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DWO: How Wrestling Could Be #2 Turning Kofi Kingston Heel

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I felt that my last blog was lack-luster so descided to update my blog series of "How wrestling could be" by discussing how WWE could turn Kofi Kingston heel

Kofi Kingston is a superstar with almost unmatchable athletic abilities, a good move set and a killer finishing maneuver. He has the ability to create magical moments such as innovative ways to stay in the Royal Rumble
and Boom drops off ladders and that botch, but amazing trouble in paradise he hit on The Miz. In 2008-09 it appeared as if he was starting to make a real breakthrough in the WWE with his feud with Randy Orton. Memorable spots such as his boom drop through thetable and destruction of Orton’s nascar are how we would like Kofi Kingston tobe. He showed pure aggression and that he can be a main eventer. But what happened to that Kofi Kingston? Now we see a transitional champion from IC to US to tag-team titles. His reigns don’t overly excite many fans and he doesn’t receive reactions he used to although they are generally good when he has had a good match. Kofi appears to have all the potential in the world. He is marketable with his image, but his Jamaican theme from day one is still with him and could be changed too. So how could the old Kofi return? One simple answer, if booked correctly, turn him heel.Kofi needs to be freshened up, despite his ‘mysterious’accent change nothing has really changed in the years he has been with the company. He does have time to improve but at the moment I just can’t see himbeing elevated to that main event level. He can excite fans with his abilities but he doesn’t receive the reactions in his entrances that are required in myopinion to be considered ‘great’.

So where am I going with this you may ask? Well with Extreme Rules coming around the corner and Kofi facing Dean Ambrose it is very likely that he will lose that match in order to give The Shield dominance and a holdover the titles in the WWE. This could be the moment Kofi’s career turns around. At extreme rules he loses the title with help from The Shield. Afterthe match Josh Matthews interviews Kofi who is visibly angry backstage and kicks over a food table and makes no comment on Matthews’s questions. He isseen walking away and out of the arena.

The next night on Raw it is announced Kofi will get his rematch against Ambrose in which he loses after more interference from The Shield again distracting him until Ambrose finishes him off with his facebuster. Kofi is again interviewed by Matthews backstage and lashes out, pushing him down and then throwing him into the set. He then walks away.

On the same Raw we see the return of the man we have all been waiting for, it’s Christian! The crowd goes wild and he comes back with a variated version of his “Just close your eyes” theme. During his promo he talks about what he’s been missing out on, and how he is back to claim what he feels is his. The World Heavyweight Championship. Kofi then comes out to a mixed reaction. People are unsure if he is heel or face so at this moment he is still a face but he comes out to his ‘boom’ theme. Kofi cuts a promo on Christian saying how it’s ‘great to see Christian back’ but Kofi feels he deserves a shot more than anyone and how it is unfair we was cheated out of his US titleagainst The Shield twice. He feels his time is now and Christian says that he doesn’t feel Kofi is up to the challenge after losing twice to Ambrose and doing nothing of real significance at the moment. Kofi low blows Christian and delivers a sicktrouble in paradise and stands tall above a KO’d Christian with a sarcastic slowboom clap towards the crowd with a typical heelish smile on his face.

At extreme rules Swagger wins the no.1 contenders match and will face Ziggler at WWE payback due to the fact that Ziggler is still not ready for action on the following Monday night Raws meaning a new number one contender will be needed should Ziggler win that match at WWE Payback. The week after his attack Christian is back stage being interviewed and Kofi attacks him again this time with a chair. He is seen in a new attire of a meaner looking face on his trunks and a new heel t shirt which is Black with a red face on itthe same as the one on his trunks. He stands above captain charisma and sarcastically says ‘Boom. Boom. Boom.’ towards the camera. Later on Raw hefaces Brodus Clay and comes out with a new version of his song that has beenslowed down and given a more aggressive feel to it. Kofi wins with a trouble in paradise kick which is built to be KO’ing superstars giving the move more credibility. Clay is shown to be lifeless in the ring as Tensai tends to him.Kofi then lays out Tensai with a chair and another TIP kick. Then Christian’s theme airs and we see him sprinting towards the ring and as he enters Kofiescapes the ring and runs through the crowd and away from Christian.

The week after Christian is put into a match with RandyOrton on Raw. An epic 25 minute match is shown where Christian wins cleanly and proves why he deserves to be named number one contender, however afterwards is attacked by Kofi yet again, Kofi hits another TIP kick making him look unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with but without taking credibility away from Christian who has just been in a gruelling match with a top star. Colestates how “This is just unfair, Christian gave everything in that match and has nothing left , this was a cowardly show from this new Kofi Kingston.” JBLsays that “Cole this new Kofi looks unstoppable; I can’t wait to see what happens with him.” Kofi stands above Christian again doing his sarcastic Boom clap to the crowd almost in a wiping hands clean style.

The week before WWE Payback Kofi cuts a promo saying how he should be the number one contender for the WHC after Payback because how what he has done to Christian and others. During the promo Christians music hits andhe sprints to the ring and begins to attack Kofi, an uncontrollable brawl ensues and referees and WWE staff and superstars have to come break it up.After the brawl lasts for around 5 minutes of breaking through the staff and attacking each other more and more Vickie Guerrero comes out to try and resolvethis. She announces that if both men want to become WHC so badly, they’ll fight for it at WWE Payback.

So who wins at Payback and how does this feud continue? Letme know in comments below if you’d like to see a blog that furthers this feudand what you thought of Kofi’s heel turn and the idea in general. Thanks for reading, this has been DWO.

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  1. blink's Avatar
    Fun read!!!!
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Well written but kind of a leap for Kofi to go from not winning back to back IC title matches to a world title contendership match in 4 weeks. Not to rag on Kofi fans (and there's a lot of them don't get me wrong), but he will never be a world champion. Not trying to be mean. Over 90% of wrestlers never win the big one.
  3. Kahlil Hutchinson's Avatar
    great blog it should continue
  4. TempestH's Avatar
    Kofi isn't main event material. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. He's fine in the midcard. WWE just needs to start caring about the midcard.

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