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Mike Droptheworld

first time blog plz enjoy...suggest blog names

Rate this Entry over the last 3 years or so ive religiously checked this site...and has come to the time to put my own blog up...because some people are missing the important shit and its starting to piss me off...

1. have you ever noticed in TNA---and fuck all u tna haters...but all the aces and eights members...are all either from WWE or have a generation family member from WWE? i dont think aj styles will join..but who the fuck knows with him...his storyline is awesome...but the brooke hogan schenanigan...needs to stop now...its so fucking retarted i bet its losing tna fans...

2. Fandango-omg here we go;....ive invited many friends over to watch the fandango tivos....its getting old...fandango needs a better push now...more the less he needs a face turn...simply because of "Fandangoing" thingy going on now...would be better money for WWE.

3. WTF is WWE DOING? i hate the mother fucking pg era...its so fucking obvious wats gonna happen...i even tried to avoid this site this year for wrestlemania...guess wat...WWE has clearly made it obvious these days in any fucking match...whos gonna might as well be called the G-era...u see blood in g rated movies anyway...why the fuck not....

4. idk wat else to say...WWE is becoming embarassing...and much as there are haters out becoming better than WWe

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  1. browne81's Avatar
    1. This is not a blog.
    2. If you don't like something don't watch it
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    1.I want AJ to be solo sorta like Sting did back in the day. On neither side basically.....on his own.
    3.Why the strong language? No need for it. PG era isn't the reason why WWE is bad. It can be better, look at the tag division for example. Hell, they made mistakes such as have Ziggler not cash in. WM is becoming no longer the biggest stage of them all if they keep doing crap like that. That was stupid. I thought Del Rio wasn't leaving WM with the world title. I didn't see Ryback losing to Henry at Mania. Everyone virtually picked tag titles to change hands. John Cena was expected to win last year at WM28, but lost.Some matches are predictable and some are not. That is wrestling. Especially when you get older and learn more and more about the business. We change. We don't always root for the babyfaces like we did when we are younger. We also most likely know who is going to win. You know a champion isn't going to lose on Raw....happens rarely. Plus champions holding the belt....just win it....more likely than not he retains. Blood isn't going to help the product if there is no story like most of the matches on the WM card.
    4.I don't agree that TNA is better. In some ways it is and in most others in my isn't. Knockouts division is better, but most all of it sucks if you ask me. Every X-Division match is a triple threat? 1 can get pinned and eliminated from contention, but the other who is in the ring can get another title shot? Bringing all these guys who are washed up WWE guys along with bringing old X-Division guys who have had their run with the belts. How is that exactly interesting or better? X-Division is terrible now with dumb concept. It also hurts the young guys development. Where the hell is the development? What young guy is getting pushed? D-von is the TV champion, X-Division full of old stars coming back to compete, Bully Ray and Jeff world title scene. What is so great about TNA? Like I'd trade a Wade Barrett for Devon. Cesaro for Kenny King? Cena or Dolph>Bully Ray? Tag division is terrible. Chavo on top with a guy who can't work as a singles wrestler in Hernandez. More tag title runs than anybody in TNA history. Aces & 8s has Garrett in a thug group and top stable in the company? How many members are there now? More than there should be if you ask me. I could go on, but my opinions here pretty much speak for themselves. I for one am bored and frustrated with TNAs product right now except for the KOs division. No WWE isn't perfect either. Kofi beating Cesaro was stupid and Barrett losing than winning the title back was as well. Having Dolph not cash in at Mania was also not smart if you ask me. Having Cesaro not on Mania was a mistake along with Rhodes-Scholars particularly Sandow. Ryback losing virtually every big match he has had this year is quite idiotic. Just some of my criticism of WWE's current product in recent weeks.
    Is this a blog or a text? I've been checking the blogs for the last 3 years as well and have seen 3 years of better blogs than this.

    Fandangoing old? What is your classification of old? Daniel Bryan chants are probably Alexander the Great old to you then.

    Regardless of your language, opinions, or writing ability, it is painfully clear that you got something right. This site keeps you coming back
  4. Duderino's Avatar
    Fucking aye
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Ok. First, welcome to the blog scene. The constant cursing isn't necessary to show your anger toward the state of today's wrestling but, to each their own.

    If you're going to blog, you should justify your points a little more. Not just state that you hate something, think it's stupid, and that be it.

    As for whether or not TNA is better than WWE. All I can say is, it's a matter of taste. The fact that Aces & Eights are all ex-WWE guys or relatives of WWE-alumn isn't really fair to say. WWE was the only player for a really long time. And they did their own share of stealing people. So when people say Bully Ray and Devon are ex-WWE'ers, technically they're ex-ECW'ers and had a name for themselves before WWE, and now, they've made a name for themselves AFTER WWE.

    See, TNA shows that there's a life outside of WWE. Is it as big a company? Of course not. Will it ever reach a WWE level? Doubtful. But just because WWE releases someone, doesn't mean they should just disappear. TNA is an excellent alternative for those who are just sick of the same old crap that, way more than not, WWE puts out.
  6. Kashdinero's Avatar
    Jeez, who moderated this "blog"?!

    Come back when you don't feel such an urge to lace your work with pointless profanities.
  7. Dr. Death's Avatar

    No cussing and swearing please.

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