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Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

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For some reason, after the dust had settled on last week’s Raw in London, my attention really wasn’t on professional wrestling until it occurred to me on this morning that it was Monday, and therefore Raw. I’m not a huge believer in signs or anything like that (the closest I’ve ever come to believing in destiny was when Liverpool FC won the Champions League in 2005 and it seemed too unreal to be a coincidence), but tonight’s Raw was really quite forgettable and I perhaps should have let myself sleep instead of watching it live.

So, no Triple Threat Submissions-only Iron Man match…

Tonight’s Raw opened in an obscure way. There was no opening VT, no pyro, and no big introduction to the show (unless Sky Sports just cut into the live feed a few minutes late?).

Instead we got the sounds of Alberto Del Rio’s theme song mere seconds into the broadcast, and it soon became apparent that a) Ricardo Rodriguez is determined to earn the moniker of the “Leopard-print Luchador” from me, and b) the corner influences of each superstar involved in the World Heavyweight Championship picture would be competing to see who will decide the stipulation for Extreme Rules.

I’m glad that it will not be a standard Triple Threat match. The other thought I had as I saw “Estampado de Leopardo Luchador” (Leopard-print luchador in Spanish, according to Google Translate – it could be riddled with errors) roll up Zeb Colter for the victory was that no matter who wins this match, it can only be a Ladder match. The connections of all three superstars to a Ladder match are there (they all won World titles through the use of the Money in the Bank briefcase and this rivalry was sparked by Dolph Ziggler’s use of MitB to become champion).

The inevitability that this would be a Ladder match aside, this will be a great match if they don’t have Ziggler win by having him scramble for a loose championship on the ground again.

My other thought on this storyline (as much as I am enjoying it – maybe because it involves so many people, I can’t be sure) is that tonight it got more build than the WWE Championship did. Is that not strange given the fact that the World Heavyweight Championship is regarded as SmackDown’s major title?

Are The Shield ever going to get their Tag Team Championship match?

Since WrestleMania, we’ve seen a lot more of “The Hounds of Justice” in terms of in-ring action, and it can only be a good thing.

Tonight, I’m glad they won their main event match (even more so by pinning John Cena – it helps Ryback and Cena build their rivalry as well as maintaining the 100% record of The Shield as a group), but I wanted to address something I stumbled onto a couple of weeks ago regarding Team Hell No’s Tag Team Championships.

I said at the time that I did not want to see what I did, and I still wish I hadn’t, but all signs point to The Shield and Team Hell No facing off for the Tag Team Championships at Extreme Rules. I only take issue with the fact that WWE hasn’t had this addressed more directly.

With Dean Ambrose seemingly being groomed for a singles title run (I do not think his match with Undertaker and his upcoming match on SmackDown versus Kane are coincidence) and Team Hell No very interested in stopping The Shield, the pieces are in place for a Tag Team title match.

I for one would love to see Team Hell No as the sole targets of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in a more direct fashion. It could become a more personal rivalry if they angered Kane by doing more than attacking Undertaker, and Daniel Bryan could finally go back to being a singles competitor once they lose their titles.

I also see no downside to having The Shield capture some gold at Bryan & Kane’s expense, as it opens up the opportunity for more of Dean Ambrose in singles action – which can only be a good thing.

Given that so little of any significance happened on Raw this week, I decided to look ahead to Extreme Rules. I want to see WWE put more time and effort into their rivalries right now, and with The Shield and the World Heavyweight Championship picture they have two great chances to do so.

The Shield are getting more time since WrestleMania, and it is opening doors for them as well as pitting them against the likes of Undertaker (that in itself has to be an honour so early in a WWE career, even if the “Deadman” is nearing the end of his tether). As for the likes of Ziggler, Del Rio & Jack Swagger, there is enough history tying them all together to go for at least three months in stipulation matches.

Despite Raw being a disappointing watch this week, it did focus on a couple of the storylines which sit lower on the card. If they can make the WWE Championship match more than just a singles match (it’s called Extreme Rules, use it WWE!) and do more than show recaps for Triple H/Lesnar, the upcoming pay-per-view could be great.

This week’s question is; which member of The Shield do you think will be the first to get a push to either the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship and why?

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    @ComingToCinemas - I find myself reading more and more Yes! Yes! Yes! Raw Reviews. Even more so than the painful Raw Results as I know they will be disappointing.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I agree that Raw was pretty bad this week. But the things I enjoyed about Raw this week are completely opposite of the things you mentioned in your review...such as Orton vs Rhodes and Ziggler vs Kofi. Two fantastic matches.

    I was going to add more to this comment but I think I'll save it for my next Coffee Talk.

    Good Blog.
  3. teamchris's Avatar
    Do you people actually watch the matches or just follow the terrible story lines. This Raw was one of the best in a long time in terms of wrestling. Cody v Orton, cesaro v del rio, ziggler v kofi and the shield v hell no + cena were all excellent matches.
  4. madnonsense's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by teamchris
    Do you people actually watch the matches or just follow the terrible story lines. This Raw was one of the best in a long time in terms of wrestling. Cody v Orton, cesaro v del rio, ziggler v kofi and the shield v hell no + cena were all excellent matches.
    Yes I totally agree. Last Monday Night RAW was focused more on the matches than the storylines itself. WWE however was concerned of John Cena torn achilles injury if he was able to wrestle or not. Lastly, I don't get it with the crowd voting for The Great Khali and Natalya in the dance off.
  5. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    I agree almost 100% with teamchris' comment. The three singles matches (Rhodes-Orton, Ziggler-Kofi, & Del Rio-Cesaro were all excellent matches, as good as we've seen on Raw in quiet some time. The main event match was pretty good, and I believe it was the first time John Cena has been pinned in calendar year 2013. While the opening triple threat match was a waste, and the dance off and tug-of-war were garbage, I thought this was a very good raw. I agree that less back-stage crap and in-ring non-wrestling stupidity, coupled with more matches, would be better, but since I've been forced to lower my WWE expectations, I can be pleasantly surprised by a show which I would give a solid B rating.

    And unlike many people who post here who will never be happy with anything less than a Cena heel turn, I really enjoyed watching Raw tonight. Not every show has to be a perfect A; a solid B is plenty good in my eyes.
  6. weems's Avatar
    Overall, I thought the show was average. It had the usual segments along with some very good matches. Unfortunately, there were also some just god awful moments as well.

    The Usual: the backstage segments, the divas match, 3MB getting knocked out, Ryder jobbing, Kofi v Ziggler part 10 million, Cena make a wish
    The Bad: Kahli/Fandango dance off, the triple threat managers match, tug of war
    The Good: Main Event, Orton v Rhodes, Cesaro v ADR
  7. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by teamchris
    Do you people actually watch the matches or just follow the terrible story lines. This Raw was one of the best in a long time in terms of wrestling. Cody v Orton, cesaro v del rio, ziggler v kofi and the shield v hell no + cena were all excellent matches.
    I agree that the match quality is up compared to usual.

    I've noticed more emphasis on it since WrestleMania, but this week I wanted to look at the storylines and what they can do with the ones which will inevitably be on before Cena/Ryback and Triple H/Lesnar come Extreme Rules. The fact that Ziggler/ADR/Swagger got a lot of air time triggered that reaction, and I think it goes without saying that the matches were really good - Orton and Rhodes should have a rivalry if they can keep their chemistry as it was on Monday.

    I was disappointed with Raw for the lack of storyline development compared to last week, I wasn't writing it off as a terrible show.
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