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Random Thoughts: Smackdown 5-10-13

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Hell, I'm not wasting time. Let's get low down and dirty.

MAIN ATTRACTION: Smackdown 5/10/13

Moaning and Bitching with Jericho

Jericho's band isn't performing tonight, giving him a chance to run his highlight reel segment, with tonight's honored guest, Ryback. So Jericho tells Ryback how he understands him and his drive for the title, but that if he wins the title he'll lose the respect of the fans. Personally I think it'll be WWE creative that'll cause him to lose respect with the forced heel turn...but whatever. They're about to fight, Teddy Long comes out to make a match between them, Ryback gets a cheap shot in...end scene.

Cody Rhodes vs Kingston
Any chance we get to see these two wrestle is a blessing. I can't help but to think that Rhodes should be main eventing by now. Rhodes/Cena at Extreme Rules? Is it too late?

Seeing The Same Thing Twice Still Doesn't Get Me Excited
Hey, guess what? That HHH/Lesnar feud? Still bored of it.

Coulter Interview
Ah, calls AJ a blondie. Are all rednecks color blind. Still a good talker though. Swagger versus Langston coming up!!!

‚ÄčEdit: Dolph was the blondie...oops.

Wait a Minute, Was This a Ladder Match?
No! No! No! It wasn't!!! Del Rio has to ruin it and turn it into cheap build for the triple threat ladder match. I don't mind that, BUT LET THEM PERFORM FIRST!!! Why is that man liked by the fans again? He just interfered with an ADVERTISED match and prevented it from starting. People should be shouting refund right now!!!

All Right!!! Daniel Bryan versus Dean Ambrose!!! (Keep Del Rio Away From the Ring!)
And it's great when Del Rio was not around. Exciting, fast paced, Shield got involved with a cheap shot, and Kingston would come in and lay out Ambrose in the end, resulting in a DQ and giving Dean Ambroose

...well, at least he waited till after Bryan and Ambrose did something in the ring.

Now What He Do?
Pull a tractor trailer apparently. Why? Um...cause this is what he do during off hours. Hell, I write blogs criticizing what he do during off hours, it's an even trade.

Picture of Sheamus' welts
Should've told Mark Henry a joke.

He Still Do It?
Okay, he's actually trying to set a new world record by pulling two big rigs across a certain distance. Now, did he do it? Who the hell knows. This is wrestling, it would make him look good if it looks like he made it. Was there any assistance in any way? Was there some official to even verify it? Who knows. But it did get a good reaction from the audience.

Another Raw Recap
Cause you know, with Smackdown having an hour less to work with, they got room for crap like that.

Did Orton Forget his Lines Again?
I'm sorry, it seemed like an awkward end to the interview. Either he used the wrong inflection in his voice or he was trying to ask the voices in his head for his line, but it just seemed to be...abrupt.

You Mean his Name Really was Changed to Sweet T?

Oh god. Albert, Giant Bernard, is this what you really came back from Japan for? Is this how you envisioned your WWE reboot? I mean...Sweet T? They had the nerve to debut you in that stupid Samurai outfit, but Sweet T? Do you think you deserve better, or at this point do you just want your check?

So...ugh...Sweet T starts off strong against Big Show. He pounds him, and pounds him, and pounds him...and Big Show knocks him out with one punch to show Albert that he is still worthless. Brodus Clay doesn't fair better, then Orton gets the cue from the voices in his head and nails Big Show with an RKO.

God damn it. The secret admirer is Hornswoggle, WWE has no idea what to do, we all know that's the lazy ass conclusion they're going to give this secret crush story, we all know that there's a storyline in the works for him to take over as WWE president...HORNSWOGGLE!

We also get to see Great Khali's brilliant undercover disguise as...ugh...Rey Mysterio.

Why, that'll never work. Everyone knows Rey Mysterio is injured.

The Great Jericho/Fandango Dance Off Advertised
It's the one thing...nobody ever wanted to see. WWE, do you purposely try to spit in people's faces?

Couldn't Ask for a Better Worker
Match was good, very good. And I credit Jericho, he is just a true veteran. I don't understand why he (EDIT: the "he" was suppose to be Ryback) got disqualified when his family jewels got crushed on the ring posts. Those strikes are always called quite inconsistently.

This wasn't a bad Smackdown. It was better than Raw, and that's considering the time wasted recapping crap that happened on Raw, so Smackdown is working with a handicap. And unfortunately it's because of that that Smackdown is not better by leaps and bounds, because this episode did have the potential. Ambrose versus Bryan was the best match of the night. The Mark Henry stuff was entertaining. and it was nice to see Cody Rhodes in action.

Three and a half dumbass Great Khali disguises out of five.

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Updated 05-11-2013 at 11:26 PM by wil2197

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Ryback was DQ'ed, not Jericho.
  2. sret's Avatar
    Colter actually called Ziggler "blondie", not AJ. I'm enjoying your recaps though, keep 'em coming.
  3. wil2197's Avatar
    You know what, that's what I meant, but I disobeyed the laws of sentence structure and accidentally made it look like Jericho was DQ'ed.

    And yea, I guess because I don't normally associate "blondie" to a guy, I must've missed the fact that he actually meant Dolph. Ain't I sexist.
  4. mrbluto's Avatar
    Another boring smackdown except for Ambrose/Bryan.
  5. weems's Avatar
    I would have liked to have seen this segment added to the show: Kahli is looking around for the secret admirer while wearing the Mysterio mask. He runs into the Shield and attempts to interrogate them. All 3 of them just beat the living hell out of Kahli and he has to leave in an ambulance. Michael Cole then gives us an update from the hospital that Kahli's is injured and his career is over and we never see or hear of him again.

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