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A 54yr old man should not be #1 contender

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TNA just cannot exorcise itself from the ghosts of WCW's past. In fact the company embraces those ghosts with open arms. And that is exactly what my gripe with TNA is. Let go of the ghosts, let go of nostalgia, let go of the WCW way of doing things.

One of the reasons I couldn't stand WCW during the 90's was their reliance on fading older stars that were going into their 50's and clearly were in decline as far as in ring ability is concerned. Hulk Hogan is the most glaring example, yes I get he was a chicken-shit heel during his NWO run, but all that was a smokescreen to cover up the fact that the guy's body just couldn't go anymore. Anyone one remember before he turned heel in WCW? Storylines were centered around him and Hogan was pushed to the moon on past merits, that he physically couldn't keep the promises of in the present. His matches were like watching someone wrestle underwater, an old man going at it at a snail's pace.

Which brings me to TNA's middle age crisis, once again Hogan finds himself at the forefront along with fellow aging icon Sting. Hogan is at the center of TNA's biggest storyline even though he literally cannot physically wrestle, so he leaves that to the aging icon Sting. This guy....I used to have some much respect for him, but over the last couple years, I dunno if it's just that he can't let it go or if Pritchard is in back specifically writing the script for him, but it boggles my mind how a guy with no more muscle mass in his arms and the developings of the middle aged man belly, who is starting to wrestle like he's underwater continues to have the world title thrusted upon him.

Case in point this past Thursday on Impact, Sting "defeated" Matt Morgan via the sharpshooter after Morgan "passed out" from the pain to become the new #1 contender. Begging me to ask why, why does a 54yr old faded star get to be #1 contender? It was among the most sloppiest looking holds I've ever seen. Sting literally just sat on Morgan with a half boston crab. Then the week before, which to me was the straw that broke the camel's back. TNA pretty much relived the 90's by having Sting via The Crow style entrance come out and layout all 10 or however many guys there are in Aces n 8s all by himself with a baseball bat. I literally screamed at my TV "Are you f***ing kidding me!? This is absolute rubbish!"

This is the nonsense that TNA and anyone in the wrestling community(every indy promoter that wants to be bischoff or russo) that isn't WWE or ROH(they get it) needs to start to understand. These are stars from a bygone era, their magic time has come and gone, and to force feed the masses them and push them upon us like they are cutting edge and new is not only an insult but a disservice to anyone who has been a longtime wrestling fan such a myself. Nothing is more pathetic than watching a faded aging sports star keep going past their prime and feel they are entitled to be a contender only to have their body betray them and us over and over again. I understand it's suspension of belief but you will never convince me that a guy in his mid 50's is seriously capable of being world champion.

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  1. venom28-'s Avatar
    Yep, it is a lil WCWesque as of late. The main storyline is based around Aces & 8's and 2 men who's careers winded down years ago. Having Morgan lose was a tragedy due to the fact he could be an unstoppable monster but ends up passing out to a way over the hill wrestler. So what if he passed out. It worked for Austin because he was supposed to be a tough SOB, not a monster. How many times have we seen Kane, Taker, Show, Abyss power out of submission moves? I can't keep count. All they did was lose any momentum with Morgan as a monster power house. Oh well there's always Robbie E's former bouncer.
  2. wsm1996's Avatar
    This is why I dont want tna when ever sting n hogan come on, neither can westle any more and cant talk. Tna needs to step up the game and get new writers....this has been on my mind for a looong time but does anybody else notice that every few months after one of the storylines die down -end tna has a group or facton tnat is wanting to take over tna, this shit is boring...examples, mem, hogan biscoff faction, and now now a&8...rediculous
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I too was complaining because young guys arn't getting pushed, but let us think for a moment.......Bully Ray vs Matt Morgan would draw a crowd better than Sting vs Bully Ray? Long time wrestling fans know who he is. Wrestling fans who even stopped watching would go to the show just to see Sting. WWE fans would go to see Sting. This is the first year TNA is on the road. This is to expand their fanbase. Having Sting on the poster compared to some young guys....which sells the ppv. Not saying young guys won't eventually main event future ppvs, but young guys will get known because Sting fans came to see the product.
  4. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    First of all, listen to the pops that Hogan and Sting get. They are gigantic. Yep, Hogan can't go anymore and Sting's losing it but even though us in the IWC are sick of them it would be stupid to not have them as part of the show.

    Secondly, I don't think you realize how wonderfully this storyline is going. They are playing right off of the ghosts of WCW to tell a new story. Sting being the hero once again just like he was against the NWO. Then, Sting fails. The Aces and Eights have now conquered the last true threat to their dominance. That's when AJ Styles comes into the picture. He rejects Aces and Eights and reveals that he's on the side of TNA. Aces and Eights try to take him out since he's the face of TNA but keep failing ultimately ending in a Bound for Glory title shot for AJ which he wins.

    Thirdly, Matt Morgan does not get buried by losing to Sting. Sting is something like a ten time world champion. No shame in losing to him. This is wrestling. Yes in real life Matt Morgan would destroy Sting. Think what would have happened if Morgan had won instead. You would have this sort of good guy for the wrong reasons and still kind of a jerk taking on the bad guy. You can't build to that as well and the crowd isn't going to react the same.
  5. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Agree with the blog its sad watching fade into embarressment
  6. body slam's Avatar
    Scorpion Death Lock not sharpshooter
  7. johnnyvine's Avatar
    Sting is not having the World Tile thrust upon him.
    He is just getting his just reward for being the first wrestler, Aces and Eights attacked.
    They took him out of last years BFG series, therefore out of title picture.
    Came back and took out again, then they got his trust by having Bully help him.
    Then Bully turned on him, and now Sting gets a match with him, which we all know he won't win.

    Setting up Sting getting AJ on TNA's side, by telling him he is the only guy that knows what AJ is going through, because he went thru it too.
    It is called the Scorpion deathlock, which is a form of a boston crab with the legs crossed.
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