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Booking Challenge: TNA Slammiversary 2013

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The Booking Challenge is back. 1x a month series was created for fun and to hear other fans dream cards. How would they book this event. Not how it is actually going to be booked. You can use the matches that are already announced for the ppv, but I want to do some things differently. This ppv is in Boston. Time for something memorable instead of every single year Sting gets to challenge the world champion at Slammiversary. Slammiversary to me is about TNA tradition. It is time to bring back a match that has been gone since Hogan/Bischoff regime arrived.....King of the Mountain match!! 10 match limit reminder.....leave your best card in the comment section along with your opinion on mine. How I'd book Slammiversary 2013:

1.10 man X-Division gauntlet for the TNA X-Division title: Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin or Sabin vs Kenny King in finals-For those who don't know, TNA X-Division gauntlet is sorta like a Royal Rumble match. 2 men start it out and in x amount of time 90 seconds I guess....another X-Division star comes out. Final 2, battle it out in a singles match for whatever is on the line. Whether it be the X-Division title or #1 contenders match. I feel like throwing up when I see or hear about triple threat matches so....crap on that garbage. I'm booking this gauntlet. Champion starts out King....if I were able to get Shelley's services for 1 night. I'd totally do it. If not, just have the final 2 be King vs Sabin. King complains afterwards while losing the title to Sabin. Hail Sabin!! Have a bunch of old X-Division stars from past Shark Boy, Petey, Dutt, among others just for one night only. Possibly have some current ones as well.

2.Matt Morgan vs Eric Young-Morgan is big man with an attitude finally. I dig it. On a mission to destroy everything in his path that includes Joseph Parks on Impact a couple of weeks ago. EY is next on the list. Slammiversary vs TNA original on a ppv that is about TNA tradition. He should receive heat after a squash type of victory for Morgan.

3.6 man tag: Doc/Knux/Anderson vs Joe/Magnus/Rob Terry-Could have done 3 singles matches, but I like this way. Especially since I have some specialty matches that will take some time. Making a 6 man tag is more intriguing in my eyes. Rob Terry will be getting a rub by association. Maybe challenge Bully Ray down the line for the world title before BFG. Same goes for the other 2 in this contest. Joe/Magnus reunited and British Invasion it. Should create some intriguing tag and singles matches on future impacts after this ppv. Got Joe winning the match his team via submission. Anderson doing the job here. Should receive a huge pop. Let monsters stay monsters for a while.

4.Fatal 4 way elimination for Knockouts title: Velvet Sky vs Gail Kim vs Tara vs Taryn-Go ahead and guess the order....figure everyone will be picking Tara to be eliminated first. If you did, you are correct. Time to help build Taryn up for a Knockouts champion run down the road. 4 of the best knockouts battling for the prize. Velvet Sky beating these 3 will make it look better as a reign if you ask me. Gail Kim getting eliminated next and final 2 being Taryn and Velvet. Ruined after Taryn is tripped up by Gail Kim who was outside the ring. Velvet didn't know and hit the finish to win the match.

5.TV title: Devon vs Abyss-I know it may seem like I'm low balling the Abyss return, but I'd rather his first world title match be 1 on 1. Have him face Devon to defend his brother at Slammiversary. Abyss dominates throughout the match only to have Aces & 8s members to cost Abyss the match. I'd rather have a young gun take the title off of Devon rather than Abyss. Plus it don't limit him to just that division aka midcard. Have him face other Aces & 8s members til Bully Ray being the final one when he gets his world title match on Impact before BFG. Devon/Abyss feud will continue at BFG in his style of a match. If you don't know his match, you obviously havn't been a TNA fan for long.

6.Ultimate X match for the TNA world tag team titles: Chavo/Hernandez vs Bad Influence-Bad Influence wins the match vs Roode/Aries on Impact to face the tag champs at the ppv. Kaz/Daniels claims Chavo hasn't earned his TNA stripes in TNA. The one way he can is competing and beating Bad Influence in an Ultimate X match. I remember years ago, AJ/Daniels competed against LAX at No Surrender for the tag titles in this type of match. A match that has a lot of history with old school X-Division competitors Kaz/Daniels. Who has the edge? Bad Influence everyone would assume. I got Chavo/Hernandez winning this, but between now and BFG....I'd have Bad Influence reclaim the tag titles again inside a steel cage on Impact. Why a steel cage match? History of Triple X and how they lost vs AMW so they couldn't tag again. The stipulation again is if Bad Influence lose they can't team again? Why is it possible? Daniels lost this type of match years ago. He has his doubts in the Locker room before the match.

7.Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries-Roode has been tired of hearing about his losses to Aries last year. Aries is upset Roode is going behind his back creating a faction without him. It has been from the start who is the best of the two. It is time to find out at Slammiversary. I got Roode getting his win back. Roode winning is a must here if you ask me. 0 credibility if he'd lose 3x in a row. For Aries fans out there who will likely criticize me for having him lose. You just read the PS at the end of this card to see what I have planned for Aries at BFG. Booking challenge for that isn't til September, but I gave in and made it ahead of time. Could change between now and than, but I bet you'd love the card.

8.King of the Mountain match for the TNA world title w/AJ Styles as special enforcer: Bully Ray(C) vs Sting vs Jeff Hardy vs James Storm vs Kurt Angle-Probably the most gimmick type match in wrestling when you talk about all the rules from pins and submissions to the penalty box to the hanging of the title rather than the title hanging from the start. King of the Mountain match is one of my favorite matches. Some say WWE developed the MITB concept off of this match. I don't believe that is true though. I'd just love to see it brought back because of the history. Whoever wins is completely over after defeating 4 of the top guys in the business for the biggest prize in TNA. Only 1 champion has retained his title as well. So it creates the dynamic will he lose? 4 of the top babyfaces in the company vs top heel to make sure he doesn't leave with the title. The other dynamic is at ringside where AJ will be forced to make his decision. At Slammiversary he is enforcer at ringside. For those who may complain because Hardy hasn't been on TV since Full Metal Mayhem, just sub in Abyss if it is that big of an issue. Tell me Boston won't fill the stands if they see Jeff Hardy, Sting, and Angle on the poster. Sting/Angle have a bit of a feud after this when both have the oppurtunity to win the match at the top of the ladder. They both want to be the one to do it for TNA. Jeff kicks the Ladder knocking them off. Jeff takes a risk and goes through a table after having the oppurtunity to win the match. Bully gets out of the way and now it leaves just him and Storm. Storm and Bully battling at the top of the ladder James is winning the going nuts thinking he is going to win. All of a sudden out of no where, Brooke Hogan pushes the ladder and James Storm falls off the ladder. Bully Ray is shocked as are the fans. He climbs the ladder and retains his TNA world title with his arm around Brooke Hogan's daughter. Announcers announce how in shock they are not only by Brooke Hogan pushing the ladder, but AJ watching as it happened. This doesn't make AJ heel, sorta just in the middle of the pack still. AJ claims he isn't choosing sides, he is on AJ's side. Did Storm really want me to help him win the world title? No, he wants to say he did it on his own like I have. Continues and fuels the feud between the two. AJ wants to do it on his own. Sting was a loner as well because no one believed in him. I like that dynamic playing here. Brooke did it because she was sick of being tied down by her father's rule. Plus, it would bring a dynamic similar to the McMahon's back in the day now with Hogan's.

In any case, that is how I'd book Slammiversary 2013. What do you think of my card? What would your card look like? Leave that in the comment section? (RBC)Rate, book, and comment! Be ready for next booking challenge, have your MITB and BFG series winners selected.

PS: I couldn't help myself. I went ahead and booked TNA Bound For Glory 2013 already in the forum. Gave my best card possible along with sticking to the rule that only 10 matches could be on the card. You can view it here along with leaving your personal card in the thread if you'd like. The booking challenge for that will come in September. Rather do it now than book the rumored matches that could happen.

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  1. TrishStratus7xKelly's Avatar
    Well pretty good overall in the Knockouts match I wouldn't put Taryn in this match as she's new to the division but replace her with Mickie James. Last Bound For Glory AJ Styles lost a match to win a opportunity to win a chance to get a match for world title but now if he joins Team TNA then he would vs World Champ Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy with AJ winning the title and he would deserve it
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TrishStratus7xKelly
    Well pretty good overall in the Knockouts match I wouldn't put Taryn in this match as she's new to the division but replace her with Mickie James. Last Bound For Glory AJ Styles lost a match to win a opportunity to win a chance to get a match for world title but now if he joins Team TNA then he would vs World Champ Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy with AJ winning the title and he would deserve it
    Mickie just had an oppurtunity for the belt on Impact. Taryn vs Kim is the top feud in the division right now. She belongs in the match just for that fact.

    AJ didn't lose that match at BFG. He lost it at like Genesis in a triple threat with Storm picking up the W which meant he can't get a shot at the world title til BFG this year. AJ should win at BFG, let Bully hold the title for a while. He just had it for like a month or 2.

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