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The State of the WWE as we Know It

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The time has come to speak the truth, and i won't be needing R-Truth's assistance because he is a part of what I am about to tell you about. I remember watching my first WrestleMania, WrestleMania 21. I saw Batista face Triple H, Eddie Guerrerro and Rey Mysterio duke it out, and a Money In The Bank Ladder Match that showcased some great talents that the WWE has to offer. Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle had a pretty impressive bout and i can say the same for the Randy Orton/Taker match. But boy how have things changed over the years. Today's WWE personnel and functionality is a far cry from what it was years ago. There are a plethora of problems that need to be addressed and they are big ones. Let's begin, shall we? For the hardcore fans, you would take some time to read through the entire thing because I wnat to be able to pinpoint every issue the WWE has. This is indeed long so I give you fair warning.

One of the first and foremost problems in WWE is the lack of talent showcases. Let me give you a list of some talented superstars: Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan are the ones that immediately come to mind. But each have a major problem that has been ongoing for some time.

Dolph Ziggler, arguably the best worker in WWE simply cannot be taken seriously. He cannot win a match without that Big E. guy inserting himself into the match. And guess what? He still loses the match! This past week, we saw Jack Swagger defeat Dolph Ziggler. After months of anticipation we see Dolph finally capture the WHC and he loses the very first match he's booked for. I know heels tend t use the cheap way out matches but this problem has been ongoing. He's just a jobber while being the WHC.

This time last year, Cody Rhodes was getting a decent push while holding the Intercontinental Title. Now, he has a moustache. And that's being nice because that's the biggest thing he's done since then. It baffles me how a talent like Cody Rhodes can be used so poorly. Losing to Alberto Del Rio and John Cena are just wasting his talent, and that's something he has said himself.

Damien Sandow. An entertaining heel with a gimmick that works. Rarely you find that combination these days. In spite of that, he is just a jobber. He'll come, pick up some nice heat by insulting the crowd and lose the match. Why? Just why? Can't WWE at least make him look believable. During his time in Team Rhodes Scholars, they were expected to take the titles from Team Hell No, but that has not happened and most likely never will because it seems The Shield are next in line. Sandow is in no man's land and that's an issue.

Antonio Cesaro. He was initially the United States Champion while playing the role of the anti-American patriot. Now it appears that he is auditioning for the X Factor as a yodeler. Now i don't know what in the world Cesaro could have done to make Vince degrade him to this level but it it just plain embarassing. He loses to a 41 year old R-Truth who has apparently gone back to his rapping gimmick. Yea, like that's going to help him. Cesaro had all the talent, all the abilities, wrestled with the best from Orton to Jericho, to now, as it would appear, another jobber. Shame, Shame.

Wade Barrett will go down as one of the worst Intercontinental Champions of all time. Through his tenure as champion he has done nothing more than promote his stupid movie, job to the likes of Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton (he actually won clean over him once but WWE forgot all about that) and make the IC Title look as irrelevant as ever. He wasn't even good enough to make it to the main card of WrestleMania. When you're the IC Champion at WrestleMania and you're wrestling for free on YouTube, you disgrace every person who made that title relevant. He lost it, and then regained it one night later. Someone in WWE is just doing this for kicks.

Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is the second, if not, the best pure wrestler in the WWE as of today. However, he is being used for kicks right now. I personally believe that he should have been facing Kane at Wrestlemnaia and that they should have broken up a long time ago. Unfortunately, they are still together and fans are missing out on the main reason why they like Bryan. His ring work. Can you believe WWE actually made him wrestle blind-folded in a match before? He was much more entertaining as a singles competitor, especially when he feuded with Big Show, CM Punk, Mark Henry and Sheamus among others. To this day, every day on RAW, i hope that they break up so Bryan can go off to bigger and better things. Kane has had a Hall of Fame career but his run as a main-event caliber wrestler has run its course.

Jack Swagger. The thing with Jack Swagger is not his wrestling ability but rather his gimmick. I do not think that people are taking him seriously as they should. His feud with Alberto Del Rio felt so forced, especially with all the bad comedy shown by Del Rio. Swagger was supposed to win the title but apparently he has one to many tequilas and now he has nothing. He isn't winning at Extreme Rules either. Swagger's lack of charisma is also a problem. If Zeb Colter consistently needs to speak for him, that shows a lot about how stale that person is. Swagger needs to find something that makes him garner real heel heat.

Kofi Kingston. He needs to turn heel. Simple as that. Apparently now, he is not good enough to get a televised entrance anymore. Sure he is the United States Champion, but he has won that before already. The fact of the matter is everybody's favorite flying Egyptian is going to stay in the mid-card because he is stale. We'll see him get emotional in the ring but he just doesn't have that edgy character like he did back in 2009 when he was feuding with Randy Orton. No charisma, no nothing. Just plain emptiness. Kofi will never main-event a PPV and will never have a singles match at WrestleMania until his character gets a complete overhaul. Kofi claims he can do his best as a heel. Well now's the time to prove it.

The Miz. Just what exactly is The Miz doing right now? He won the IC Title at Mania only to lose it the next night, thereby devaluing the title. He is doing nothing. Can you believe he main-evented WrestleMania against John Cena in WrestleMania 27. Any new wrestling fan would never believe it from seeing him. Personally, to me, his time as a face has been a complete failure. Honestly. Was his face turn just to promote his movie? Ir perhaps was it to bring back Miz TV? I mean who doesn't love Miz TV? It's like, exciting.

Speaking of which, where is Bo Dallas? Has anyone seen him? You know, the guy who eliminated Barrett and the Royal Rumble and then beat him the following night? Did he vanish or something? Is he magic? What about Big Johnny Laurnitits. You know that guy who was running RAW and Smackdown last year but then was fired but now interrupts The Rock? Vince Mcmahon thinks we are stupid. Sometimes he makes storylines and abandons them completely and hope we forget about it. Well i remember. I remember just perfectly. Some storylines are just plain stupid and is a slap to the face of the WWE universe. After years of investigating, after Edge called out the computer back in 2010, the computer that made crucial decisions in 2011, we now know that the anynymous RAW GM was Hornswoggle. That was supposed to be funny? Carry out that shtick for three years and then give us an unexpected person? No Stone Cold? No HBK? Hornswoggle? Really. (Miz's voice).

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the Tag Team Division. Now just sit back for a minute and tell me all the tag teams in the division. Of course there is Team Hell No, Rhodes Scholars and it looks like two members of The Shield but who goes after that can be taken seriously. Tons of Funk? Two fat men dancing at flopping around in the ring? The Prime Time Players? You barely see them on RAW consistently anymore. The Usos? I don't even know their names. Primo and Epico? The team that lost to The Great Khali by himself in less than two minutes? The Great Khali and Hornswoggle? Kill me now. 3MB? Three stupid meatheads and wanna-be rockstars? Do you realize that Heath Slater was once one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions in Nexus? Would you believe me if i were to tell you if you were to watch Drew Mcyintyre today, that he was a former Tag Champion as well as Intercontinel Champion? This is Vince Mcmahon's "Chosen One"? Vince gives up too easily and just does not like to push stars when they deserve it. The tag team division has reached anemic levels right now. Their is just no strength or no team that makes you say WOW. Team Hell No was jokes for a while but now it's in dangerous overdrive and needs to stop effective immediately. Especially for Bryan's sake. I don't even consider The Shield a tag team, but rather a faction. This division is in danger of losing all credibility all together. No more Edge and Christian, DX, Hardyz, and Dudleyz. We now have a tall, immobile Indian giant and an Italian midget as a tag team. How great is that?

The Divas Division. Oh boy, what a mess. Ever since Eve left in January, the Divas division has been in free-fall. Honestly, Kaitlyn is a powerful warrior but this division is so underutilized it is pathetic. Take for instance, Natalya. She is of the bloodline of, *ahem*, BRET THE HITMAN HART! She can wrestle, she has proven it. However, she was instead given a gimmick of having a flatulence issue and being the chaufeur of Hornswoggle and Khali. What does this do for her? Really, someone let me know. AJ Lee shouldn't be considered a Diva considering the fact that she doesn't even wrestle. She is just...there. Although she is set for a Divas title match. Tamina Snuka, the tall lady who attacked AJ Lee, and defeated the next night, is barely seen anymore. We did see her give a wicked superkick to AJ Lee the other night though. There's that. The Bella Twins' return hasn't really fixed the issue. Cameron and Naomi, from what I have seen are both talented. And one of them was from "Tough Enoguh" with Stone Cold. But rather, they are just two cheerleaders. Aksana, Alicia Fox, and Rosa Mendes are just plain irrelevant right now. Layla has nothing to do and is just there. But she does attack her opponents with her butt. Maybe she should turn heel again. This division is in free-fall and no one is caring about them. You could hear the crickets sounding off. They have talent and potential, but they just aren't being used right and they just about as irrelevant as the Tag Team Division.

What else? Oh yea. I am under the impression that the WWE is falling in love too much with part-timers. At this year's WrestleMania, we had Triple H, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho and The Rock. None of those guys are gonna be here in six months. You know that tells about WWE? They don't have faith in their own roster. They are talented, but they are not money-makers and that is what your standing in WWE is going to be like these days. Truly a shame.

Another thing we have is irrelevancy and unexciting television going on right now. I know I am not the only one who wants to see Randy Orton turn heel. This heel turn was rumored to have happened since SURVIVOR FREAKING SERIES. It has yet to happen and it does not look like it's going to happen until after Extreme Rules. What about Sheamus? He is really like the odd-man out right now. He has had constant feuds that does not help further his career. Seriously. It's like he is just thrown randomly into one feud and then right into another. We still don't have a clear idea as to why Mark Henry attacked him. No explanation. What about Ryback? The man that can't even cut a promo in front of a live crowd. When he explained his actions as to why he attacked Cena, he was in the back. And you could just tell that he was reading off a teleprompter. That speaks volumes about him. We have went from FEED ME MORE, to RYBACK RULEZ. Oh, and he has a hat now. Boy, he's tough. But SuperCena fears no one.

How about the irrelevancy of the World Title. In year's past, Batista, Undertaker, Edge, Batista, Randy Orton, Chris Benoit and Goldberg will be remembered as the ones who brought honor to this title. No one cares anymore about it. Just ask Cena. He himself said that facing the WHC will be the easy way out. So he is basically burying the whole Smackdown roster by guaranteeing victory. How nice. Ziggler can't even win a match by himself for once and you could just count how many times the WHC has been defended in the opening match of a PPV. That's just disrespect at its highest.

Am i the only one who doesn't like the three-hour format of RAW? Two hours was doing much fine but now they have the need to inexplicably add a third hour. Why? That's just an extra hour of more commercials, more fillers, and more *ugh*, social media. Seriously, who cares what people are tweeting about. Who cares what someone is Touting about? I don't want some fat greasy wrestling fan from Michigan giving me a fifteen second video on what he thinks. I don't care. I want to watch wrestling. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler have done things on the show that completely befiddle me. Cole, and WWE administration for that matter believe that all WWE fans are idiots, so we have to watch a tutorial on how to download an app and use it. We saw Lawler play with action figures as well as munching on some Sonic. That won't do his heart good. Those things that are trending on Twitter? Who cares? Am i really going to go online on Twitter to see what's trending? Do i need to see Khali speak bad English and walk around like a dope? This extra hour is really unecessary and just makes more time to have junk like this. But hey, this is PG.

Predictability. How many times have you hear Michael Cole scream out "NEW CHAMPION!" or "END OF STREAK!" or my personal favorite "IT'S OVER" right before a near pin-fall? That gives the inevitable realization that the guy getting pinned will kick out. Cole needs to stop that and just call it straight down. Cena is the best at this. Any match Cena is in, expect to give it everything you have and lose, or of course, lose by DQ. Cena can never win clean, or put a star over. Why? Is it really that hard? Every star on the roster can give Cena their finisher and he will still kick out. We have seen Jericho put over Fandango, Orton tap out to Del Rio and lose to Barrett as well as taking the pin against the Shield. Why can't Cena? Do we really need someone like The Rock to beat him? You're telling me that not one person is capable of beating Cena legitimately? All Cena needs is that super sayian aura around him to complete his transformation. IT would be nice for WWE to throw in a swerve every now and again but nearly every match has become predictable. Who will win this match? Big Show or 3MB? Henry or Khali? Henry or the Usos? Del Rio or Rhodes? Kane or Titus O'Neil? The Shield or Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel and The Great Khali? You decide.

WWE has shown me that they do not care about wrestling ability but how much money that person can make him. You can be the best wrestler in the world, but if you can't get enough PPV buys, then you will be stuck where you are. Punk could not have put it better himself with his pipebomb promo this past January. Why is R-Truth and his unstable persona more suited to be on WWE's flagship show than a true wrestler and workhorse like Tyson Kidd (save the fact that he's injured right now). Why do you think Cena is allowed to main event RAW against Michael Cole, a man who cannot physically harm Cena. Why do you think John Cena main events against John Laurinits, another man physically incapable of hurting Cena, when CM Punk faced Daniel Bryan in the best wrestling match of the year on the same night? Because unlike Punk and Bryan, Cena is a money-maker. He is the man that gets the mainstream media attention. It wasn't until when Punk made that 2011 PipeBomb (which still stands as the greatest piece from any wrestler from what I've seen) that every TV talk show host and celebrity contacted him in the first place. Cena sells all the merchandise fomr the wristbands to the hats to the shirts to the spinner belts. All because of Cena. Punk does not get that same attention. If he did, he would be a far more successful person than Cena. But it's the other way around so there's that. It's truly unfair to the hard-workers that the amount you are economically worth determines your future in WWE. When all the exercise goes to waste. When the sacrifice of a mental and physical mind goes by the wayside because you couldn't rake in the dough. Imagine how Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow must have felt when they learned that their WrestleMania match was scrapped. They had room for Mark Henry and Ryback, but no room for them. Granted, that match was no where near WrestleMania worthy, but you can't just advertise a match for WrestleMania and then take it off at the last minute without anyone noticing. That's why Michael Cole sounded pretty stupid when the two teams faced the night after and he had to come up with a plausible explanation as to why they didn't face each other the previous night.

We have just learned today that Cena injured his right achilles tendon on the European tour and it was posted on their website. Is this one step closer for Ryback to attain the WWE Title? No, it is not. If Cena truly is injured and cannot perform, then that does WWE no favors. But if he performs and shows up on RAW, like he said he will on his Twitter, then he will beat Ryback and "defy the odds". Great. What's new? The reality is that the WWE does not have an identity this time as the corrupt Vince Mcmahon has every single wrestler on the roster take the form of a puppet and make them oblige to their every whim. It's really not fair. So much talent is thrown by the wayside and not utilized to the best of their ability.

Some of the constant movie promos, filler segments, stupid backstage interviews and Cole and Laler segments are enough to make you cringe. You wuold think WWE would learn from it's past mistakes but they have not. They haven't and it will cost them everything in the long run. No more PPV buys, no more popularity, no nothing. Dare i say it might end the way WCW went? Will more people turn to UFC for real entertainment? WWE has some serious decision making to do because its future looks more bleak than an opaque window. Hopefully, somewhere in his office in Connecticut, someone will find this post and read it, and heed my words. Because i am not the only member of the IWC that contains this mindset. I know there are a plethora of people who agree with me on every point. I can only hope. And one last thing and its worth mentioning. CM Punk cannot return soon enough. Really. There is just a big gaping hole in WWE programming. His rest is much earned and deserved, but the TV is terrible. That's it guys. Comment what you think. The State of the WWE as we know it folks.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    You just summed up all of our hours spent on this site over the last few months in a few minutes, lol. I'll just give my two cents on a small portion.

    1. Cody Rhodes. This may be my only controversial opinion. I've been reading everyone's support for him on here, and I don't hate the kid, but I also don't think he's incredible either. His promos can be great, and he's good in the ring, but there's just something missing there that will never let him be a world champion. Obviously he's a bit scrawny compared to some of the other guys. I'm indifferent to what they're doing with him as of late. I just don't see him ever doing anything besides a few more mid card titles in his career.

    2. Kofi heel turn. My only comment here is that I wouldn't be capable of taking him seriously as a heel with that child-like voice. Wouldn't mind either way though.

    3. Reason why RAW is 3 hrs and the entire product has been horrible as of late:
    Because they can. The WWE is a commercial machine. That along with VKM going senile and steady revenue streams should tell you that they just don't care anymore. WWE isn't really a casual fan type of program. You either love it or you think it's a joke. I've said this on here before but even if they put the title on Hornswoggle we would still tune in.
    Updated 04-29-2013 at 06:01 AM by Kajmere
  2. Pearl River Plunge's Avatar
    Very well put, and a great read. I just hope some change is on the horizon.
    *fingers crossed*
  3. Ryanrulzu's Avatar
    Maybe they should just turn everyone heel? It seems all the faces are boring and stale and all the heels are mismanged. Everyone wants to be a part of the "in" crowd now days. Its cool to boo the babyface and cheer the heel. So just turn everyone heel so all the "real" fans will be happy. Who cares what the younger fans want. Its not like without them passing on the love for wrestling the business will die or anything, at least not in my lifetime.
  4. weems's Avatar
    This blog was absolutely spectacular. I think you summed it up perfectly. The disappearing act WWE had for Bo Dallas is in my opinion, the best example of the god awful booking that has been going on this year. With Cena and Punk both injured, perhaps WWE will restart the feud between Michael Cole and Jim Ross. Better yet, maybe they will have a WM27 rematch between Cole and King and make Jerry Lawler's heart attack the focus of the angle. Unfortunately, Cena's injury will just result in him not wrestling and giving even more promos while he gets healthy. Lastly, I want to reiterate how awful Ryback's first heel promo was. Did that promo remind anybody else of 1990 Ultimate Warrior grunting into a camera?
  5. anaconda_vice's Avatar
    Agree, agree, agree.

    So spot on.

    For the first time in years, I did not watch RAW because I knew CM Punk wouldnt be there. While, I would like him to rest up and get well, there are no current storylines (except for the shield) that I am interested in.

    I think RAW would be more watchable if it werent for all the constant spamming of touts, tweets, dumb shit that happened during commercial, and jerry and cole bickering at eachother. JBL is the only reason I listen to the show with the volume up.
  6. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    My biggest beef with Ziggler is his complete inability to "tell a story" in the ring. Sure, he's excellent at striking guys and is probably the best at excepting moves in the industry. But, he's awful as far as dictating a match. He's an athletic freak and can go nightly, but to me, his in-ring psychology leaves more than a lot to be desired. I mean in the 1 match we've finally seen Ambrose wrestle (against Taker), he told a far better story and really dictated his style. For that reason, I simply cant take Ziggler seriously as a champion or main eventer...

    The Divas havent been relevant since the days of Trish & Lita. I was a Beth Phoenix fan, especially with Glamarella, but I've never been a fan of Diva matches and think they are much more suited to be managers / valets. That's the best way to get them over. I always bring up the fact that the 2 most over females in the industry are Vickie & AJ. Both are serving non-wrestling roles for the most part. Granted AJ is the new #1 contender, but what got her over was her girlfriend role.

    I too thought Cody was on a rise when he was the IC Champ. I get the feeling is that there are more creative hands in the pot than when Vince was the #1 and pretty much only guy making calls during the later stages of the Attitude Era. Too many ideas, too many bad ideas that is. It's mucking up the works.

    Sandow & Bryan are my 2 favorites in the WWE today. I still have high hopes for both. You know Sandow will go far because of HHH being a big proponent of his. As for Bryan, I almost feel like this goof tag team character is Vince's way of sticking it to the IWC. "Yes, he's the best in ring talent in the industry, but I'm Vince McMahon and I will show you who runs everything"...

    Cesaro came up with the yodeling as a way to help himself get over. I never got his appeal. I appreciate his in-ring work, but his character never did anything for me and his look is pretty meh. Cesaro is not a guy, that I can see, selling out arenas or selling merchandise. He's about as bland as bland is.
    Truthfully, I do not agree with this blog. Sure the E is making a mockery of their talent but the E thrives from Superstars who made names for their selves elsewhere(Goldberg, Big Show, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesner, RVD, Miz, Jerry Lawler, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, Road Warriors, etc.). It is only once in a while that you find a John Cena,SCSA,HH, or Macho Man). Why are all the top superstars only known in the E? What have they done elsewhere to get recognized? Remember Punks old promos? They gave us a why as to why the hell should we watch him and I don't know about all of you but that was one of the only reasons I watched ECW. I believe that they are doing the best with what they have.

    Dolph Ziggler is BORING. His in-ring skills are better than most of the roster on his worst day but his story telling and promos need tremendous amounts of work. He needs to look @ old Brian Pillman promos, have Sandow write down his top 5 pointers, or even watch pre-attitude era promos to find someone or something to mimic.

    I do not believe that it is the E's fault (other than not finding the right talent) but I believe that they need to branch out and take a chance.
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