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My personal Top 10 wrestlers

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Hi their this is my first time at writing a blog,so i thought i would go with some thing easy, so please go easy on me. This is my persnal top 10 wrestlers throughout my eras late 80s up till now, this will include tag teams.

10. Adam Bomb. This guy was amazing to watch, but never really given the push he deserved in wwf/e, and only got the push in wcw as part of the tag team kronick. When he first started he got this good tough nut gimmick but eventually became jobber to people like Earthquake. He eventually turned face and got a bit off success and a cult following.

9. Demolition. Not alot can be really said here amazing tag team should be hall of famers. They had the look the entrance and good mic skills.

8. Abyss. You want to watch brutel watch this bloke he is one of the few reasons i watch tna. And his gimmick works, i love his finisher and he makes it look so painful.

7. Bushwakers. Prob get some stick for this one but comedy value alone they made me laugh funny as. The fans loved them and interacyed well with them.

6. Sting, Now before i say anymore this is sting from the crow look prior to that i did not really like him and even tho i like like him now i do believe he should have retired 2 years ago at least but saying that the fans love him. The crow look is amazing.

5. Davey Boy Smith, I loved watching him from a very early age on british wrestling fighting the likes of Jim Breaks. He got so much better when he went to america forming the tag team british bulldogs some of their matchs are pure awsome to watch, i was not surprised when he went single the bloke had so much upper body strength it was unreal good finisher. must say on a personal note did not enjoy shawn micheals humilating him after the montreal screw job.

4. Aj Styles. Wow what a performer in the ring he could have been a top top wrestler for wwe. He is amazing to watch as mentioned earlier abyss aj good reasons to watch tna.

3. Crush. loved watching this guy from his demoltion days right through to kronick. Personaly i prefered the surfer gimmick but to be honest just watching him in the ring amazed me. Good finisher great look.

2. Randy Orton/ Kurt Angle, I love these 2 guys and had to get them both in so if i get critized for this so be it. Kurt what can be said he as probably forgotton more then most wrestlers have learnt a true legend and he can have a funny side to him face or heel amazing. Randy Orton for me the best wrestler on the current roster amazing finisher.Works well as a face as well as a heel.

1. Macho Man Randy Savage. Now this guy was just friggin amazing to watch and this is why he is my fav all time wrestler he was amazing as a heel, and just as good as a face he had a good move set he had the look some brillant fueds ie hogan warrior and for me wrestlemania 7 the ending with elizabeth was truely amzing to watch , so many wrestlers of today have him to thank. He was amazing to watch on the mic with his deep husky voice. brillant entrance, and really should be in the hall of fame by now.

Well thier you go my top 10 i no i have missed some off that i had wished i had put on like undertaker kane triple h dudley boys brock ryback and even the shield. So tell me what u think,please be kind

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  1. big poppa pump's Avatar
    This guy has been smoking crack not having scott steiner on his list. The bushwackers hahahahaha
  2. big poppa pump's Avatar
    Top 10 jobbers. Brooklyn brawler. Stevie richards. Zack ryder. Simon dean. Yoshi tatsu. A-train. Willian regel. chris masters. Nunzio. Gilberg
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