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Dashing Rachel

The problems facing WWE today

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For many years, the WWE has been the de facto wrestling promotion with its many adoring fans, high octane action, and larger-than-life Superstars. However, the WWE has been criticized by the IWC as I try to decipher in my latest blog:

Too many jobber entrances. Unless your name is either John Cena or CM Punk, the number of jobber entrances (it's when the Superstar is already in the ring as his entrance theme is being played) have increased as of late. It's gotten really bad when RAW made the switch to a three-hour format last July thanks to the WWE focusing more on in-ring promos, backstage segments, recaps, movie trailers, and social media.

Too much focus on social media. ​Speaking of WWE's increased use of social media, WWE's love affair for social media was when they replaced non-televised pre-show dark matches with pre-shows which were shown on WWE's official website, YouTube, and Facebook. The online pre-shows became a hit and inspired the WWE to be social media savvy. As a result of WWE's obsession towards social media, WWE's brand Extension was discontinued as a result.

Disappearing divas matches. You noticed that the Divas have pretty much been relegated to competing on WWE Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam, and non-televised dark matches? That's because most of the divas (with the exceptions of either A.J. or Vickie Guerrero) get no reaction from the WWE Universe and are used as bathroom/snack breaks.

Mid-carders getting lost in the shuffle. Remember when Cody Rhodes was one of the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champions of all time? Well, he's now an afterthought as he is being relegated to WWE Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam, and the jobber to the stars. And Rhodes is not alone: guys like Kofi Kingston, Damien Sandow, The Miz, R-Truth, Antonio Cesaro, Zack Ryder, Sin Cara, and 3MB are all being buried as they too hardly get a reaction from the WWE Universe.

Big names being overpushed.
What do guys like John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Big Show, Sheamus, Kane, and Daniel Bryan all have in common? Well, they are all Superstars who just so happen to be very over with the WWE Universe which is why charisma always comes first and talent second. With Vince McMahon having no faith in the rest of the roster, part-time (but marketable) Superstars such as The Rock, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker were called to compete at WrestleMania 29 in a last-ditch effort to give WrestleMania 29 ​more buys and drawing power, something that guys like Justin Gabriel and JTG don't have.

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  1. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    What do you think are the problems facing the WWE today?
  2. Kilborn's Avatar
    Cody and Cesaro had decent matches on RAW. I actually thought for a second that Cody was going to beat Orton with the RKO counter into the CrossRhodes.
  3. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Agree with killborn .. The mis use of talent has got to crisis point how can 1 wk cesaro is on wrecking mission fews wks later he's jobbing ???? The days of long 3 to 4 month fueds are over aswell ..y is mark henry and ginger fueding cause mark henry can do what he wants ?? Pure pointless base for a story
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    With feuds, I think it's the lack of closure to the feuds that's the biggest problem. Mark Henry beats Ryback at WM, and Ryback gets a title shot and no more Ryback/Henry encounters.

    It seems to go that way with everything. Ziggler is the champ with no real feud. ADR and Swagger are still the underlying story in their triple threat ladder match. Kofi is supposed to be feuding with Cesaro but there's no real build. Just a rematch on Main Event, meanwhile they're both fighting in other matches and no encounters or anything in between. Barrett is IC champ with no real contender to feud with. The list goes on. There are no real feuds or storylines other than Team Hell No vs The Shield, and Cena/Ryback...which incidentally, also involves The Shield. Sheamus and Mark Henry and Orton vs Big Show. Are there any other actual feuds going on? Only one involves a title.
  5. Malc97's Avatar
    I remember a time when the IC title and the US title ment something, WWE has flat ou ruined them boh by burying too many people. Cesaro brought alot to the table only to be squashed for some reason. Ziggler is a good direction for the world title, they just need someone to rival him and neither de rio or swagger are right for him. Just dont have the feel. The WWE title is a joke. Ryback has become a big whiner and Cena is just flat out old news! Even the Rock coming back to be champion is the biggest joke in wrestling history. He was gone 8 years......came back and beat Cena at thing you know....after 1 win he automatically got Punk at Royal Rumble? Thats crap cause he passed over alot of contenders. Fact of the matter is its all about putting asses in the seats. We can gripe about anything and everything we want but unless we stop watching or going to these events or shows.....nothing will ever change and there is nothing we an do about it. Feuds are old news anymore, they are over faster than they started. Tag Team division is a joke. WWE is ignoring who needs to be pushed and pushing who dont need to be.
  6. weems's Avatar
    Good Blog: I agree with everything. Other problems include:

    Problem 1
    : The matches don't mean anything or help further along existing story lines. Raw had some good matches such as Orton v Rhodes, Cesaro v ADR and Kofi v Ziggler. However, none of these matches helped build toward a future story line.
    Problem 2: Too many guys in limbo. Vince Russo was a less than stellar booker in my opinion. However, during his WWE tenure, he always had every guy on the roster involved in some type of angle. Right now over 50% of the roster is not involved in any type of story line.
    Problem 3: Too many non wrestling activities. For example, a tug of war, a dance contest, a WWE film advertisement, etc.
  7. Dashing Rachel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kilborn
    Cody and Cesaro had decent matches on RAW. I actually thought for a second that Cody was going to beat Orton with the RKO counter into the CrossRhodes.
    Speaking of which, no Cody Rhodes on SmackDown ​this week.
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