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Raw 5-13-13 Hits and Misses

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Welcome to my Monday Night Raw Hits and Misses blog. You will see me give an overall score of tonight's Raw, what the hits of the show were and what the misses were as well. Please remember these are just my opinions and how I viewed tonight's Raw as a fan who has watched Raw weekly for a very long time.

Overall Score: 5.0


World Title Picture: I'm very happy how WWE handled Dolph Ziggler's concussion on Raw tonight. They didn't make him compete at Extreme Rules nor did they strip him of the title. I believe all along Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio should've had a #1 contenders match a couple of weeks ago. Ever since Wrestlemania, Swagger and Del Rio have put on some very good matches so not only do you get to extend this feud for a little while, you also give it a certain character by making it an I Quit Match. Good job writing staff. Good job.

Six Man Elimination Match: I liked that they made this an elimination match instead of just the regular Six Man Tag Match. With that being said I enjoyed this one. I liked that they had Kane go off on all members of The Shield and eventually get disqualified. It showed that he actually is upset over them taking out The Undertaker. I also liked that they made The Shield look strong over Team Hell No. Making Kane and Daniel Bryan the first two to leave showed that the Tag Titles are in serious jeopardy Sunday. I was a little disappointed to see John Cena eventually pin Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose get disqualified. That doesn't make them look strong at all if they have a 3 on 1 advantage and lose by DQ. I was going to give this a miss because of that but the post match saved it. Ryback coming out was a no brainer but I liked what he did. I was pretty sure Cena's heel injury was an angle when it was reported, it helped that Cena barely acted like it was injured to begin with, but with Ryback hitting it with a steel chair it re-opens the angle and shows that Cena may be vulnerable on Sunday.

Brock Lesnar-HHH Rivalry Recap: I thoroughly enjoyed this on Raw tonight. By revisiting why these two hate each other in the first place, that this rivalry is personal, and that both men have one at least one match makes this match on Sunday seem more special. I wish WWE would do this with all their major feuds the Monday before a Pay-Per-View.


Dance Off: I hate segments like this. Dance Offs, Arm Wrestling, Debates, etc. should be retired in the WWE. I get it, Fandango's gimmick is that he dances, but having him dance every week doesn't show him as a strong threat to anybody. Having him win matches every week makes him a strong threat. Even though I did enjoy the beat down on Chris Jericho and I actually do like the Fandango character, this one still gets a miss because of a pointless dance off.

The WWE App: It seemed every five seconds Cole was talking about this tonight. We all know WWE has an app. They've had it for like almost a year now and for some random reason they decided tonight they were going to try and make everyone watching at home download it. It really irritated me that they gave the whole Ryback-Ryder and Orton-Cesaro matches to it. Even though Ryback's match was short you should be using that time to talk about how much of a serious threat he is to Cena's title. In Orton's match talk about his feud with Big Show and why it's taking place. It's going to come to a point in time when WWE ends the main event of Raw during a commercial break and they cut to Cole saying, "Should've downloaded the app you morons."

Cesaro Losing: Here's my problem with this. Last week on Raw they had Cesaro destroy Zack Ryder then cut a promo on how this is the best competition he gets and how he puts the Wrestling in World Wrestling Entertainment. Solid promo by the way. Yet then they have Cesaro lose to Orton on Main Event and now on Raw. You can't have him cut a promo that solid then have him lose twice. Orton should be winning matches because he needs to be in a title picture but not to Cesaro after last week. It seemed like they were going to start building Cesaro up again after that promo, but that's WWE for ya. They will never care about their mid-card wrestlers.

Kaitlyn's Secret Admirer: I don't get the point of this angle. I mean I guess I do but it's just stupid. My belief is that they're only doing this angle so Kaitlyn has a way to lose to AJ during their title match by getting distracted. But really, who cares? WWE has slowly burned their once strong Diva's division to the ground. When the faces of the division like Trish Stratus, Lita, and Michelle McCool all retired, they stopped caring about it. They destroyed that division so much that when diva's matches come on now I view it as another commercial break. Don't get me wrong, if they ever start caring about this division again so will I, but for now I will continue to go get more popcorn during these matches.

HHH-Lesnar Face to Face Segment: Although I enjoyed the recap of the rivalry I hated this segment. One, why is this going on last? In two weeks on Raw, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, and Paul Heyman will all be gone. Hunter til probably Wresltemania, Brock til probably Summerslam, and Heyman til whenever Punk returns. So if these three are not going to be here in two weeks shouldn't the last 15 minutes have gone to Cena-Ryback? One would think that but not Vince McMahon. Two, why are they not showing Lesnar as a monster? I don't want to see Brock as a coward who leaves the ring after he gets thrown into a steel cage. I want to see Brock Lesnar as the beast he's supposed to be, ripping apart Triple H, and putting the whole WWE on notice that he's the same man he was when he left. They failed to do that last year and they're failing to do that this year. That's why this feud has no steam at all.

This just did not feel like a Pay-Per-View lead in show at all tonight. My advice to WWE: quit with the part timers, elevate some mid-carders, make your WWE Title feud the most important segment on the show, and let The Shield win all the titles at Extreme Rules. That last one will come true but for the rest, I'm just living in a fantasy land if I want that to happen.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this. Any questions, comments, or concerns you have leave em in the comments below. See y'all next week.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Nice blog. I know your 5.0 rating was out of a 1-10 scale, but you should mention it so as not to confuse readers.

    All good points, but I disagree with your HHH-Lesnar portion. Yes, the feud could have been better, especially if they were working full time, but considering what they were working with, it wasn't that bad. Personally it's been my favorite feud of 2013.

    Should it have closed the show? Absolutely. Ryback and Cena have been closing every show since WM, and not one of those closers have been top notch.

    You have HHH, one of the best promo cutters ever. Brock, one of the best all around athletes ever. And Heyman, one of the best managers/promoters ever. Oh yeah and a steel cage. It was awesome, and we got to see them go at it, rather than have Ryback run away like a little bitch again.

    Again, nice read, I just wanted to chime in on that one portion. Thank you.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    The funny part is if you said you were upset by John Cena not beating the Shield you would get a bunch of comments calling you a "Mark", but it's ok if your upset that a heel lost.

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