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RAW Displayed What's Wrong With WWE

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Hello, folks. It's been quite a long time hasn't it. Well, if you have been following me I have been on a tyrade of WWE management due the decisions made and RAW displayed everything that was wrong. I meant to write this yesterday, but because I'm cool like that, I'm going to do it today. I needed a day off to ponder on the sheer stupidity of it anyway. I may only look at negative things, but these days it's hard to find one thing going well for an extended period of time (The Shield). So why don't we review what was wrong and right with Monday Night RAW.

The first thing that I knew was wrong was John Cena. I know he is childish and appeals to children, but no one can take him seriously like this. Seriously. When he is angry and fired up, he is a master talker. But when he resorts to childish manuevers, the IWC will voice their complaints. He decided to do a poor mimicry of Ryback's voice with a disturbing heavy breathing face. This is your WWE Champion folks. Would Triple H, CM Punk, Edge or Randy Orton do something like that? I didn't think so. He makes jokes about him owing 1.60 and then he continued his sheer stupidity by making fake stipulations like a whining contest or whoever loses has to run out like a little girl. He even made a Vickie Guerrerro pantie match. Why can't Cena be serious for once? He should be angry that Ryback abandoned him the previous week yet he comes out all sun-flowery and happy like nothing is wrong. And considering the way he runs to the ring, you wouldn't think he has a torn Achilles Tendon. Maybe Cena has that Super Sayian aura working already. Expect Cena to "defy the odds", again, and defeat Ryback in a Last Man Standing Bout.

One thing I liked was Mark Henry. I just love his role as a monster heel. But for those who say the pain isn't real in WWE, better play this clip and hear the sounds of that strap striking Sheamus' pasty-white, gingersnap body. You can actually check out the impact of his attacks on this site (warning: graphic). Recently in a dark match against Big Show and Mark Henry, he had to wear his T-shirt because no one wants to see all those red marks. That is what a monster heel should do. His trash-talking is just golden. I love it.

Another thing I didn't like was Wade Barrett vs Sheamus. This is a repetitive match and Sheamus always comes out on top. If you mean to tell me in a legitimate fight that Wade Barrett can't defeat Sheamus cleanly, then you're joking. Wade Barrett is the Intercontinetal Champion and a jobber at the same time. Not a good combination. His credibility is fading quickly, as well as that of the title. WWE needs to start making him look like a major force holding a major mid-card title before the "Barrett Barage" becomes the "Barrett Mirage". (Snappy Word Play

On a more negative note, Fandango is losing his popularity very quickly. You could just sense how desperate WWE is right now. You could just feel it. The night after WrestleMania, everyone was doing the Fandango. Now they are shoving this down our throats and making everyone like it. He is no longer in wrestling matches, he is in dancing contests on WWE's flagship show. Did i mention that Chris Jericho will face Fandango next week? In a dancing contest? Jerry Lawler said that's what everyone wants to see and I think even he knows that's a bunch of hot garbage. Chris even had the nerve to have Tons of Funk as judges. R-Truth put on a few moves (both wrestling and dancing) and he got a ten for his dance and won by countout. What a waste of time.

The Divas match wasn't horrible per say but I didn't like the ending. If AJ is the heel going into the match, shouldn't she be the one looking strong going into Extreme Rules than Kaitlyn? Why does she get the pin on her? Isn't that how it always goes? Weird.

Damien Sandow faced Orton for the second straight time and guess who won? You guessed it. I feel bad for Sandow. He is in no man's land right now and WWE needs to find something that works for him. It's a shame that someone as talented as he does not have a true role right now in WWE. Same thing for Cesaro who won and a match against Zack Ryder (but then again, when does Ryder win anyways?). If they were trying to make Cesaro look strong by beating a man who hasn't beaten anyone for quite some time, then I'd say WWE messed up. Both young talents once again being underutilized.

For me, the Brock Lesnar "invasion" was only entertaining because it had Paul Heyman on commentary. When he says "BUROCK LESNAR!", i just jizz my pants. Seriously, it gives me chills. The good ones. Anyway, we get to see how strong Lesnar is by destroying Triple H's office. Pretty decent segment. Triple H responded that he didn't destroy his second office (the ring). He interrupts Paul Heyman and he never got the last word. That got me angry a little. This Triple H/Brock Lesnar feud is beginning to get dull really fast but i think Paul Heyman is doing his best to keep it alive and well. Props to him.

We got to see Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler AGAIN, but at least Ziggler didn't lose via pinfall or submission this time. No this time he lost by DQ. Now let me understand this. ZIggler has not cut ONE promo for his match at Extreme Rules. Not one. No, its been Alberto Del Rio who is doing all the talking. Does everyone see my beef with Ziggler now. I LOVE THE DUDE. He is the freaking Show-Off. But if he is a Show-Off, why don't you show-off on the mic for once. Why don't you make yourself look like a force to be reckoned with for once huh? You're holding the World Heavyweight Title but you can't cut one promo. I have a feeling his reign is going to be pretty insignifigant, considering that he will be feuding with Orton soon throughout the summer (which i look foward too).

Speaking of Orton, I am very dissapointed he hasn't turned yet. He is a feud with Show right now and after that he may go on to feud with Ziggler during the summer, where he will be the heel. He is doing nothing right now. He was once the 2nd guy in WWE. But then CM Punk rolled along and now he has disentegrated. The Viper doesn't look posionous, and WWE needs to inject some of that back into his veins.

The Shield vs The Usos and Kofi Kingston was a throwaway match but The Shield's undefeated record continues. No one seems to understand how much I appreciate WWE for not blowing them up already. When i first saw them, I thought that John Cena would have ended them quickly. The Shield is the best thing going since CM Punk two years ago. Clearly.

Ryback vs Kane was an okay match and it's good Ryback won to show how much of a force he is. But when he attacked Cena after the Shield came out, I can't help but think he could have done a whole lot more. Yea he it him with the chair, but his problem is his foot. Why not attack it? Isn't he a monster heel. If the match is already set for Extreme Rules, why not gain an advantage and attack Cena's achilles heel? (literally and physically). It's whatever.

WWE never ceases to amaze me with what decisions they do and RAW is becoming increasingly deplorable each week. Some of you may think that i should just not watch it if I have a problem, but i can watch whatever I want and observe what's wrong with it. There are wrestlers that I love, but i don't like how they're being used. If you agree or disagree, comment and let me know what you think. Appreciate it guys, peace.

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  1. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Finally someone who agrees with me that WWE and Cena SUCK!!! There is so much more wrong with the WWE, like not recognizing talented young stars, their own ineptitude, old guys unwilling to lie down, pass the torch...bringing back old stars...poor actors to be champs...poor scripts and stolen scripts! The other bad part is the lack of realism, lack of surprises and overly predictable matches, outcomes etc...They overly leak(promote) RAW or SD...what happened to letting the product be the reason you tune see what happens next...WELCOME BACK FFDP!!!
  2. HellDemon102094's Avatar
    They don't suck, they are stuck in a bad time, where most of the fans are children, but its a business, whether we want it to be the way it used to be, or at least edgy, with less kid jokes, its about the money, without the money they wouldn't even be here, we wouldn't even have anything to complain about.
    I had the same thoughts as you though, predictable matches, the lack of suprises on tv, but their have been a good amount of pay per view suprises this year, and they need to get rid of old guys, their day is over, if you watch TNA, Sting is #1 contender, what the hell, and Hogan may get shot at Bound for Glory, thats BULLSHIT, thats really something to complain about.
  3. goodomens's Avatar
    most fans are children. who's fault is that?
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    A few things.

    1. When did Wade Barrett ever have any credibility? Answer = NEVER

    2. If that was really HHH's office, then I snicker because my office is bigger and nicer. And the cardboard computer & tv props were way too noticeable.

    3. Ziggy will most likely retain the title in some cheap interfence fashion, continuing his journey toward being one of the flakiest champs in recent memory.
  5. RatedRKO's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by goodomens
    most fans are children. who's fault is that?
    I believe that is just an overused stereotype. The whole IWC community does not contain any children. The kids aren't there to see people like Brock Lesnar or the Shield. Only people like Cena and Fandango.
  6. RatedRKO's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    A few things.

    1. When did Wade Barrett ever have any credibility? Answer = NEVER

    2. If that was really HHH's office, then I snicker because my office is bigger and nicer. And the cardboard computer & tv props were way too noticeable.

    3. Ziggy will most likely retain the title in some cheap interfence fashion, continuing his journey toward being one of the flakiest champs in recent memory.
    In regards to the comment regarding Barrett, i mean that he is losing his credibility as a wrestler. He calls himself the "Bare-Knuckle Brawler". But if you lose to R-Truth, then i don't see how you have any. In regards to Ziggler, i agree with you 100 percent. I just can't see Ziggler losing a match legitimately clean. But when does he do that these days anyways?
  7. venom28-'s Avatar
    I agree with you on Barrett. Something tells me McMahan is pro Irish ( due to name) I don't know what goes on behind the scenes but I know HHH has a hard on for Sheamus. On not using young stars...didn't the Shield just defeat Taker and Kane with DB? Granted Cena is shoved down our throats, but at least he's under forty. TNA still has the likes of Hogan and Sting headlining main storylines. All their guys in the top spot are well in their 40's. TNA is as bad as WWE in that sense. Not to mention WWE is calling up more NXT stars soon. But with everyone's ADD issues, they'll be bored and bitchin about them too. Meanwhile Sting will be champ and Hogan will be the center of TNA'a storylines.
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