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Coffee Talk: What's So Great About...

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Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. It's been quite a while since I posted as I've been very busy with school and work and my daughter. I am proud to announce that, school is finished and in a week, I learn whether or not if I am a college grad at the ripe age of....well, let's just say, too old. I've basically pulled all A's and a B this semester so unless I completely bombed my finals to a point of disaster, I'd say it's a safe bet I'll be receiving my degree in a few weeks. It's quite an accomplishment and I'm very proud to have finally reached this milestone.

But enough about that. It's time to grab your cup of joe, latte, capuccino, steamer, espresso, whatever your poison is, and let's enjoy some Coffee Talk.

I've been away from the blog scene but I've kept up to date. I've followed the forums and blogs and I've read some really awesome stuff from some awesome people. One popular topic I've noticed recently is the pushing of certain superstars. And while I'm in favor of pushing superstars who deserve to be pushed, it's a very opinionated circumstance. Who should be pushed and why. But it's not so much just that. There's the other side of the coin. If you're going to push certain people, that means you have to de-push others. And I've heard certain reasons like, "this guy is a workhorse" or "this guy has paid his dues". The thing about these statements is, the people who have been pushed currently have worked just as hard and paid just as many dues. So I'm throwing a question out there. As you can see in the title, that question is, "What's so great about" and then we'll fill in the blanks with a few popular guys that "need to be pushed".

So I'm gonna start this one off with one that may make everyone's eyes pop out of their heads. What's so great about...Fandango? I, for one, don't understand Fandangoing by any means. I think it was a fluky little thing that was brought on by the crazy NY fans on the night after Wrestlemania and I think it's already fading fast. But listening to Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole, you'd never realize that. They're pushing it like it's the hottest thing to ever grace God's green earth, and it's already getting to the point of being shoved down our throats. I get that Johnny Curtis is a good wrestler and all, but the gimmick is really just unimpressive at best. What happens with Fandango when his feud with Jericho finally ends? No more playing off Dancing with the Stars. Then where does Fandango go? Is a ballroom dancer really destined to be a top star? I, for one, am way off the bandwagon on this one. I don't see it at all.

What's so great about...Wade Barrett? I think people want him to be something that he currently is not able to be. I always hear references like "he's got the size that Vince likes" or "he's got great mic skills". Really? Great mic skills? I think he's somewhat okay on the mic. His ring skills are pretty bland though. He does have nice size but really lacks charisma. He's one of those that I feel looks the part, but can't really be the part. He was good as the leader of Nexus...for about two weeks. Then, all the references of "a greater purpose" just got old...especially since we never found out what that purpose was. Now he's the IC champ and honestly, I think he's where he needs to be at this point in time. He's a midcarder right now. I don't see much more out him, at least for the forseeable future. I don't see him getting higher than where he is now, by the time next Wrestlemania comes around. His time may come, as it probably should, but right now, I think more storylines in the midcard scene revolving around the IC Title will do him a world of good. I don't see main event scene for him anytime soon though.

What's so great about...Tyson Kidd? I'm going to be honest here. I watch Raw and Impact. Once in a while, I'll catch Smackdown if I hear something good happens. I follow nothing else. Not Main Event. Not NXT. Not Superstars. I don't know where the sudden love for Tyson Kidd came from, but let's get real. It is basically a scientific fact that ring ability alone doesn't get you real far in WWE. What else does he bring that he needs this push? Is it more because CM Punk mentioned his name in a fake pipe bomb a while back? I don't know. Punk obviously follows the IWC trends because he mentioned Kidd in order to gain acceptance. In all honestly, I don't see much for Tyson Kidd accept perhaps teaming with someone if the WWE wants to invest more into the tag team division. Other than that, I don't see him surpassing Justin Gabriel in status.

What's so great about...The Shield? Uh Oh. Did I just say that? Did I really go there? Yes, I went there. If there's one thing that bugs me above all else, it's people who worship The Shield, and will turn around and rip Aces & Eights. I get it they are TNA haters and all, but other than numbers, they are the exact same thing. And as I've said many times, that Aces & Eights needs to do more than just the gang beatdowns, the same principal goes for The Shield. I've seen about as many 3 on 1 gang beatings as I can take at this point. The constant three-man tag matches and serious endorsements they're getting on commentary are becoming annoying. They need something to do now. How much longer will we see The Shield in a 6 man tag match against a makeshift team of 3 guys? What was it on Raw? The Usos and Kofi Kingston? Really? That tells what story? That serves what purpose? How about a tag match against the Usos? Or a singles match against Kofi Kingston? Wouldn't they have done more for The Shield than a six man tag match? And what about their feud with Team Hell No? How is it they are feuding with Kane & Bryan and whoever they throw in there with them, and then later on, play a part in the Cena/Ryback feud with no Kane & Bryan in sight? I'm just not sure how that works. The Shield, in my eyes, has to do something more and show a little more diversity. I believe Stale is the popular word for what they are becoming. At least in my eyes. I know they're popular on here, I just don't see it. I was intrigued in the beginning, but it's starting to get repetitive now and that this point, I just don't see what's so great about them. Again, i hear the popular praises on mic skills, but really, they talk. Not much more than just talk. Perhaps future stars in the making but, I don't see stardom in them right now.

Where there you have it folks. My cup of joe is now empty. Take this blog for what it is, my opinion. I'd love to hear your answers to my question of What's So Great About...

I hope enjoyed this edition of Coffee Talk. Thank you for reading everyone and Be Safe!

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  1. timidstein888's Avatar
    Nice read. Agree with all aside from the Shield. I think they have the 'it' factor. Great on the mic, great characters, intensity and in ring work. They make me want to watch. But agree - they do need something new to do soon. I think you could add The Prime Time Players to the list...I honestly dont get why anyone likes them! They are so awkward in their 'characters', the crowd is DEAD, and they are average, at best, in the ring. If WWE is going ot rebuild the tag division they need FAR stronger teams than the likes of the Prime Time Players IMO.
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