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Top 5 Triple Threat matches on a PPV in WWE

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One on One match has produced so many classics in WWE. From Hogan vs. Andre to Rock vs. Austin all the way to Cena vs. CM Punk. With a stipulation added to the One on One match like a No Disqualification or a Steel Cage you can make the match more interesting. But how can you push that interesting match to another level? By introducing another wrestler to the match. This match is called, a Triple Threat Match. The first triple threat match on a PPV in WWE occurred at: In Your House Ground Zero 1997. This match was contested between Savio Vega, Crush and Faarooq. 16 years later we have seen 54 triple threat matches on a WWE PPV.

I did not choose matches from RAW and Smackdown because it would give me a whole lot of matches that I needed to spend my time on by just watching them and that would take forever. Out of all these 55 matches, I watched about 25 of them because I knew many of the matches would just take away my time. So I picked 15 matches out of 55 so I could watch them more in-depth. While watching these 15 matches I looked at 5 things that I compared to the other matches.

These 5 things were: Build up, the match, big moment, the winner, aftermath

Now that I got that sorted out I can now go down with the matches. If you have any questions just type them in the comment section and as you guys know this is my opinion so feel free to use that comment section to write your own. I’m not going to write so much about the actual match because I feel that you guys should watch it by yourself so you can build your own opinion. This is also the first blog out of 5 so be patient for the rest of the list to be posted. Well let’s see which match is ranked number 5 on this top list.

Nr.5 November 18, 2012 Indianapolis IN (WWE Survivor Series)
John Cena vs Ryback vs CM Punk for the WWE title

Build Up

After beating both Kane and Daniel Bryan at No Way Out 2012 and then ending the Punk vs. Bryan feud at the next PPV. Punk was asking for the respect he deserved and decided to continue the feud he had with Cena from last year. The first match these two had on a PPV was in a Triple Threat match with Big Show involved at Summerslam 2012. In this match CM Punk got the upper hand and won it. At Night of Champions Cena and CM Punk met again for the WWE Title. This match ended in a draw.

Ryback was starting to climb up in the ranks at the same time. Cena got a surgery and with him out of the title picture someone had to be the Nr1 contender for CM Punks title. Cena gave his spot to Ryback and a match at Hell in a Cell between Ryback and CM Punk got scheduled. The match ended in controversy since Brad Maddox performed a low blow on Ryback so CM Punk could get the pin and end Rybacks streak with a fast count from Maddox. With Cena healthy wanting his rematch after getting that draw and Ryback seeking for some justice since he got screwed, Vince McMahon decide to make a Triple Threat match between Ryback, Cena and CM Punk for the WWE title.
I rate this build up a 3,5 because of the unsolved business and controversial endings leading to the match.

The Match

I rate the match a 3 out 5. It wasn’t a classic wrestling match but it wasn’t bad either, a good match.
A couple of spots but nothing special that made the match a little bit better.

Big Moment

The biggest moment that got my attention and shocked me while I was watching the match was the debut of The Shield, especially Seth Rollins since I knew who he was. The thing that Ryback got suplexed by both CM Punk and Cena onto the announce table and later in the match being triple power bombed onto the other announce table by The Shield was something special. I rate this 4 out 5.

The Winner

We can all debate over who should win and who should not win but after thinking about if Ryback or Cena would do something better with the title I found out that the answer was no. With CM Punk winning he didn’t just win his 4th Triple Threat in a row and did not lose one since winning the title at Survivor Series 2011, he also passed that 365 day mark that so many superstars want to do. Add that it also was with the most important title in the WWE. When defending the title he got the 8th longest WWE title reign in the history of WWE. This is why I rate this 4 out 5.


So what happened after this match? Ryback started a feud with The Shield since they screwed him over title. He had a match teaming with Team Hell No against The Shield in a TLC pinfall or submission match at the TLC PPV, which resulted in a loss for Rybacks team.
Cena on the other hand got in a feud with Dolph Ziggler, particularly over Zigglers Money in the Bank briefcase. These two had a ladder match over the briefcase at TLC 2012. At this event we saw AJ Lee betraying Cena so Dolph Ziggler could grab his briefcase and win the match. Cena won his second Royal Rumble at this year’s event and challenged The Rock for the WWE title at WrestleMania.

CM Punk started to add day after day a new number to his prestigious title reign. CM Punk focused on how to hold the title till Royal Rumble so he could defend his title against The Rock, since he promised it. He had a one on one match against Ryback in a TLC match on RAW which he won thanks to interference from The Shield. CM Punk finally had his match with The Rock at Royal Rumble 2013 and lost it. He held the WWE title for 434 days and became the longest title holder since Hulk Hogan, who lost his WWE title in 1988 to Andre the Giant.

I rate this aftermath a 3,5 out 5 because I felt that CM Punk could hold the title for a longer time and drop the title at Wrestlemania. And the thing that The Rock didn’t do so many things with the title other than introducing a new design and losing to Cena at WrestleMania 29.

In whole I rank this a 3,5 out of 5 stars.

That’s all for this time and remember that we have 4 matches left on this Top 5 Triple Threat matches on a PPV in WWE. Thanks for reading this and as I wrote, type your own opinion

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