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Michael Burnside

What if Sting joined the WWF/WWE

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Hard to believe when you think about it. Sting, a big name in American wrestling but has NEVER stepped foot in a WWF ring. Even when the WWF acquired all of WCW assets in the takeover and the possibility was there, Sting never joined up. The reason he stated was that he had seen the way the WCW were treated during the ‘Invasion’ story (notably Rock’s “Who the hell are you?” comment to Booker T) that made him realise it wasn’t worth putting himself through it.

There’s five eras of the WWF/WWE that I’m going to analyse dropping Sting in. They are the Hulkamania era, New generation era, The Monday Night Wars era, Post War era and now.

Hulkamania (Rock N Wrestling)
Hogan has recently claimed in an interview how he was very keen round the time after Wrestlemania III for Sting to come over to the WWF. Hogan allegedly would turn heel and Sting would be the new super face. Of course, Hogan has a reputation for stretching the truth and even as far as talking nonsense in interviews. It’s fair to say that this is possibly one of those times. At that time Hulkamania still had plenty in the tank and Hogan had many years before the crowd would start to get bored of him. It’s very unlikely that he would be prepared to give that all up and hand it over to some unknown. (Just look how willing Hogan was to work with Bret Hart back in 1993).
So if Sting came to the WWF circa 1990, he would have a slight problem cracking into the upper tier which would be ruled by Hogan and his friends. Sting would have a friend himself climbing up the ladder in the Ultimate Warrior. Sting and Warrior were a tag team known as The Blade Runners back in the CWA and UWF. It would be unlikely though that the team would be resurrected though as the Warrior would be making big waves in the WWF as a singles star and secondly the WWF at this time was very reluctant to acknowledge other organisations.
Sting would have slotted quite well in the spot that Kerry Von Eric (The Texas Tornado) had. Von Eric had a feud with Intercontential Champion Mr Perfect and defeated him at Summerslam 1990 for the title. He lost the title back to Perfect at the end of the year, but if Sting was in that place, then perhaps he would have held it slightly longer than Von Eric did; either losing it back to Perfect at Wrestlemania 7 or holding it for a full year and dropping it to Bret Hart at Summerslam 91.
What would be very interesting is when Ric Flair would arrive in WWF later on in 1991. Would the WWF be prepared to re-ignite a feud between two wrestlers from another organisation? Normally no, but Sting and Flair would be big news so perhaps Vince would give the green light.
Originally, storyline-wise Randy Savage was reinstated to battle with Jake the snake. He then feuded with Flair which ended with Savage beating Flair for the WWF title. With Sting around, Savage could still get reinstated and feud with Jake Roberts, but instead of Randy going on to face Flair at Wrestlemania 8, it would be Sting who would challenge for the WWF title (and win since Hogan is away making movies).
Sting’s first WWF title run would play out in place of Savage’s second WWF title run including the match at Summerslam 1992 in London against the Ultimate Warrior. This raises the question whether the WWF would finally acknowledge their past together as a tag team in the build up…
Anyway, we’re getting out of the Hulkamania era and entering a different era…

The New Generation
After the days of Hogan, Andre and Warrior it was guys like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels to carry the torch. The question is how would Sting fit in with the Kilq if he joined during this time? He may be friendly with Kevin Nash who was also from WCW so perhaps he would even be a member or at the very least, on good terms with them. We would see a range of (hopefully) quality matches of Sting vs Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, 1 2 3 Kid and Diesel, some of which may have ladders involved. Several Intercontential title reigns would be pretty much guaranteed and he would definitely be in the running for the heavyweight title shots. Possibly Diesels year long reign as WWF champion would be cut down a bit shorter to make room for a Sting WWF title reign during that time frame.

The Monday Night Wars

WCW would never want to lose one of their top stars during a time when they were in a direct battle with the WWF, so it is hard to image a situation were Sting would want to take a pay cut and a heavier work schedule to jump ship to the McMahons. However he may want to work for the WWF to complete his wrestling résumé, maybe to get away from the WCW backstage politics or maybe a chance to work with different people.
Without a doubt, Sting would initially be pushed to the very top of the card and injected amongst whatever the hottest angle going was (the same way WCW’s Giant debuted during the Austin/McMahon cage match).
The question is, how long would he be able to stay high on the card before dropping down. Vince would see having Sting as a blow to WCW as it would deny them having one of their top stars on the rooster. Also considering how cutthroat the WWF/WCW rivalry became during this era was, Vince may not want to be seen having a WCW wrestler above his ‘home grown’ talent like Austin, the Rock and DX (who were shifting their own merchandise like nobodies business). Sting would after his main event entrance would be dropped to the IC title level, feuding with Ken Shamrock and Val Venis.

Invasion/Post Monday War

Now this is the period that Sting genuinely had a realistic chance of joining. However, as mentioned at the start of this piece, it was the treatment of the WCW brand that had put him off.
He’s probably right if you see how buried into the ground WCW, or the Alliance as they later became renamed. Granted, Sting would have been a much bigger WCW name than Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page, so perhaps he may have been treated slightly better. Also there’s a chance if he lead team WCW then there wouldn’t have been the need for Austin (and several other WWFers) to switch sides. The fans also could have taken to team WCW more if Sting was leader and thus the dynamic of WWF = face, WCW= heel would be changed to both sides being tweeners.
In the end WCW would still have to lose but it would probably come down to Rock or Austin vs Sting in the final climax (as opposed to Rock vs Austin which happened).

Then that takes us up to the current day. Could, would and should Sting join with the WWE? If he did, he would probably work on a part time schedule similar to that of the Undertaker as opposed to the full 300+ days a year. Sting is a man in his 50s who is probably quite used to the schedule he does in TNA. He probably would have a limited number of RAW and PPV appearances.
As for who he feuds with? Well, it would all be up against the top level talent so we won’t be seeing him going toe to toe with a NXT recruit. He would be a face as that is what people always know him as (despite a forgettable heel run in WCW later days) so he could go up against a heel like CM Punk first of all, move onto guys like Mark Henry or Big Show and then onto Undertaker for a Wrestlemania match. He would lose the Wrestlemania Taker match (cause lets face it, that streaks never going to break) but maybe there might be enough respect that he would be booked to lose with dignity. Maybeby count out after a heel interferes?
He could also take part in tag matches with John Cena against a team of heels (The Shield?) and even team together at Survivor Series. If he ever wanted to have his final ever match, I’m sure he could have his pick on who that would be.

In conclusion:
There’s something slightly satisfying knowing that despite Vince McMahon having a huge grasp (almost monopoly) on American pro wrestling, that there is one guy who became a big name legend and never wrestled for his fed. Like nobody said ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ in Star Trek, Led Zeppelin never released a UK single during their career and Sting never worked for Vince McMahon.

Just want to add a thank you to the support for the ‘Alternative Universe’ blogs. I enjoy writing them and I hope people enjoy reading them (or at least tolerate it). I was off for a few months as I was busy finishing off my Sci fi Novel (my 3rd one), ‘The Martican Journal.’ With a bit of luck it will out in the next month or two.

Also if anyone wants to make any recommendations for future AU blogs then go ahead. I’ve a few more ideas in the tank but always up for something new.

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  1. pld459666's Avatar
    Great read. I think that in the New Generation era, part of what would have been a major factor in wether or not Sting would do well is the timing of when Sting became a born again christian. We see how that affected what Shawn Michaels was doing pre and post birth to religion. Sting was never a guy that went for the T&A just for T&A sake, but the Cliq did. Sting was alot more straight laced as far as his on screen persona was concerned (alot like Hogan pre-NWO days).

    Would have loved to have seen Sting in the WWF/WWE, but you have mentioned it time and again, he was not a Vince guy and would have been buried at some point.

    I find it sad and arrogant that the WWF/WWE refuses to acknwoledge the fact that these guys competed in other promotions like they are the only organization around. Arrogant in that they truly believe that they are the only organization that actually matters and it's an offensive line of thinking.
  2. weems's Avatar
    Another enjoyable blog. Blog idea for the future when you have time: What would have happened if Hogan stayed in AWA and did not come to WWF until the 1990's.

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