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WWE Doesn't Read My Blogs

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As you can see lately, I have been writing blogs because of the disgusting things I have witnessed in WWE as of late. And all of my issues were perfectly displayed in last night's RAW. I will get to all the of the negative things in a second but first I want to look at the positive things I saw last night. First and foremost, Orton and Rhodes deliver what was the most exciting brawl of the evening. I have been on WWE creative's case for making Rhodes a glorified jobber. While he wasn't expected to win, he sure made it competitive. I liked his reversal of the RKO into a Cross Rodes for a two count. Let's hope he keeps up these high quality matches. The Shield were also impressive in the ring as well, but what else is new? That's probbably all the good. Now let's get to the issues.<br><br><br>

First and foremost, I would like to ask......if the opening bout of Monday Night RAW is a triple threat match, it is likely to excite the crowd. Would you watch the triple threat if it was Ricardo Rodriguez, Zeb Colter and Big E. Langston? Didn't think so. I don't know what WWE was doing with this. I am pretty sure that this wasn't the best way to hype up their extreme rules match, by making their managers fight the bout for them. They seriously couldn't come up with something else? How sad.&nbsp;<br><br>

This happened later in the show but I am bringing it up right now because it is making me furious. One of the things that WWE lacks is logic and reasoning. For a good five to ten minutes combined, we got to see where Jerry Lawler's pizza is going and we got a tutorial on how to track it. Let's say what needs to be said. The WWE and Vince Mcmahon thinks we are all stupid idiots. Why waste time giving people like Wade Barrett and other young talent matches when we can watch where The King's pizza is headed? And even more mind-boggling is the logic behind it. First of all, this type of stuff should never be shown on National Television. But furthermore, the camera showed shots of numerous people (at least 20 people) eating Jerry's pizza and complaining about them eating his pizza. HIS PIZZA? So you mean to tell me that Jerry ordered three boxes of Domino's Pizza all for himself? Didn't he nearly die of a heart attack not too long ago? Eating three boxes of pizza will not do your heart any favors. And added on to that, if that is Jerry's pizza, then how did all those fans and people serving in the armed forces get their hands on it? Did they happen to have money to pay for it? Did they get it for free? This is the idiocy of WWE at its greatest.

Another issue regarding logic was a segment with The Shield. Now they made their great promo and all that, only to be interrupted by 3MB. They ambushed them and beat them to the ground. Then Kane's pyro sounded and out came him and Daniel Bryan. Then the Shield ran away. Are you kidding me? You just beat up three men but now you are scared of two? And correct me if I'm wrong but how many times have The Shield defeated Kane and Daniel Bryan? At TLC, later that night, and last week. So all of a sudden now they are afraid. They have the advantage and they decide to leave. Now I know what The Shield is capable of. They are a nice, cohesive, dangerous unit. But when they do things like this, it leads one to believe that they might be somewhat vulnerable. Once again, no logic whatsoever.&nbsp;<br><br>

Remember all those filler matches and segments I mentioned earlier? They were prominent again last night. We saw Fandango come out and he was going to compete in a match. A dancing match. And guess who his opponent is, The Great Khali (thankfully no Hornswoggle). Why? Just why? The Great Khali cannot speak english yet Jerry Lawler deliberately asks him questions for kicks. This was just an utter waste of time. Then the segment ended with a Russian leg sweep on Khali greeted by silence. The crowd does not like it, but rather they hate these things and WWE still insists on doing them. If you notice, WWE is starting to gush over Fandango. Ever since the WWE crowd in New Jersey went crazy over his theme, WWE won't stop hankering us with it. When they find a hot commodity, they will shove it down our throats until we love it and right now it is in dangerous overdrive. I'm not saying get rid of him, but his name-sayuing and filler matches aren't doing anything to his credibility.

Enough of his dancing, and more of the wrestling.&nbsp;<br><br>Another filler segment we saw was Mark Henry in a war. A tug of war. Is this 6th grade? Really? Did they really make the World's strongest man get into a tug of war match with Tons of Funk and Sheamus (the latter of which he recieved a Brogue Kick)? They just advertised a Sheamus vs Mark Henry match in a tug of war. I cannot believe they actually did that. I just started at my HD TV and said "Really?" with the Miz's voice of course. When you have moments like these, you just wonder if WWE just wasn't prepared for the night and didn't have any golden material.<br><br>If you read my last blog, you would have seen the list of matches that tend to be repetitive and surely enough we saw two of them. Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston and Alberto Del Rio vs Antonio Cesaro. If Dolph Ziggler can't defeat the United States Champion without the assistance of AJ and Big E, why his he World Champion? Dolph and Kofi never fail to impress in the ring but they have fought so many times I am beginning to care less. The only match i wouldn't mind repeating for Ziggler's sake is if he's facing a man like Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. I am starting to give up on Ziggler. I see that he has a bright future but moments like these really make you wonder. All the people who made the title legit from Triple H to Batista to Edge to Randy Orton to Chris Benoit, you have to wonder why Dolph just can't get the job done. Yea, Triple H would need Evolution's assistance sometimes and Edge would need the help of La Familia sometimes but here's the difference. Edge and Triple H brought excitement to the title through the special things that they did and the promos that they cut. I have not seen Dolph Ziggler cut one promo since being champion. All we see him do every week is stand at the top of the stage, shake his money-maker, wear the title backwards, kiss AJ, see Big E's serious face, wrestle, have either AJ distract the official for Big E to interfere, and Ziggler eventually picks up the win. World Champions should have the ability to at least cut a promo and be an intimidating force and right now Ziggler looks like he can be beaten by Zack Ryder at this level (he actually did beat him before). I am starting to believe that WWE loses faith in Ziggler and it's a shame, because he has the most potential on the roster. He just can't utilize it right.<br><br>Another filler match we saw was Alberto Del Rio vs Antonio Cesaro, and unsurprisingly, Alberto wins via submission. Now the match wasn't horrible, but it was the typical, predictable match. They can't find another man for Alberto Del Rio. It seems every week he's facing a mid-card champion, burying them and that's it. After the match, since his announcer won the opening match, he chose a ladder match as a stipulation for the triple threat and to say I was dissapointed could be the understatement of the century. I was expecting a triple threat, submissions count anywhere bout (remember Hell In A Cell 2010 with Miz, Morrison and Daniel Bryan?). This match is so rare but it gets to show WWE what these stars are truly made of. Anyone can pin someone or climb a ladder to get a title. It takes real strength to make someone tap multiple times. Swagger has the Patriot Lock, Ziggler the Sleeper Hold and Del Rio, The Cross-Arm Breaker. Instead we get a ladder. I was very depressed by this and I think WWE could have gotten much more PPV buys just by changing the stipulation.&nbsp;<br><br>Not to mention Swagger vs Ryder was another squash. Ryder is essentially worthless now besides his Long Island story which has been corrupted by WWE. He came out with a new haircut (that's the most he's done in quite some time), cut a promo, and, inevitably, lost. WWE is just embarassing Ryder. If everyone already knows he's gonna lose, then why make him fight? Like come on now.<br><br>And the last problem is Ryback. Ryback has a match scheduled to team up with Cena but i knew ever since that match was announced that it wasn't happening. Ryback "left the arena" and came back after Cena was pinned by The Shield. What did he do? He just stood there. Cena has a right achilles injury and Ryback just stares with his "bad look" with his stupid jacket and hat. Instead of doing what a monster heel would do, attack the wounded Cena, he just watched. Watch when Cena "defies the odds" and defeat Ryback at extreme rules. Ryback could have made a statement to make everyone take him seriously but unfortunately he didn't. What a waste of time. Apparently, he is always hungry. He took on the World's Strongest Man no problem. But when he faces Cena, he is afraid of his prey or food because the species he seeks is indestructible. Its name is John Cena, and i guess Ryback just lost his big appetite when he sees Cena. He should eat more fiber.<br><br>On a side note, i have seen people complain about the segment with John Cena and the Make a Wish Day stalling Raw and not give time to other superstars. While those three young kids got more TV time than Alex Riley, this showed the true passionate side of Cena. He proves himself as a true man and puts the happiness of those who cannot help themselves first. Most people around the world do not get a shot, and three young fans got their time to shine. Very classy Cena. I never had a problem with it. I may despise Cena as a wrestler and promo-cutter but beyond the three ropes is a true man.<br><br>Last night's RAW was one of the worst I've ever seen in my life. We saw a dancing contest, a tug of war, and watching Lawler's Pizza via a tutorial by Michael Cole. We also saw a segment for Triple H and Paul Heyman that we saw last week. No Brock Lesnar and no Paul Heyman. You can't build up a Steel Cage match if none of the participants are there. And, oh yea. CM Punk's presence is desperately needed because their seems to be a big gaping hole in entertainment sense. It is clear that WWE will not read my blogs on the problems and if this keeps up, i guarantee you, TNA and UFC will be breathing down their necks in terms of ratings and viewerships. Comment, rate, (follow @TheRichReality on Twitter) and I'll see you next time. By the way, I am still waiting for the return of Captain Charisma Christian. Where in the world is he?

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  1. RatedRKO's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nrb6304
    And what im saying is no he is not. That title was ruined a LOONG LOONG time ago. Id imagine WM 23 when Undertaker won the RR was to challenge Batista and then went on 5th at WM.ONE MAN ALONE cannot ruin the oldest American Title. But going on 5th at WM CAN. Since that year the World Title really hasnt meant shit.

    Plus, by your logic HHH tarnished the WWF Title in 1999 when he needed to CHEAT TO WIN. And then again in 2000 when after two months of beating Cactus Jack in a street fight and a hell and a cell he needed Vince and Stephanie to retain the title at WM. Sound strong to you?

    Dolph #1 is doing fine.
    #2 WHC already ruined bud (sorry)
    #3 He's been champion 3 weeks. Relax. 9 times out of 10 WWE gives you what you want.

    HERE LEMME ASK YOU THIS: ADR beats Ziggler tonight. But if Dolph would have won, wouldnt it make ADR look weak?! How can they do that to the former World Champ??!! They've ruined him and his title reign cause he lost to Dolph! Right?

    Dude the champ ain't gotta win every match. Ric Flair at the PEAK OF HIS CAREER lost more then he won. Because he would lose every match uuntil the title was on the line. Same thing with Hunter, Cena, Edge, Hulk.

    Hey im not saying I enjoyed the Pizza segment either. But if you want the WWE to come to a city near you. The Sonic and the Dominoes ads stay. Honestly get over it IWC get over it.

    Compare the amount of times Triple H has won cleanly as a heel (Example: beating Shawn Michaels in Hell In A Cell) compared to the amount of times Dolph has won clean (yes he did beat Jericho). The problem with Dolph is that no one can take him seriously anymore. I love Dolph, honestly. But you're trying to tell me he can't beat Kofi Kingston without having AJ and Big E. to step in? Come on.
  2. el gabo's Avatar
    Why would you think that someone from WWE would bother to read your blog, or anyone else's blog on this site? This is precisely the reason many in the wrestling industry hate smarks.
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