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Solving The Great Mystery of Kaityln's Admirer

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It looks like someone has an affiliation for current WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn. To me, Kaitlyn is a fine-looking woman, so this mystery is sure to be great. We even got The Great Khali (A.K.A - The Indian Sherlock Holmes) on the case. Who could it possibly be? This has the makings of becoming the greatest mystery in WWE HISTORY! Is it Cody Rhodes? We have seen him flirt with Kaitlyn before. How about Big E Langston? Knowing him, he is probbably jealous of Ziggler and AJ making out while he just stands there with that blank expression. Is he the one? Perhaps the Intellectual Savior of The Masses Damien Sandow? NO? Still haven't figured it out? Knowing WWE, this has the makings of being everyone's favorite Italian midget, Hornswoggle. I just know it's gonna be it. It's anothe way for Vince to get his sick kicks. Khali and Natalya have talked to her about it so that should be proof enough. Why can't Hornswoggle just go away. He is so painful to watch and takes up TV time he has not earned. I just gracefully ask that Hornswoggle goes back to the other side of the rainbow, keep his little pot of gold, and never come back. Please. Thank you. Good Day.

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  1. AWyatt's Avatar
    It's going to be the Bellas. Fact.
  2. ThomHodkinson's Avatar
    How is Hornswoggle Italian?
  3. venom28-'s Avatar
    How do u write off VKM's illegitimate child? Besides I think he's too afraid of firing a handicapped person, which apparently Dwarfism is. No I'm not gonna say special fucking needs person. Sick of these irritating bleeding hearts changing terms for sensitivity. I remember when retard was a medical term. Yeesh went off on a tangent there.
  4. weems's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AWyatt
    It's going to be the Bellas. Fact.
    I agree. After the Manti Te'o story and the MTV catfish show, the former sitcom writers now working on the WWE creative team probably feel that incorporating a catfishing angle into the program will be good for ratings.
  5. aja1333's Avatar
    It's a bit of a long shot, but what if it was Karma? It would certainly be a surprise. The reveal could be that she doesn't admire Kaitlyn, she admires the belt.
  6. Mckenzie's Avatar
    The gift was sort of fashonista. You never know Alicia Fox could be making a return.

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