometime in June as I look for Punk to reignite his feud against Cena and what better match than an Iron Man match where the Superstar with the most pins in 60 minutes is declared the winner!

WWE's love affair with part-timers returns at SummerSlam when it is expected that The Undertaker will reteam with his tag team partner Kane to take on The Shield in a 3-on-2 handicap match.

I expect Orton to become the new World Heavyweight Champion perhaps as early as Payback when he is expected to defeat Dolph Ziggler. This will set up a potential match against one of Vince McMahon's favorites, The Big Show!

This feud between Booker T and Teddy Long will happen when Booker T returns from injury later this month which will culminate with this 12-man tag team match with the winning team's captain becoming the GM of SmackDown.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TomJarvis100
    My card is clearly the best and the most intelligent!
    Why would you have Ziggler drop the belt to Orton only for Orton to fued with the guy whos is fueding with now?
    Whats with the random IC fatal 4-way and us title triple threat
    Dont think I like the thought of Kane & Taker going after the tag titles
    Barrett vs Big Show (2 heels that i dont see turning face anytime soon)
    Hopefully Punk will be on the actuall card instead of just doing a run in
    When do they ever do matches as exciting as a 4-way tag on a pre show!?
    A gm fued was done just lasy year ending with a big tag match,why do it again,especially with main event guys,would be a waist of time putting ephasis on Booker & Teddy.
    AND Summerslam has only had 6 or 7 matches last 3 years on the main card due to it being a big PPV so the matches are usually longer and still only 3 hours.S.Series has only 6 matches usually now, B PPVs almost always have at least 8 matches sometimes 9
    You have the best card? Most intelligent card? Really?

    No Big Show, Kane, Mark Henry, among others. You have Miz battling in the same spot he was at WM this year? Who in the hell would want to see Christian vs Ryback? I'd much rather see Big Show or Jericho vs Ryback first. Especially for a big ppv like Summerslam. You actually think WWE Universe would vote for your 2 world title matches over mine for Summerslam this year? Rock claimed that his last match is probably his last one. Which is issue #1. Issue #2, Rock vs Cena again? You are booking what you wanted for Mania. Not for Summerslam!! Judging by crowd reaction: Which IC title match would the fans want? Fandangoing along with yes and no chants or Miz vs Fandango? Taker against a part timer or Taker vs the Shield with Taker losing for once? Ding ding ding!!

    What is with the random fatal and triple threat matches? Isn't every match random on everyone's dream Summerslam card? Could you imagine the crowd during that IC title match with all the Cody's mustache, to Fandangoing, to the yes and no chants. As far as the US title goes.....I believe it belongs on the card as does all championships. What, some random Sheamus vs Del Rio vs Swagger vs whoever in a #1 contenders match? This is to provide more prestige for the title having top guys competing for it. I'd have Swagger win simply to put over when he comes back Tyson Kidd. He certainly don't belong in the main event after getting in trouble.

    If Taker does compete at Summerslam, I think he should actually lose for once. Beating the brothers of destruction for the tag titles would boost the prestige in the tag titles. You don't like that idea? You like seeing two old farts battling it out over some UFC altercation back 3 years ago? Not me, I'd rather see young guys get put over.

    Barrett vs Big Show is there simply to put over Barrett. I wouldn't have minded seeing that at WM this year. Him knocking out the Big Show on that big stage. Both known for their punches with history of boxing to help him lose weight with bare knuckle brawler in Barrett. After him winning the MITB, this should just help him from there to get over. Who else is left for the Big Show? Mysterio?

    I edited that out of the pre-show? I don't see the problem in it though. Minus that off because you complained about the total number of matches I had.

    As far as Punk goes, I left Punk off. If he were to return before such as June or July, I'd add him to make the WWE title a triple threat match. I just thought, Punk vs Cena has been done too death.3 straight years in the same match at the same event? What opponent is the biggest threat to Cena's WWE title? That man is Brock Lesnar. WWEs worst nightmare is coming at Summerslam when Punk returns and Brock Lesnar is once again the WWE champion. They control the WWE with the WWE title. In his contract, Brock only competes when he wants to. So if he don't want to show up to Raw, he won't. Obviously Cena wins which begins a feud and a match at WM30 between Lesnar/Punk with special ref, Heyman. Punk is the best in the world.....he doesn't settle for 2nd best. He causes a distraction, that leads to Cena's victory. Lesnar returns at the Royal Rumble, eliminates CM Punk.
  2. TrishStratus7xKelly's Avatar
    It's so funny no puts a divas match well at money in the bank I would bring back Kelly and Eve as well Michelle McCool and Beth and then at Summerslam have a summerball spectacular Kelly and Eve vs ChickBuster vs Bellas vs Divas Of Doom and Laycool
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TrishStratus7xKelly
    It's so funny no puts a divas match well at money in the bank I would bring back Kelly and Eve as well Michelle McCool and Beth and then at Summerslam have a summerball spectacular Kelly and Eve vs ChickBuster vs Bellas vs Divas Of Doom and Laycool
    The Divas you mention are happy they are with their families enjoying life off the road.
  4. JoenK's Avatar
    Think one match is likely.
    Kane vs Daniel Bryan. No belts 2,5 months to start a feud
  5. PSOjedi's Avatar
    Ziggler will still be WHC at Summerslam so the match between Orton & Big Show for the belt won't happen. Kingston vs Barett for the IC why not but it won't happen like this. I can see also The Miz & Fandango involved in the IC matches. Cena vs Punk won't happen probably especially in that type of match. BOD vs The Shield is the only match you said that can happen at Summerslam.

    It's more a Fantasy card than a realistic card.
  6. lucky7pointman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    Orton vs Big Show is a money match? not! Waited all this time for Ziggler to win the big one and you think Orton who has had the title like 10x needs to win it again? WWE needs something fresh like Dolph. Not something boring we've had 10x before.

    I'm glad you don't book the shows.....LOL!

    How many times has Kofi/Barrett faced? That is the only man Barrett defeated in his last IC title run. Give me something new and fresh for crying out loud.

    Punk vs Cena for the WWE title 3 years straight.....genius!!

    You wanna know why Survivor Series isn't as big as the other in the big 4? The original concept of 5 vs 5 team never means a damn thing. Why would you book that for Summerslam?
    lol please wwe will hiring him. he book matches like wwe. and if ted vs booker feud cont till survivor series it will get boring so it's better to end it at summerslam.
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