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2013 Extreme Rules Predictions

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It's that time of the year. The only time of the year where every WWE superstar gets extreme. To be honest, this PPV is looking a lot better than WrestleMania and that is no exaggeration. While this past week's Monday Night RAW, with the exception of The Shield match and the Triple H/Lesnar segment, was uttlerly atrocious, this PPV has a lot of potential. We have a Steel Cage match, an I Quit Match, a tornoado tag match, and a Last Mna Standing match all on the same show. Let's see if this PPV can impress. Let's have a run down of each match.

YouTube Pre Show: Cody Rhodes vs The Miz

Even if a match is on the pre-show, any match have to have some sort of build but it didn't. This was thrown on at the last minute. What good does this do for Rhodes. He isn't booked on the Main Card because he has nothing going for him, and now he has to job to The Miz who just recently came back? I am desperately hoping that Cody Rhodes gets the win here but he won't. This isn't doing any favors for Rhodes, a great underutilized talent. WWE needs to fix problem because this is the reason why the roster looks so thin right now and has a lack of drawing power.

Winner: The Miz

Dean Ambrose vs Kofi Kinston: United States Championship

Antonio Cesaro had his US title reign come to an untimely end at the hands of Kofi Kingston but really hasn't done anything valuable. You don't even see the US Champ on TV on a consistent basis anymore. Why? Because he is stale (heel turn anyone?). He has been running into some trouble with Dean Ambrose of The Shield. This match can potentially be a show-stopper if executed rightly but in the end, Dean Ambrose will enjoy his first taste of WWE gold holding the US title. He has been pushed too strongly to lose to Kofi Kingston Hopefully, he could help the title mean something.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio - I Quit Match (#1's Contender Match for WHC)

This feud is really getting dull to me but in this match we will finally see a test of the Cross-Armbreaker and the Patriot Lock. I expect this match to impress and have much weapons used. Not enough to shed blood but it will still be a decent bout. We always have to look at the wildcards being Zeb Colter and Ricardo Rodriguez. In the end, ADR will force Jack Swagger to say I Quit. Just think about it, is WWE really going to have a heel vs heel match for the World Heavyweight Championship? Yea, right.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Sheamus vs Mark Henry - Strap Match

This feud seemed to have been thrown together and the last minute because WWE had nothing for Sheamus or Mark Henry. To be honest, in its early stages, Sheamus was the one looking like the heel, even if it was payback. Anyways, Sheamus had the last laugh against Mark Henry on RAW and defeated Henry in a tag-team match on Smackdown (SPOILER ALERT). Therefore, it only makes sense for Henry to look like the World's Strongest man by defeating Sheamus. Expect Mark to look strong because if WWE decides to go with Sheamus winning, Henry will look vulnerable.

Winner: Mark Henry

Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) vs The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins): - WWE Tag Team Titles: Tornado Tag Team Match

It was only a matter of time before this was put together and ultimately, The Shield will overcome Team Hell NO. While Daniel Bryan and Kane were entertaining for the first couple of months last year, they have run its course and its time for Daniel Bryan to move on to a singles feud like he ought to and Kane to go back to a demonic heel. That's how it should be. The Shield will impress as they always do and will accompany Dean Ambrose with brand new titles. This may be another show stopper here.

Winner: The Shield

Randy Orton vs Big Show - Extreme Rules Match

Jerry Lawler said something interesting on RAW when he defeated Antonio Cesaro (AGAIN? Poor guy). He said that builds momentum. What momentum does Randy Orton have beating a guy he has already defeated about five times before? Are you kidding me? He isn't on a hot streak or anything. Besides, Cesaro isn't winning anything these days anyway. Orton has been seething for revenge since Big Show's attack on him on RAW. This will be his chance. This match will be good, not great. Big Show has not really had a lot of mic time to properly explain his matches and I would have hoped that he would have been featured more. Unfortunately he hasn't. Expect the Viper to win, because after Extreme Rules, Orton is in store for a heel turn. I could just feel it.

Winner: Randy Orton

Chris Jericho vs Fandango

Personally, i hate this feud. Like, I literally loathe it. This past week on RAW, 20 MINUTES was spent to promote this match and about 2/3 of it was watching dancing and talking. What a waste of time. People would naturally think that Fandango would lose but I could see him pulling off an upset. I am going to go with the sleeper pick here and pick Fandango but if Chris Jericho wins, do not be surprised. Did i mention how much i loathe this feud?

Winner: Fandango

Brock Lesnar vs Triple H - Steel Cage match

In my opinion, this is the match that should have been there at WrestleMania. A steel cage would be more brutal and creates w hole new dynamic. I was actually enjoying the promo they created on RAW. It was actually decent and i never thought I would say that i was looking foward to a Brock/HHH bout. Since Brock Lesnar was knocked out by Triple H, i fully expect Lesnar to pick up the win here. He needs to be booked strong if he is going to go foward has a big draw. He already is but if he lost to a wrestler who isn't even part time anymore, how can he be taken seriously. Very sad. Expect a brutal match here and the monster Brock to pick up a win here.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Ryback vs John Cena - WWE Championship (Last Man Standing match)

John Cena has a torn Achilles Tendon and he is hurt. Expect him to drop the title because he is not 100 percent. He looks hurt and Ryback has all the momentum. He also will end his pathetic losing streak on PPV's. He will get the upset win over Cena, a man who barely loses clean.

Winner: Ryback

Just kidding. If you watch this past week's Monday Night RAW, if Cena had any injury i did not see it. He performed the Attitude Adjustment which he previously couldn't do on Seth Rollins because his foot gave up on him. He also did a running bulldog at full speed. The man looks fine to me. Ryback cannot catch a break when it comes to PPV's as he keeps flopping. Ryback can't cut a decent heel promo and hasn't exactly lived up the Monster Heel persona that WWE has built him up to be. I expect Ryback to give Cena anything he's got and then Cena will have his Super Sayian Aura on and defy the odds, AGAIN. Expect Cena to do something SPECTACULAR like giving him at Attitude Adjustment from the top of a top rope into a table or something like that. This match is far too predictable for my taste. Cena gets beaten up on RAW, but wins on the PPV. It's that simple. Ryback does not RULE.

Winner: John Cena

Side Note: If you noticed, the Intercontinental Champion Wade Barret does not have a match. The IC title should be at least a top five commodity in the industry but Barrett is going to go down as one of, if not the WORST IC champ of all time. That honor previously was previously being disputed between Ezekiel Jackson and Santino Marella. And guess what? Sin Cara, SIN FREAKING CARA, just beat Barrett. This is deplorable. When Miz made Heath Slater tap out, Michael Cole proclaimed, "I hope Barrett was watching." So apparently beating Heath Slater now makes you a major threat. Interesting. Anyway, hopefully a match is added on at the last minute between Cara and Barrett but when you're the IC Champ and don't have a match on the PPV, you are indeed that pathetic.

Well that's it for me. Extreme Rules is shaping up to be a big card. Even bigger than WrestleMania. Let's wait and see the results.

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  1. DWO's Avatar
    A good read but I think that Henry Sheamus has been a decent build for what it is, they have been given some TV time and it isn't just a throw together the way i see it other than that I agree with most of what you said.
  2. Kajmere's Avatar
    Your results (except for Fandingo) are identical to Ozfans blog, also on the homepage right now. Seems like a predictable ppv again.

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