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My Extreme Rules

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this blog is all about what i would like to see at Extreme Rules.

1) Pre-Show - US Title - Kofi Kingston vs Fandango - It has been reported that Kingston is holding the title for fandango for when his fued with jericho is over but with Jericho with his band he wont be on very much, this should leave Fandango to go to work at champ. Winner = Fandango

2) Tag Team Titles - Team Hell No vs The Shield - This match is highly antisipated and everyone wants to see it but they are all worried about the Shield. if the shield win then they are scared that the Titles will bring them down but if they lose then then that would be the first match that they have lost! Winner = The Shield

3) Intercontinental Title - Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel - Maybe even vs The Miz but make this match a no DQ match as people have have a buold up for once YES! YES! YES!. Gabriel won a match to get him this match. The Miz has a rematch clause and Barrett is the champ! Winner = Justin Gabriel

4) Randy Orton vs The Big Show - Tables - This match looks to be a big seller after Sheamus left the rivalry for Mark Henry but with the rivalry being planned for a long time (Sheamus vs Mark Henry) They will be a higher match. i think they are planning to drop this rivalry. Winner = Randy Orton

5) WHC - Dolph Ziggler vs ADR vs Jack Swagger - Submissions - I have had my opinoin on this match for a long time and i have always said that ADR and Jack Swagger should win with their submission finishers( Ankle Lock and Arm Bar) to Ziggler. When Ziggler taps out they both win but as a result of a draw Ziggler retains. Winner/s = ADR and Jack Swagger but still WHC = Dolph Ziggler

6) Sheamus vs Mark Henry - Streatcher/ Ambulance match - This would be a great opener for the rivalry's PPV matches. i would love to see one of these matches or even both, have someone get put on a stretcher and wheeled up into a ambulance. Winner = Mark Henry

7) Triple H vs Brock Lesnar - Cage Match - Why the hell would you make this a cage match or even have these two face at Extreme Rules, i would put this at Payback and make it either Hell In A Cell or Last Man Standing! Winner = Triple H

8) WWE Title - John Cena vs Ryback - Extreme Rules - This is a perfect oppertunity for Batista to return and have him cost Ryback the match as he comes in and spinebuster's John Cena and then he gives the thumbs up to Ryback but then into the thumbs down and hits a Batista bomb. Winner = No-One Still WWE Champ = John Cena

Extreme Rules - Winner/s = WWE Universe!

This was my blog please comment and try to be nice. And if you look then please leave a comment as well! Thank You!

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    While you do seem to have all storylines correct & everything is laid out efficiently let alone most of these will probably be matches at the actual Extreme Rules PPV in terms of who's fighting who. But there are two minor errors in your results. First is the HHH vs. Brock Lesnar match. You asked why they are having this match? It is because it's a grudge match. If you have read the reports, this feud was scheduled to be a three match feud as originally the third match was planned for later in the year. But with post-Wrestlemania storyline changes made at the last minute with The Rock & CM Punk taking significant time-off, WWE decided to have the third match now which also gives WWE some much needed star power. Also Brock Lesnar is reportedly scheduled to win the match to have him come out as the true alpha dog to assist in Lesnar's dominance as WWE is planning on building Lesnar as an unstoppable force. Last but not least is your John Cena Vs. Ryback match. For one, Batista isn't returning anytime soon as Batista is setting up to film through the summer James Gunn's "Guardians Of The Galaxy". The earliest you'll see Batista would be at or after SummerSlam. Also Batista has reportedly stated he wants to work match angles with The Rock & Brock Lesnar when he decides to return & he's only returning as a part-timer not a full-timer. Batista more then likely won't be in the WWE Championship angle when he returns. An word is Batista may replace The Rock in angle with Brock Lesnar when he does decide to return as The Rock's status is currently unknown on when he'll return for another storyline angle but speculation is it will be in the fall as he's scheduled to promote the new WWE video game this fall for the company. As for your match results, I have a feeling the Cena/Ryback match will probably end in some type of DQ because Cena isn't losing the WWE Championship anytime during the summer & Ryback can't afford to lose his 8th PPV event in a row especially if WWE is building him up as a legit threat to Cena.
    Updated 04-23-2013 at 07:20 PM by CULTOFPERSONALITY
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Snubbed again....Sandow is coattails getting too heavy with Rhodes riding.
  3. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    OK CULTOFPERSONALITY, first i said that i didnt want a cage match between the two, cage matches are great but putting these two into it will more than likely end in a booby lashley vs umaga or RVD vs Kane way. I want a match with legitimatsy, also i stated that i didnt want it at extreme rules and last year we had 1 star power but this year we seem to have loads, this leaves the mid carders off (TheGreatOne's Sandow), i dont want this match at extreme rules i wanted it to healine Payback. And yes i know Batista returning at extreme rules is almost impossible but if he intereferes here and then doesnt show until payback then he has a blockbuster match with Ryback and Cena then he can steal the show from brock lesnar starting a fued with him. it all pieces together.
  4. theoneandonlyDC's Avatar
    Why does everyone keep saying Gabriel has earnt a title shot against Barrett? By winning the battle royal on Main Event? If so, he already had his title shot. He's at the back of the line again and this is coming from a fan of Gabriel. One of my fave 5 but he had his title shot and lost it.
    Truthfully I'd like to see the first 3 matches more than the last 5...Trips vs. Lesnar? I'd rather have Michaels vs Lesnar, Michaels vs Triple H or even a Michaels run-in, cause Trips the match and have the 2 fight @ wrestemania...Where the hell is Punk when you need him! Please talk to him Amy!

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