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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Booking WWE Extreme Rules 2013 and Predictions

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Hey everyone. I am back with another post. This time, I would like to share with you on my predictions for Extreme Rules. I know it is still a few weeks away but I will also share with you on how I would book the rest of the show, plus predictions and outcomes for the three current announced matches. I hope you all enjoy.

[B]World Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Ladder match[/B]
[B]Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger[/B]

No doubt, Ziggler's title reign is still fresh and Ladder matches are kind of his specialty...his Triple Threat victory over Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger at TLC 2010, his victory over Cena at TLC 2012 and his Money in the Bank Ladder match victory at MITB yeah, you can kinda guess that he's gonna win. I have a feeling Big E. Langston will have something to do with his win at Extreme Rules.

[B]Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Dolph Ziggler[/B]
[B]Estimated time: 15:00

Steel Cage match
Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H III

[/B]This one puzzles me. It's a anyone could win. There have been rumours that Brock will be the winner...I think that might be the smart move. Triple H has many matches left in him and he is with WWE full time. Lesnar only has a few dates and it would not be wise to have him lose twice in a row. Perhaps that is why he defeated Triple H at SummerSlam last year because he had already lost to John Cena at Extreme Rules last year...this is also in a cage match. I have a feeling that if Lesnar is to win, they will go all the way. They won't worry about escaping, they will just beat the hell out of each other and pick up a pinfall win. I have a feeling it will Lesnar reigning supreme.

[B]Winner: Brock Lesnar
Estimated time: 20-25 minutues

WWE Championship
John Cena (c) vs. Ryback

[/B]This one also puzzles me...Cena has only been champion for a little over three weeks and he does not have as many WWE Title reigns in the one time period as he used I can't imagine any reign he would have these days would be a short one so that might mean he could win at Extreme Rules. But then again, Cena has an injury, and if it gets worse, they might have him drop the title so he can let it if it gets worse, he might require surgery so they will either have him drop the title to Ryback or vacate the title and have another challenger face Ryback for the strap. But for now, the match is still going ahead and I cannot see Cena earning redemption against Rock and win the title only to lose it a a month later so I think he will win.
Winner and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena
Estimated time: 20 minutes


Singles match
Randy Orton vs. Big Show[/B]

I think that this match will only be a regular one on one match. If this is the case, I think no matter what happens, Randy Orton will be the victor. Orton hasn't had a victory. Maybe because they want to push him but maybe also because he has not won a PPV match since Hell in a Cell back in October last year.

[B]Winner: Randy Orton
Estimated time: 10 minutes[/B]

[B]Last Man Standing match
Sheamus vs. Mark Henry[/B]

This is a match that I would love to see. I think they should make it Last Man Standing between these two because they have been laying each other out over the past few weeks. If this was the case, I think they should have Henry win. He deserves a bit of a push. He has already defeated Ryback at WrestleMania and a victory over Sheamus at the next PPV in a match like this would definately help that. I think that a way Henry could win is to lay Sheamus across the announcer table and then hit a diving splash off the ring apron...if he can jump that far. That might be a good finish.

[B]Winner: Mark Henry
Estimated time: 20 minutes[/B]

[B]WWE Tag Team Championship
Team Hell NO (c) vs. The Shield (Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns)[/B]

If this match takes place, I think it will be Team Hell NO's title reign coming to an end. The Shield are undefeated and pose as probably the greatest threat to the tag I think if anybody can finally beat Kane and Bryan for the gold, its them. I think that no matter which two members go into the match, all three members will be eligable to defend the titles, just like The Spirit Squad did.

[B]Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The Shield
Estimated time: 10 minutes[/B]

[B]Intercontinental Championship
Table match
Wade Barrett (c) vs. R-Truth
Most superstars who have quite a long title reign and then lose their title and then win it back quickly tend to lose it quick. Take Cody Rhodes for instance. That's why I am saying that this match could go 50-50. But I think Wade Barrett will hold onto it for a little while more.

[B]Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett
Estimated time: 5-10 minutes[/B]


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  1. guerillas's Avatar
    First great blog only thing i see happening differently is Kofi Kingston will defend his title against Cesaro and not Barrett defending his on PPV until Miz is back and also after Randy's promo about being extreme on Raw then i see him and show in an extreme rules or just a street fight of some kind. Also with there still being a few weeks till PPV some sort of stipulation added to Cena vs Ryback possibly a chairs match after the whole Foley thing on last weeks raw.
  2. Thunderlips's Avatar
    Good blog- but truely believe Cena was only going to be a transitional champ anyhow- beat the movie star then drop it to an up and coming- Ryback may just be that man!

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