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Extreme Rule Predictions

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I just created a profile on this site and this is my very first blog. I've been on this site before and read other blogs and thought I'd really enjoy writing some.

This is how I see Extreme Rules playing out. I will add some matches that aren't confirmed yet but seem like they will take place. Everything from the match card, position of the match, stipulation, who would win, how they win, and why they win will be covered.

Pre-Show: AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn for the Diva's Title

Well of course this has to be the pre-show match since WWE has given up on the Diva's division. I see AJ winning the title since she's the only diva who could possibly carry the division. I say she wins when Kaitlyn gets flowers sent to her by her secret admirer mid match and AJ gets the roll up.

Result: AJ Lee wins the Diva's Championship by pinfall.

Actual Show

1) Chris Jericho vs. Fandango - Singles Match

I would say this match is confirmed after Fandango beats down Chris Jericho after there pointless dance off on Raw. This only goes on first since it's the match that was thrown together at the last minute. Sure they faced off at Mania but then Jericho had to tour with Fozzy for a little. I say Fandango wins with the leg drop. If Jericho is just going to leave again they need to keep pushing Fandango since Vince clearly likes him.

Result: Fandango wins by pinfall.

2) Mark Henry vs. Sheamus - Strap Match

This match should go on second because I see this feud ending quickly. Now this match is hard to predict because they can go with the four corner style result or just regular pinfall. I see them going with just a regular pinfall result. I think Mark Henry wins after two World's Strongest Slams. Henry should win because they will need top monster heels for Cena to face down the road.

Result: Mark Henry wins by pinfall.

3) The Shield (Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins with Roman Reigns) vs. Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) for the WWE Tag Team Titles

This one isn't official yet but it will be after Raw on Monday. I believe Roman Reigns should sit this one out because he's the member WWE hasn't been all that big on just yet. Now the way I see this going down is Roman Reigns will get involved in this match as a distraction leading to Seth Rollins flying knee onto Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose picking up the victory. The Shield has been the hottest act as of late and I don't see them losing anytime soon. That being said I think they can make the tag titles worth something. They will use the Freebired rule however where any member can defend the title in a title match.

Result: The Shield wins the Tag Team Titles by pinfall.

4) Big Show vs. Randy Orton - Falls Count Anywhere

Again, not official but all signs point to yes for this one. I think it should be Falls Count Anywhere because a singles match between these two just doesn't intrigue me. Then again this match doesn't intrigue me. Then again Orton as a face doesn't intrigue me. But the world can't be perfect. I see Orton winning this match after an RKO onto the stage. Randy Orton should win this match and continue being a huge face, then turn heel and get all that heat against him.

Result: Randy Orton by pinfall.

5) Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger - Triple Threat Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Title

Triple threat matches are always hard to predict let alone a triple threat ladder match. With that being said I see Ziggler successfully defending his title. It will probably be something like Ricardo, Zeb, and Big E. get involved, everyone gets knocked out, Del Rio starts to climb the ladder, Ziggler pushes him off, Ziggler climbs up and grabs the belt. Something like that will happen. It also sets up Ziggler vs. Del Rio at Payback if they choose to go that route. They also can't have Ziggler lose so early in his title reign after they spent 7 long years grooming him for this.

Result: Dolph Ziggler successfully retains his World Heavyweight Title.

6) Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H - Steel Cage Match

I'm not excited for this one but lets think about why this match is happening. If you don't know, the night after Wrestlemania Brock was supposed to beat down The Rock to set up Brock-Rock II at Wrestlemania 30. Since The Rock no showed they couldn't do that. Had Rock shown up would we be having this match? Maybe. Maybe not. Now Lesnar needs to win this match. They can't do what they did last year by having Lesnar lose again at Extreme Rules. He wins with an F5 after beating down Triple H for god knows how long.

Result: Brock Lesnar by pinfall.

7) John Cena vs. Ryback - Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title

If Ryback had a mouth piece, say PAUL HEYMAN, maybe this match would seem a little more interesting. Don't get me wrong, Ryback's promos were good, but his voice just doesn't cut it. Now if this match ends with duct tape, I will probably stop watching wrestling. So let's think of a better way to end this. It really depends on if they want these two to face again at Payback or just have Mark Henry swoop right in. I believe they will have them face again next month so here's how I see it going down. The Shield takes them both out, no one answers the ten count, ends in a draw. Sure this is a pathetic way to end a match but you can't have The Shield go after Cena and Ryback this who month not to have them interfere. Also it sets up a rematch.

Result: Draw.

Look for me to do recaps of Raw with a Hit and Miss Segment every Monday night or Tuesday afternoon and I will probably do pay-per-view predictions every month. Thank you for reading. Questions, comments, concerns? Comment below.

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  1. weems's Avatar
    This was an interesting read. I also agree that the Cena vs Ryback match will have an odd ending. Also, I think there is an outside chance that Kofi defends the US Title to a member of the Shield. If so, my guess is he does the job and Ambrose leaves with the strap. That being said, Rollins and Reigns would be the 2 guys to take on Hell No.
  2. Anthony_Eckman's Avatar
    I believe your right about Ambrose going up against Kofi for the U.S. Title but I think they'll make it a 6 man tag of The Shield vs. Hell No and Kofi for the Tag Titles and U.S. Title.

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