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Thom Hodkinson's Pointless Opinions II - November X-Ray Tango

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In my last post, I gave my Pointless Opinion (See, that's why it's called that) about who we can likely see being Future Endeavoured in the near future. In this post, I'll be going through who I think could make a significant impact on the leap from Developmental to Main Roster.

I'm of the opinion that NXT is a more entertaining show than most of WWE's other output, and that their roster is full of exciting, young, hungry talent who could give most of the current "superstars" a run for their money. So here, for you, I give my pick of the potential best to rock the ring at Full Sail Uni and, where applicable, who they could initially feud with when reaching the big time.

Perhaps one of the more twisted characters to ever grace a wrestling ring and almost definitely one of the most out-there and unique inventions in the business. Wyatt's awesome entrance speeches are greatly written and even more greatly delivered, and his in-ring ability is pretty sweet to boot. I'd be very interested to see what WWE could do with him and I really.... REALLY hope they don't screw him over and make him too "PG Friendly". Best thing for a BW debut would be to give him a run against jobbers, let the fans get to know him, then deliver a big feud with perhaps the Intercontinental champion. Maybe even the US champion. I think he could bring something amazing to the mid-level championships that are desperately needed. He could even round up some mid-card stars for a stable, not unlike The Wyatt Family that exists on NXT.

A fan favourite from the indie days as "Chris Hero" and it's obvious how talented he is. For god's sake, the man wrestled 90 Minutes Iron Man Matches with CM Punk. Although... the name... Kassius Ohno? Oh No, please no, anything but THAT. That'd have to change before the big step-up. Otherwise, he's perfect & ready. As for first feud, obvious choice to me would be CM Punk. Have a clash of the classic indie stars, they know each other well and would pull off what I can describe only as a 5-Star future classic. Maybe a feud with Chris Jericho, as he could be "The Hero that WWE needs". Y2J is the Saviour. Chris could be the Hero.

Oh come on. Second generation superstar like him? Handsome, charismatic, dedicated. How he's not been pulled up by Vinnie Mac, I will never know. He is star quality, end of. I could see a very competent Face run, including a feud with Cody Rhodes over a diva. Some title shots would follow until WWE's creative team eventually drop the ball and struggle to find something worth giving him. You could even run a couple of Tag Team matches with his Dad. Ricky Steamboat still might have some fight in him.

I know, another Indie darling. Hear me out.
This guy has so much charisma, he could bottle it and sell it at Costco in packs of 96. He's an obvious talent, and could be easily accepted by the IWC and the true wrestling fans. His alternative attitude could see him rub Damien Sandow up the wrong way, so some amazing promos and matches could be enjoyed here.
Fine, I'll admit it, I love crazy guys. Kruger's crazed South African Game-Keeper character is a different one indeed and could open up a lot of avenues. Perhaps a Justin Gabriel heel turn could make these guys a formidable international tag team (Is that TOO obvious?).
He's a big, strong guy and think that he'd settle in well as a heel in the current WWE landscape

If there's one guy who I'd love to see on Raw or Smackdown in the near future, it's The Artist Formerly Known as PAC. His athletic ability and high-flying genius has accurately given him the nickname "The Man that Gravity Forgot". He's.... just incredible.
The only problem I would see would be mic-work & promos. It's a shame, but the fans in anywhere other than the UK won't understand a single word he says... Hell, even most of the UK won't have a clue, as is the accent of the Geordie (Google it, trust me). Regardless though, I really genuinely believe he could revive the Cruiserweight Division, so long as the company can allow him to perform even 60% of the amazing stuff he pulled off in the Indies.

There we are then, more pointless opinions, more stuff to discuss and argue about. Any comments, don't be shy. I actually like reading them. If you like my words and the order they come in, You can also follow me on Twitter @ThomHodkinson. Have a good time, My fellow Grapple-Geeks!

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  1. bmh67wa's Avatar
    No NXT divas?
  2. ThomHodkinson's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bmh67wa
    No NXT divas?
    Other than Paige, no.
  3. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Read a week or so ago Wyatt and Ohno are getting called up soon, hopefully to do more than Langston or Dallas have done thus far. Not sure how the Wyatt character is gonna play out on the main roster though. As much as would like to see Ohno vs Punk, just don't see him getting that kind of push anytime soon. I believe Steamboat is still a ways from returning from injury as well. I too believe NXT is the best wrestling show right now (between WWE & TNA anyways) so not to worried about rushing everyone up. Can't wait to see Paige more though....

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