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The Sin Cara Problem

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Before you read this blog I ask that you read this news article:

So welcome to my first ever blog. My goal with these blogs is to voice my opinion on current news/rumours as well as the matches showcased on the shows.

Anyway, let's get on with the story. The news story claims that WWE are disappointed in how Sin Cara is not getting across to the fans like they hoped he would. My response is "What do they expect?" Here is an already proven luchador wrestler who was signed by WWE. As a luchador, like Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara has the potential to be an explosive and entertaining fan favourite. However this is not happening. My belief is there are multiple reasons for Sin Cara not getting across.

#1: A luchador wrestler who's high flying, explosive moveset has been limited by the famous WWE banned moves list. When people see a masked luchador wrestler they expect him to be nothing more than explosive with his high flying moves. Then they are disappointed when they see him in the ring only really doing a couple of head scissors, hurricanrana's or maybe a dive out of the ring. Still exciting but people expect more.

#2: Bad booking. WWE is known for under-utilising it's mid card wrestlers. Over the past 6 months especially it seems that WWE creative were lost with what to do with Sin Cara and Mysterio. So they threw them together to be apart of a rebooted tag team division. This was a great idea...however again they were under-utilised. In the end they were used as a team that would job to Team Hell No at a PPV and then sort of forgotten. WWE has an opportunity to create an amazing Tag Team division right now. With the Usos, Rhodes Scholars, Sin Cara & Mysterio, PTP, 3MB, and Primo & Epico they have plenty of teams to work with and create great feuds and exciting matches. But all these teams aren't going anywhere right now.

3#: No Cruiserweight division: Now I get that some people are tired of hearing this but people who have complained about this do have a point. With no competetive mid card division, the mid carders are basically being used as jobbers. Which is fine...for a while. However after some time people start to lose faith in the wrestlers that are jobbing and eventually lose interest. This may even lead to a wrestlers release. Now I can't help but feel that if Sin Cara, or any Cruiserweight mid card talent for that matter, were to wrestle in a division with other cruiserweight talent, we know from the past that the matches can be exciting and sometimes even the highlight of the night.

So my point with all of this is how does WWE expect a wrestler like Sin Cara to get over with the fans when things in WWE are no longer accommodated to a superstar with his particular set of skills.

In the end I believe that unless something changes within WWE, Sin Cara will eventually be quietly released from the company.

Sin Cara isnt exactly what I would call a "favourite wrestler" of mine, but I think I would be disappointed if he was to be released as I think WWE would be getting rid of someone who has potential to be an entertaining and exciting, upper mid card superstar.

Anyway thanks for reading. Keep an eye out for my blogs and feel free to leave feedback or comments Thanks

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  1. Kashdinero's Avatar
    There's also the fact that many of his explosive moves need an opponent who knows how to effectively help perform them, and sell them correctly. Sin Cara's move set would be far more vast if the WWE wasn't filled with so many cardboard cutouts that have been all trained in exactly the same way by the exact same trainers.
  2. Malc97's Avatar
    Sin Cara was getting over when he arrived. The main and only problem he has is that 90% of the time he is injured. He has no problem getting over just cant stay healthy so its a waste of time to have him.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by madnonsense
    WWE really needs to bring back the cruiseweight title back. RAW is a 3 hour show for crying out loud! Use 5-15 minute matches every Monday Night RAW on the cruiserweight division.
    yea cuz, midcard titles are so well booked right now including on the biggest show of them all. Divas hardly get time on TV. You actually think cruiserweight division will end up being any better than it did last time in WWE? Let the cruiserweight division rest. It is going to be exciting for a few months than it will turn into a joke. People will be angry if it doesn't get a ppv match which more likely than not it won't. What is the point if we already know they won't use the division correctly.
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