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Top 5 best Triple Threat matches Nr 4

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Hello wrestling fans

I wrote about number 5 on my top 5 triple threat matches. I expected a couple of comments about it but maybe it wasn’t what you guys thought it would be. I wanted to do something different from other tops and my own ones by going more into the matches. On my 3 other topics about a top 5 thing I ranked them from 5 to 1 and wrote a little bit of the build up to the match and then a couple of comments about the match and then how many stars the match got. So after many thoughts going around my head I decided to go with doing number 4 on this page, number 3 and 2 on my next blog and the match ranked number one on my last. Sure comments don’t mean that a blog is good or bad but in my real life I want critics. I want to know if I should change this or keep this, if it was well written or was the whole thing not that good. Maybe it’s hard to comment something when you only have 1 match on your paper and the match is ranked number 5.

Okay I got that out of my mind. So now I can focus on this match. Let’s see who made it to number 4. Again this is based on 5 things named: Build up, the match, big moment, the winner and aftermath. All the ranking was based on my own opinion.

Nr.4 April 2, 2000 Anaheim CA (WWE WrestleMania)
Kurt Angle vs Benoit vs Jericho in a 2 fall for the European and Intercontinental Title

First fall for the Intercontinental title and second fall for the European title

Build up

In February 8 on Smackdown Kurt Angle won his first title in the WWE by defeating Val Venis for the European title. 3 Weeks later on No Way Out 2000 Angle got a match against Jericho for the Intercontinental title. In this match Angle got the 3 pin and captured the title which at the same time became the third wrestler out of four to hold both the European and Intercontinental title. Jericho was given his rematch at WrestleMania 2000 but it wasn’t only for the Intercontinental it was also for the European title since Benoit got involved. Now in a 2 fall – triple threat match for both the titles who was going to leave WrestleMania as the champion. I rate this build up, 3 out of 5. It wasn’t something special leading up to the match. A guy getting his rematch and the other guy just came in for a shot.

The Match

Wow the match. If you haven’t seen it please take the 14 minutes of your time and watch the technical, high flying, suplexing, in ring action. Every time I watch this match it always reminds me of how excellent these 3 guys are and was at wrestling and storytelling. I rate this match a 4 out of 5 based on the talent inside the ring. The moves, the passion, the hunger in all three of these men were just too good to be true. This match in my opinion made them superstars. Maybe not Main Eventers but you knew that this is the future in this company.

My only problem with this match is that it felt to how can you say it, rushed. I like when the match is going a longer than 10 minutes but with 3 so skillful wrestlers in the ring at the same time against each other you could have booked it a whole lot longer and don’t forget it was a 2 fall match. But it was a very good match and well worth the time I spent watching it.

Big Moment

When looking for a big moment I found 2 things. One thing was that you saw two titles change and the other one was that Kurt Angle did not get pinned. I can’t remember if I have seen a match like this were two titles change hands but the holder doesn’t get pinned and therefore not “losing” it. And you could see on Angels face that this wasn’t the thing he had in his mind planned before the match. The reaction from Kurt Angle was priceless and hear him screaming “That is wrong man”, I could not stop laugh.
I rate this 4 out of 5 because of how it played out and the fact that Angle lost his championships without getting pinned was something special to me.

The Winner or winners in this case

I thought about this when watching the match and after watching the match, what if Angle didn’t lose any of his titles? Would it be better for him? In my opinion it was the right decision that Angle lost both his titles at the grandest stage of them all. And by doing it without getting pinned was another thing that made it better. Benoit was already a top mid carder coming from WCW as their WCW world heavyweight champion. It was clear to me that Benoit should get the first fall and he got it. He won his first title in WWE and doing it at WrestleMania pushed his status a bit higher. Jericho on the other hand had already held the title and lost it to Angle at No Way Out months before so he already was a top mid carder so he didn’t need the title in that perspective and by getting the second fall was just a way to build the fact that Kurt Angle did not get pinned but still losing his championship. I rate this 4 out of 5.


For Kurt Angle this didn’t do so much at the beginning. But a few months later we saw his push. He won King of the Ring 2000 by beating Rikishi in the final. At Summerslam Angle was involved in another triple threat match but this time against 2 main eventers, Triple H and The Rock for the WWF title. It didn’t go the way I think it was planned because of the botched announce table part but it was a test for the plans they got for him later on. And he finally got the win he fought for by defeating The Rock for the WWF title at No Mercy 2000.

Benoit stayed in the top midcard scene fighting to hold the Intercontinental title around his waist. He got involved in a feud for his championship with Jericho who still wanted to get back the title. This feud is in my opinion one of the best ones for the Intercontinental title. They produced so many good matches against each other. Their PPV matches was just so well played and so story told that it was amazing as a fan to watch it. For a couple of months they traded the title 2 times against each other. Jericho lost his title to Eddie Guerrero at RAW the night after WrestleMania. So he could focus on capturing back his Intercontinental he once lost and did it when he beat Benoit at Smackdown in May 2. But Benoit got his rematch and won it and again Jericho lost his championship. Their feud ended at Summerslam after their two out of three falls match but they fought against each other a couple of months later at Royal Rumble 2001 in a ladder match for Jericho’s Intercontinental title. I rate this 4 out of 5 because of the outcome it got for these three superstars. The Kurt Angle push, Jericho vs Benoit, both these things was well played and it was showcased at a time when WWE was at their top level.
In all I rank everything that this match had and did show a 4 star out of 5.

That’s all for this time and I want to thank everybody who reads the thing I write. Even if you only just click and read one word I still appreciate it very much. Check out my other 2 blogs that is coming up in a couple of days because in them we have number 3, 2 and number 1 triple threat match.

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Don't take this the wrong way, but I noticed that you gave a 3.5 to your #5 pick and now a 4 to your #4 pick. Wouldn't you imagine that the top 5 triple threat matches ever should be all rated as a 5? Or at least 4.5 or higher? Just a thought. Nice blog.
  2. rhyno535's Avatar
    Thanks that you like the blog and good that you noticed this. If I only ranked the match without any of the 4 other things I wanted to include, all the matches would be a 4 star or more. But when I include build up, the winner, aftermath and big moment you need to rank the match with all these things. And that's why number #5 got a 3,5 star. The match itself only got a 3 star but with the big moment and the winner of the match being a 4 star it got a 3,5 star out of 5. Number #4 pick got a 4 star on the in ring match but only a 3 for the build up. With this plus the three other things it got a rank with everything it had a 4 star. And don't get me wrong. There is 55 triple threat matches that was contested on a PPV in WWE. Only 5 or 6 matches out of these 55 is a 4 star or more if you rank the in ring match. I think this answered your question or made it a little bit clear. I hope I didn't mess your mind now
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    No surprise certainly should be on evry list when talking triple threats. It is overshadowed by the other triple threat match that night involving 3 tag teams including Dudleyz, Hardyz, and E+C. WM20 triple threat should be on here as well.
  4. rhyno535's Avatar
    We will see if that match makes it to the top 5, but yeah this match is so overshadowed. The tag team match may stole the show but this match is a whole lot better than the main event we saw in that wrestlemania.

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