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My view: TNA Wrestling Slammiversary 2013

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My view is a new series yet again to give my opinions on topics such as ppvs, cards, current product, and so forth. I will do the same with WWE especially for the critics who will likely claim I'm a mark for the things I'm about to say about TNA. I've been called worse. LOL! I will not be featuring ROH even though I watch it. I don't feel I'm qualified to be extra critical of the product they present. Why? The time frame is the main reason aka only been watching since late 2011. However, for TNA and WWE....I've seen their highest of highs and lowest of lows. So yes, that means my opinion matters. I've been more unhappy with TNA since the stooges came in and helped take TNA to their worst ratings ever including last year being the worst in 6 years for TNA ratings. I was around when the first Lockdown and BFG were taking place along with watching the TNA X-Division title meaning more than the belt Jeff Jarrett was carrying....NWA title. 1st comes the positives than the negatives:

1.TNA is live and on the road-I was saying 5 years ago, TNA needed to go on the road if they wanted to compete with the WWE to expand their fanbase. Idiot responded saying they didn't claiming WWE had Raw stationed in the Manhatten Center for years. Really? Did they stay there when the Monday Night War was going on? Not that long......
2.Velvet Sky has held the Knockouts title longer than first reign-I was disgusted when Velvet finally won the big one only to lose it to Gail Kim like a month later. I felt she deserved it after all the work she gave to the company when they first started out the KO's division. Yea, Gail is better in the ring, but she has had runs with that title. Velvet hasn't. Gail has faced everyone. I thought Tara's reign should have featured a feud with Gail Kim after ruining the announcement of Gail being the winner of women's wrestler of the year voted by PWI. Ah well, Velvet vs Taryn down the road would be a good feud. Wouldn't mind seeing that at BFG for that title. That or Gail vs Taryn. Beat the best women's wrestler in the game today on TNA's biggest stage BFG is making a big stamp on her career.
3.Bully Ray is finally the TNA world champion!!-I was rooting for Bully Ray to win it because I felt he was the best heel in the company for the past 2 years. Full Metal Mayhem didn't live up to the hype. I was wanting Brooke to do the same thing Steph did back in 99 when HHH vs McMahon street fight. Turn on her dad virtually by pushing Jeff Hardy off the Ladder. Heel turn would have been awesome. She probably doesn't want to make out with Bully Ray though til October. Who can blame her? Recently though, I've thought negatively of him being champion. Stopping the youth movement that was Aries and Roode becoming world champions. Also a thought came across like, "I can't wait for TNA's Slammiversary ppv. It is TNA's Summerslam virtually." A wrestling fan who doesn't watch TNA responds, "What's the main event?" Response: "Sting vs Bully Ray for the TNA world title!!" His response: "Who's Bully Ray" My response: "You remember that white fat Dudley Boy Bubba Ray? He just changes his character a bit along with being in the best shape of his life. His response: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" That is what I figure the response would be.
4.Old X-Division stars have returned to the X-Division including my fav Petey Williams-I've been asking for guys like Petey to return for some time especially when the X-Division was at its worst aka when Robbie E and Lethal were battling for the strap. Now it is back to who cares mainly because you know who is going to win. Same garbage every week. You get a #1 contenders match in a triple threat with guys who lost still getting the oppurtunity and some old X-Division guy returns to win it. Than you got the stupid triple threat match for the X-Division title the following week. Not saying they are bad matches or anything. I'd just prefer singles. I think Petey or these old guys could do some decent feuds with these young guys including Kenny King. Petey Williams is back for his strap and Dutt is back to accomplish something in TNA he didn't do in his first run. I'm glad Sabin's back, but I hate the fact he is back in the same division he helped put on the map 8 years ago. I want him to accomplish what he has yet to accomplish. Why not the TV title? Just like Kofi in WWE, how many midcard reigns can you have? Is he going to reach that pinnacle or not? Give these dudes the oppurtunity to shine!!

1.Tag division is at its worst-Same thing week after week. Same old garbage. Two teams arguing in the ring while the champs come out. We just had Bad Influence and Aries/Roode argue virtually back to back weeks. 1 week it was about which team is better than the tag champs came out to say that makes them the best. Last week, same thing happened, two teams arguing which is the better tag team only to have the tag champs interrupt to announce a #1 contenders match featuring guest ref James Storm. My goodness, how poorly is James Storm being booked this year? Tag titles have become this hot potato with only 3 teams feuding over them. Let us just do a 3 way at the ppv. How about we do another #1 contenders match than have them defend the belts the following week. It is a yawn fest. TNA has the worst tag division of the big 3. I'm rooting for Bad Influence to win to challenge tag champs to a Ultimate X match. That would be cool at Slammiversary, right? Hell, they may have some stupid draw tomorrow to make it another triple threat at Slammiversary.
2.Triple threat city in the X-Division-every match is a triple threat match? Hardly got enough competitors to do this period. Why not give effort to give proper feuds to the division. I like the old X-Division guys like Dutt and Petey Williams returning. How am I suppose to get excited for an X-Division title match when no one talks? I would like to hear Petey say he is back to win back his X-Division title. Dutt to say he is back to accomplish what he didn't in his first run. I'm so sick of triple threat matches now. Tag division has turned into that as well. I feel sick just typing about triple threat matches. Ugh!! You want to make X-Division more exciting? Bring back some old school X-Division matches like Ultimate X, X-Scape for Lockdown, among others.Just have a huge battle royal of former and current X-Division stars to name a #1 contender. There is plenty you can do than add some stupid garbage like triple threat to every match along with the stupid ref cam.
3.Gut Check is a snore fest-I hate every single part of Gut Check. 1st they have these go out there and have jobber matches basically with no real offensive moves their first night. Following week, they tell me they got something great in them and they will receive a contract from TNA. Not only that, we didn't see these dudes they sign. Some stupid developmental contract which is ridiculous. Why should I care if this guy gets a contract or not, if I don't get to see the journey? All I do is see them for 2 weeks and leave. Why don't they bring in guys who are ready for TV? If they arn't ready to be on the active roster, why are they on my TV screen? Why are they taking time away from the real talent? Now they are having these two dudes compete in the middle of the ring to show what they have. 1 will be given the oppurtunity. Why not the 1 who wins the match goes on next week to be judged by Prichard and dem boys? The result of the match should matter. Sad to see how York steam has turned out.
4.Years go by and still Daniels is riding AJ's coattails til this day!!-It makes me sick every damn impact. Now he is trying to get AJ to team back with him to recreate Fortune. Those of you who don't know, AJ and Daniels was my favorite tag team in the history of TNA. They weren't AMW type of an original team, but they were two awesome wrestlers put together that won the tag gold. How much longer do these two have to be together on TV. It makes me sick to my stomach. Don't remember how great Fortune was. Great group of young guys that turned heels and joined Immortal. The mission than was to be the ones to take out Immortal and it never happened. BFG that year of the group had Roode in the main event losing to Angle. Which still to me was a mistake. You could have turned him heel the next night by doing the same thing he did to James Storm. Immortal was ended when Hulk was no longer brainwashed. They turned their mission into getting Garett out of TNA and it didn't work. Several botches which hurts Fortunes legacy if you ask me. It would have been better if Flair had been the one leading the crew. Who wants to hate Flair? Fans were chanting for Ric at Lockdown during their big victory at Lethal Lockdown. James Storm wasn't even on the biggest ppv of that year. AJ vs Daniels again....than AJ vs Daniels again.....again.....again.....again....again! I want everyone who reads this to send me a message stating Daniels is no longer on AJ's coattails. When that moment happens.....I'll be the happiest TNA fan ever!!
5.Aces & 8s sucks!-Too many in the group. I hate groups that are way too big that all members can't even be featured on the show besides during the stupid promos. Garett Bischoff kills the groups thug look. D-LO Brown? Really? Taz really? You've made the mistake on Taz more than once. Last year with Joey Ryan. He can't get beat up. Everyones manager has gotten hit from time to time. Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, hell even Eric Bischoff got his when he was with the NWO. I also don't like the 3 man booth. Sometimes I wonder if Tenay is even there that week at times. D-LO as the VC? I'd rather have said Devon was instead of him. D-LO was a jobber back in the day. When you look back on his career during the attitude era. I just remember his Nation run. Yea, he wore the European and IC title. How many of those matches do you remember? I receive a response: That is more than anyone can say on Aces & 8s of those jobbers. When CM Punk was doing the SES on SD, I thought that was the best part of the show if not the whole product in the WWE during that time. He also had some big matches in his career. Can D-LO say he competed in an Elimination chamber match like Knox? Knox had some big matches with Rey Mysterio as well. Doc had big matches with Punk, Big Show, and as a tag team as Festus. I remember that more so than I remember D-Lo. I'd also rather look back on the matches they had over say Jeff Jarrett vs D-Lo. The IC title was a joke at that time. Until Jericho/Chyna had that feud it started to mean something again.
6.TV title?-Does that title still exist? What happened to it being defended every week?1 good thing they take away from the program. Not like he is going to run out of opponents. 52 weeks in a year, I'm sure 20-30 weeks or opponents just drop the belt. Don't have anyone to face? Have some guys just come in just for 1 night.
7.EY/ODB still married? REF?-EY returns to be part of Sting's team after being hyped up to be someone big. Let's be serious, that was a big letdown. ODB/EY have this wedding. ODB basically giving him phone calls every week on Impact. Now we are suppose to pretend that it didn't happen? EY and ODB no longer know they exist or that they are in the same arena? Not only that, but ODB is a ref now. How do you get yourself in that position? Stupid storyline with Hebner, so now male refs no longer ref those matches? Shaking my head.

Other than the obvious Parks/Abyss fiasco. I believe, I have covered everything. What are your thoughts on the current TNA product? Any response to what I've stated here in this blog? Agree or Disagree? Rate and comment....thanks for reading!!

PS: I couldn't help myself. I went ahead and booked TNA Bound For Glory 2013 already in the forum. Gave my best card possible along with sticking to the rule that only 10 matches could be on the card. You can view it here along with leaving your personal card in the thread if you'd like. The booking challenge for that will come in September. Rather do it now than book the rumored matches that could happen.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by weems
    Good Blog. I will add an item to your list that I view as a negative: The X Division Champ at anytime can vacate the X Division Title in order to receive a shot at the TNA Title. After Austin Aries set this precedent, it appears TNA is just going to ignore this moving forward. The announcers never once mentioned anything about Kenny King or RVD (before he dropped the belt) having the ability to vacate the belt for a TNA World Title shot.
    I liked that concept too. Shame now that they only have 4 ppvs which don't include Destination X. Genesis, really?? I figure like you unfortunately, they are not going to remember the cash in agreement by Aries. Love to see Sabin cash it in against Bully Ray. I believe the agreement was, X-Division champion could only cash it in at Destination X for a world title shot. Not any time he wanted....
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by HellDemon102094
    Its not the worst of the three, TNA's tag division is better than WWE's, WWE's may have more teams, but only Hell No, and Shield don't count, because they aren't in it yet, will be soon though, only Hell No is legitimately not buried. TNA has only three real teams, but two of them are legitimately strong, and i rate them 8/10, while Chavo & Hernandez get a 6/10. X-division is shit, while Aces & Eights need to get rid of D-Lo, Taz, Knox, and Garrett. Wes Brisco doesn't look horrible, but he just looks awkward when hes trying to be intimidating, and its 100% unbelievable for him to beat Angle, even in steel cage with help, or a handicap match. ODB, put mickie as permanent Referee, with no funny business, just have her as a talented sexy referee. Don't know where the hell Eric Young is, looked like a push towards maybe a tv title shot because of feud at Lockdown, but hasn't shown up on tv, ruined the suprise partner storyline, which they do way to much, like with Matt Hardy a couple years ago during Immortal(its not legacy, its IMMORTAL). I may be bashing them too, but at least I get the facts straight.
    So what you are telling me is, you are looking more forward to TNA tag title match at Slammiversary than the tag title match at Exreme Rules? That is what I thought!!
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