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How do you pick your favorite wrestlers?

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On the forums, from time to time they ask who are you top 5 favorite wrestlers right now. You see a bunch of lists and you wonder why they select those guys. Purpose of this blog is simply to give the formula to become one of my favorite wrestlers, why do I choose them, and so on. I want to hear others opinions as well, so leave that in the comment section below. How do I pick my favorite wrestlers:

It has changed a lot as I've watched wrestling for a decade and a half....I'd say I started in 95. Almost 20 years, so it has changed. Growing up, I always rooted for the established wrestler who I knew more so than the rookies. I'd always stand by those wrestlers too. Now it is like move over dudes who have had several runs with the belt. It is time for these new guys to have their world title run. So guys like Orton, Cena, Sheamus, Big Show, Kane, and Jericho arn't in my top 5.

Who are? Why are they? 5.Ryback; 4.Prime Time Players; 3.Daniel Bryan; 2.Damien Sandow; 1.Dolph Ziggler. All these 5 have different personalities that I love that is different. When they come on to the show, you leave entertained or feel like you are part of the show. I'm not some crazy wrestling fan who just roots for technical wrestlers or 5 star match guys even though would could say I may judging by my list with Ziggler and Bryan. I don't watch WWE to watch wrestling matches. I watch WWE to be entertained. I like to watch wrestling matches, but I want to watch them for a purpose. Why should I care? Why should I want to see this match? Let me tell you, I run a camera in high school during those wrestling matches.....let me tell ya, it was torture. Thank god for technology aka my cell phone that night. You arn't going to catch me at a local schools wrestling event unless of course maybe a family member is participating.

I want to see promos to help build a match. I'm not a fan of UFC because of this. I want to hear trash talking and I want a story. So why am I a Ryback fan who can't really put on a 5 star match or is exactly that good on the mic? Ryback brings something different to the table that draws me to him. I'm a fan of Ryback because how often do you get a force like Ryback as a face. It is usually a power house heel who beats jobbers on the way to the main event scene. He also has a look and his matches are different. I like to see him vs powerhouses. I want him to face Big Show, Mark Henry among others. I want the fans to get behind him when he lifts these dudes up. Ryback is one of the few up and coming guys who can quite possibly lift these big men. Certainly not going to see a guy like Tyson Kidd, Daniel Bryan, or so many other small guys do something like that. Not to take a shot, but not a lot of guys built like Ryback in the biz right now.

Why am I such a big fan of PTP da Prime Time Players. They like to goof off like I do. They like to have fun. What other tag team in WWE in recent years entertained me like this? I'd probably have to go back a decade to find more than a handful. The whistle, comb, and millions of dollars dance is something I always looked forward to see no matter how many times they lose. I hope they don't end up like Cryme Tyme where they never hold the tag title belts during their run. How can you not like this duo? I laugh all the time watching some youtube videos featuring them. Even do the dance with my neice from time to time.

Daniel Bryan had a reputation before he came to the WWE. I knew his name before he became a WWE superstar. Huge Miz fan back when Miz was his mentor for the show. I was upset when he was chosen over the Miz for that Summerslam main event and when he beat him for the US title. However, someone had to take the strap so Miz could become the WWE champion. It took me a while to like Daniel Bryan. To accept him like CM Punk. I plan on doing a blog post dedicated to Punk to explain why and how he became my favorite in the biz. Daniel Bryan became my favorite when he started saying Yes! Yes! Yes! and especially when he started saying No! No! No! It always seems even today that he gets some of the best reactions from the crowd every night. Loved it when he would come out, goat face on a stick by a little kid. He'd rip it up on his way to the ring. Screaming no in fans faces as they along with the rest of the crowd would laugh. I think Kane has hurt Daniel Bryan. Thought this from the beginning. Feels like every time someone gets on some hot streak with the crowd. They end up teaming with Kane. Examples: Hurricane, RVD, and now Daniel Bryan. I'm ready for him to do his own thing.

Why am I fan of Damien Sandow? He is simply the best entertainer in the company. Love his attitude that he brings as if he believes he is better than everybody else. Hold his nose up as he walks to the ring. The mic in his hand as if it were a wine glass. Insults everyone and laughs afterwards. He loves like me to make people angry. I laugh with him during his rants. He belongs in the main event scene. I was disappointed when I learned Cody Rhodes would be teaming with him. I loved it when he brought a fan into the ring and ask them a question no one else would know. I wanted it to keep happening til 1 night, a fan got all 3 including the ridiculous question correct. His catchphrase is also 1 I like to use as well. You're Welcome even though fans didn't thank him. Damien Sandow is one of the few WWE superstars I imitate from time to time.

Dolph Ziggler is my favorite superstar because I like a guy who shows off. It makes me want to show off as well like I usually do anyways. No chance I want to do that hair slick back thing he does on the way to the ring. I didn't like Dolph before when he was with Vickie when he was feuding with Edge. Felt he wasn't that good at that time. Vickie going from Edge to Dolph who has 0 track record....felt as if he was handed the reigns. Listening interviews he root for this guy. Like you root for Punk and others who want to achieve their goals. Dolph has come a long way from the early years of his career. He wants to show the world just like me. LOL!

In conclusion, how do I pick my favorite wrestlers? It has 0 to do with wrestling ability. My favorite wrestlers bring something different to the show we havn't seen in a while. I like to imitate them. My favorites change based on how they have changed. Are they still entertaining to me? Did they have a long reign as champion? Are they different from everybody else? I prefer them to have the same personality as me as well. Such as like to have fun such as Daniel Bryan and PTP. Cocky attitude along with liking to make people angry= Sandow/Ziggler. Different from past projects=Ryback. I also like to root for these guys to be champions particular WWE and World champions.

There you have it. That is how I pick my favorite wrestlers. Summary in conclusion while also explaining why these guys are in my top 5. Why are you a fan of wrestler X, y, and z? Do you like wrestlers to be different and act similar to you like me? What are your thoughts on this blog? You probably pick your favs differently. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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  1. HuGrad's Avatar
    Alberto del nino, daniel bryan the goatface, Sheamus, kofi kingston, cody rhodes, THE MIZ and his awesomeness, Dark Henry and FanDanGooooo. Yeah, it's actually 8 for me. These guys are entertaining for different reasons:
    Alberto as a heel would diss the shit out of anyone, but seeing that cross armbreaker in action is very belittling to his opponents. The Big Show and Mark Henry tapped out on that shit.
    Daniel Bryan has adopted the goatface moniker and all those references are just hilarious. he puts on a mean crossface.
    The Miz has adapted his wrestling style and has great mike skills. I really believe he has gotten the respect of the fans and in the absence of cena, he could be that guy!
    Kofi Kingston is very versatile in the ring and can fight and stay in a match. he sells merchandise and the fans love him. I would not object to a heel turn since that could make his matches more meaningful, but whatever the case, this guy is world championship material.
    Mark Henry has this thing where he talks out loud after he leaves the arena and decimates his opponent. THATS WHAT I DO. U CANT MESS WITh mE. U DOnt BELOng here. I MADE THIS HOUSE. I WILL BREAK U WHENEVER I WANT. i find that hilarious.
    Cody Rhodes has come along quite well to the point that i question how the viper is considered dangerous. Cody has a mean streak and takes alot of punishment. when he was dashing and then broke his nose, u saw 2 different people. he is charismatic like his dad. too bad Goldust isnt there bc Goldie would be on the list.
    Sheamus just kicks people s ass.
    Fandango ....well, i was fandangoing at work and everyone thought either i was practicing for lines, i was drunk or i was crazy. fandango is new but the person under the name fandango was built for drama and he brings it. future intercontinental champion.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    cool, meant to put honorable mentions for guys like Punk and Cena for me.
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    I like that you included PTP. Underrated for sure. They have the size and are always entertaining. I originally hated black John Cena but he's starting to grow on me. Also, Sandow better get a mid title shot, if not a briefcase, by Summerslam.
  4. theoneandonlyDC's Avatar
    My fav 5 at the moment would be
    5: Justin Gabriel
    4: Daniel Bryan
    3: Fandango
    2: Dolph Ziggler
    1: The Awesome One, The Miz

    Honorable mentions to Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes and PTP. Can I include Jeff Hardy? Oh well, he's number 1 with The Miz.

    I tend to choose them by how entertaining they are. It's like what Daniel Bryan said in an interview not long ago, 'wrestling doesn't seem to matter as much in the WWE and while the matches are still my favorite parts of the show, unless you can be entertaining as well, then you're gonna have trouble getting over. I used to hate Miz and Bryan when they first started but when Miz won MitB and was given more time I started to like him more and he's now my favorite. Same with Daniel Bryan, I could not stand him at first but since he became world champ at the end of 2011, I have been a fan.
  5. Skunk's Avatar
    Cesaro Ziggler and the Shield. And punk. No one else stands out.
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Everyone has their own ways of being entertained. I like this sort of blog because your asking everyone's opinion. Be that as it may, my Top 5 Are...

    5. The Rock
    4. HHH
    3. Chris Jericho
    2. HBK
    1. Undertaker

    I know it's not the full timers and some may never wrestle again. But those are my favorites. I guess I'm very nostalgic. I do have favorites in the full timers roster as well.

    5. Mark Henry
    4. Daniel Bryan
    3. Kane
    2. The Big Show
    1. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Coulter
    Updated 04-19-2013 at 10:08 AM by DK Wrestling Savior
  7. weems's Avatar
    My top 5 rignt now are:
    5. AJ
    4. Sandow
    3. Bryan
    2. HHH
    1. Henry

    My top 5 of all time are:
    5. Mysterio
    4. Hogan
    3. Rock
    2. Foley
    1. Austin
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