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Sexyboy14's WrestleMania XXX Card

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Hey wrestling fans!

I've been reading a few WrestleMania XXX Cards, and thought I'd have a go at my own. Hope you enjoy it.


Match 1: NXT Championship: Sami Zayn (c) vs. Leo Kruger
NXT Commissioner JBL makes a match for the PPV Kickoff, Sami Zayn defending his title against an opponent to be determined at WrestleMania Axxess. On the last day of Axxess, Leo Kruger defeats Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville in a Triple Threat match.
Winner: Sami Zayn in 10 minutes

Match 2: Eight man Tag Match: 3MB & Fandango vs. Tons of Funk and R-Truth & Xavier Woods
During a tag team match between Truth & Woods vs. McIntyre & Mahal of 3MB, Fandango appears and attacks Woods on the outside. Match is ruled a no-contest as 3MB and Fandango turn it into a 4 on 2 assault. Tons of Funk run in to make the save. Eight man Tag Match is announced on
Winners: Tons of Funk and R-Truth & Xavier Woods in 10 minutes

Match 3: United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter)
Antonio Cesaro wins the US Title from Seth Rollins. He also begins to have a change of heart, and realises that the United States gave him a chance. Of course, Swagger and Colter don’t take too kindly to this realisation, and kick Cesaro out of their little group, and vow to bring the US Title back to the real America.
Winner: Antonio Cesaro in 15 minutes


Match 1: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose
The Shield (Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins) are in a triple threat match with Dolph Ziggler for the US Title on an episode of Raw, in which Rollins pins Ziggler to unintentionally win the title. Ambrose believes Rollins' jealousy caused him to steal HIS US Title, imploding The Shield, and turning Rollins face. To further the break-up of the Hounds of Justice, Ambrose costs Rollins his title during a match with Antonio Cesaro.
Winner: Seth Rollins in 15 minutes.

Match 2: Intercontinental Championship vs. Career: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Goldust
The Rhodes Brothers lose their titles to Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, after which The Bizarre One seemingly disappears. Rhodes resumes his singles career, winning the IC Title from Big E Langston. The week after, Rhodes retains in a re-match with Big E, and after the match is assaulted by Goldust. Goldy says that his baby brother never cared where he was, and didn’t bother about the Tag Titles, only thinking about himself. He says that Cody only cared about Goldust when he lost his job, and needed someone to fight for it. Goldust wants to take away the thing that made him so selfish, the IC title. Cody says he doesn’t want to fight his own flesh and blood, but he never wants to see his brother. Goldust offers up the 2nd stipulation: if Goldust loses, Goldust retires, and Cody will never see him again.
Winner: Cody Rhodes in 20 minutes

Match 3: Tag Team Championship: The Wyatt Family (c) vs. The Usos vs. Prime Time Players vs. Los Matadores
After The Wyatt Family win the Tag titles, they begin destroying every tag team in their path, When Bray Wyatt declares there is no one left to destroy, the Usos, PTP and Los Matadores triumphantly confront the Wyatt, making them retreat. Fatal Four Way match for the titles is announced. After nearly 4 years, the Usos finally get their moment in the sun.
Winners: The Usos in 15 minutes

Match 4: Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz vs. Damien Sandow vs. Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Christian vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Big E Langston
2 weeks before WrestleMania. Each man cuts a promo about their claim to the world title. Stephanie McMahon makes an eight man tag match: Miz, Del Rio, Sandow & Christian vs. Langston, Sheamus, Ziggler & Kingston. She wants to see why each man thinks they deserve a title shot. Match descends into chaos, ending in a no-contest brawl. Triple H comes out and says if you really want that prestigious accolade, you must go through Hell, and reach for the stars to get there. He officially re-introduces the Money in the Bank Ladder Match to WrestleMania.
Winner: Big E Langston in 20 minutes

Match 5: Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt
“The Devil made me do it!” The Devil inside Bray Wyatt believes he is the only true monster left in the WWE. Undertaker makes his triumphant return to WWE, only to be assaulted by the Wyatt Family. According to Wyatt, he is the one monster, and The Undertaker is the only thing standing in his way. The streak, the career, the legend. It will be swallowed up by the Eater of Worlds. Follow the Buzzards!!!
Winner: Bray Wyatt in 25 minutes

Match 6: Diva’s Championship: AJ Lee (c) vs. JoJo
AJ Lee defends her title against the cast of Total Divas, and lays waste to every available challenge. Young girl JoJo wants to be the hero for her cast mates. This match would make a superstar out of JoJo, ala Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme at WrestleMania 21.
Winner: AJ Lee in 10 minutes

Match 7: Match for WWE Control: Daniel Bryan (w/Vince McMahon) vs. Roman Reigns (w/Triple H)
Triple H continues to run rough shot over the WWE locker room, leading to Vince McMahon making his return. Vince opposes Triple H iron fist ruling, and sides with Daniel Bryan. McMahon and The Game keep making conflicting decisions, leading to Triple H demanding that Vince vacates his position as Chairman, in favour of him and Stephanie. After The Shield dissolves, Roman Reigns decides to pledge his allegiance to The Authority, and volunteers his services to Triple H. McMahon and Triple H agree to each have a superstar representing them, with the winning superstar’s corner man gaining full ownership of the WWE. Vince selects Bryan, The Game chooses the power of Roman Reigns.
Winner: Daniel Bryan in 25 minutes

Match 8: World Heavyweight Championship: John Cena (c) vs. Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett returns at the Royal Rumble, and wins the match from #16, last eliminating Big Show. After weeks of casually interfering in both Cena and Orton’s matches, Barrett appears at the main event of the Elimination Chamber PPV, and attacks Cena after he wins his Chamber match. The next night on Raw, Barrett reveals his intention to take Cena’s title, and becoming the new No. 1 superstar in the process.
Winner: Wade Barrett in 20 minutes

Match 9: WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. CM Punk
Randy Orton retains his championship against Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry and Christian in the Pay per Views leading into WrestleMania. After he pins Christian at Elimination Chamber, he proclaims that as the “Face of WWE”, he must be considered the BEST the WWE has to offer. Orton and Mr. & Mrs. Game issue a challenge for anyone that thinks they can beat the best the WWE has to offer. Cue the Straight Edge Saviour, who takes offense that Randy Orton calls himself “the best”. Orton refuses, not wanting to lower himself by facing Punk. Punk responds by costing Orton matches against Zack Ryder and the debuting Richie Steamboat. An enraged Orton finally accepts Punk’s challenge.
Winner: CM Punk in 30 minutes

Quick Results:
Pre Show:
Sami Zayn d. Leo Kruger to retain the NXT Championship
Tons of Funk and R-Truth & Xavier Woods d. 3MB & Fandango
Antonio Cesaro (c) d. Jack Swagger to retain the United States Championship

WrestleMania XXX:
Seth Rollins d. Dean Ambrose
Cody Rhodes (c) d. Goldust to retain the Intercontinental Championship, Goldust must retire
The Usos d. The Wyatt Family (c), Prime Time Players and Los Matadores to win the WWE Tag Team Championship
Big E Langston wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Bray Wyatt d. The Undertaker
AJ Lee (c) d. JoJo to retain the WWE Diva’s Championship
Daniel Bryan d. Roman Reigns; Vince McMahon gains full ownership & control of WWE
Wade Barrett d. John Cena to win the World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk d. Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship

If WWE presented this card, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat! Would you? What would you change? Love to hear your opinions!!

PS- I'll have a few explanations in the comments below.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'll give you my opinion on your WM30 card.

    I know it is rumored to happen, but I prefer new stuff at WM instead of the same old matches. I hate WM rematches now. I don't want Punk vs Orton for the WWE title is what I'm saying. However, I'd like to see Punk achieve his goal and main event WM.

    I doubt Barrett will even be on the card this year. I thought that match at Mania should have happened at WM27 for the WWE title with Wade defending. Instead we got Miz vs Cena which is remembered as one of the worst WM main events of all-time. Watched WM27 recently, I was so big on the Miz....see how much he has fallen. I figure however, Cena and Orton will be defending the titles at Mania.

    Bryan vs Reigns.....I see a lot of folks having Bryan as Vince's guy, but the way it started with Vince to begin with saying Bryan can't be the face of the WWE because he isn't tall along with this and that. I find it hard to believe him picking Bryan. I also don't believe HHH will be picking someone like Reigns to wrestle for the right of the company. I do believe Bryan will face HHH at WM even though I'd rather see Bryan battle for the world title. either one.....don't know what the shield will be doing. Either facing Wyatt Family or against each other possibly in a triple threat.

    It would be nice to see the Divas title actually defended on the show. Why is the Divas division in a crapper? Because of the playboy, the lumberjill, and the idiotic celebs over the years competing instead of the strap being on the line at the biggest show of the year. Diva matches in the past I looked forward to more than the men's which isn't no lie. What would you rather see? Boogeyman vs Booker T or Trish vs Mickie for the hardware? I'd like to see Steph battle AJ at Mania, but I have my doubts. That is the biggest match they can do other than Tamina vs AJ.

    Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt is a match I really would like to see. Other than maybe Cena vs Taker.....obvious Sting, but Wyatt is a top new guy I'd like to see battle the deadman at Mania. Can you imagine the promos? I'd rather see Taker vs Wyatt over any stupid rematch vs Lesnar, Rock or even Sheamus. Wyatt vs Cena is also a match I'd like to see on the big stage.

    MITB isn't happening at Mania now that they have a ppv for it. I'd rather it be at Mania than any ppv because young guys are able to make the card and showcase their talents on the biggest stage. Just isn't happening, I don't like the match type themed ppvs. Hurts prestige of the matches, I think less of the Cell now since guys can battle in the Cell without actually having a match before. It is suppose to be the final battle between two hated rivals. The last resort!!

    Bigger fan of PTPs, I doubt WWE would do such a thing though with big names not on the card. Always try to find a way to get boring old vets on the card, guys like Kane, Show, ect over the years rather than give the matches we want to see. I bet they would team Kane and Show to challenge the tag champs at Mania just so they get on the card. Remember, WM 28, instead of Goldust vs Rhodes we got Rhodes vs Big Show.

    Ic title doesn't need on the line for Goldust vs Cody to mean something. History of being brothers, winning tag titles, doesn't need some special hardware. Adding a title like Ic, what is the point? He isn't going to top his IC title reign he had previously going into WM28.

    Rollins vs Ambrose? I'd suspect more so, Reigns vs Ambrose is the more likely singles scenaro if any featuring the Shield. I bet however, it is a triple threat match if not Shield vs Wyatt Family.

    I don't see NXT title being showcased on the preshow. Hell, I don't see 3 matches on the preshow. Too much is made of the stupid hype videos we see way too much. See it on Raw when it happens of recaps, Smackdown, see it again the night of the ppv in the preshow along with before the match happens. #2 match, 3mb on WM.....don't make me laugh. Cesaro vs Swagger could happen, I just don't see it. Cesaro should have been on Mania last year or at least on the preshow.
  2. Dennis's Avatar
    I thought you might like to see my thoughts on your card so I will post my thoughts on your match ups.

    All three pre-show matches I could see happening in all honesty. Dean Ambrose likely won't be champion at this point and having someone like Seth Rollins screw him over in the title match also would make sense... Leading me to believe that not only is the Real Americans facing at Mania is a possibility... but so are two members of the shield.

    The match with The Rhodes Dynasty seems a bit soon but I also could see this happening. Though I'm thinking there are too many of these storylines so early on in the card.

    Wyatts being tag team champs make sense but I'd rather see someone like The Primetime Players going into mania with the titles. When teams like the Wyatts get titles they seem to lose their uniqueness.

    I don't like having a money in the bank match at mania. It should be it's own ppv.

    Bray Wyatt vs Taker at the 30th mania makes no sense to me. Either you give him the streak or they just put on a subpar match. I think Taker should face someone with more of a name value personally.

    Lee vs JoJo is a no go for me. Lee as the champion seems almost unlikely to me. I think it's looking more and more likely to have the Bellas face. Maybe Brie(c) vs Nicki vs Lee

    I think Reigns is going to be a face... So I don't see the DB vs Reigns match. Also I don't really want to see Vince vs HHH and I don't see it happening in all honesty. I see Daniel Bryan taking down the authority by himself by winning the WWE title from Randy Orton at Survivor Series.

    So I don't see Randy vs Punk... Trade in Bryan instead.

    World Heavyweight title should be Cena vs Punk. Better chemistry and to be honest Barrett hasn't done anything as of late. He's more likely go get a shot at a mid card title.
  3. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    All I would like to say is it's refreshing to see a card that doesn't utilise all those part timers. Even I did on my card but this was good to see.
    The other thing is there are a few superstars who aren't on the card at all who I can't imagine being left off. Big show, Mark Henry and Ryback will all be on the card as long as they are healthy. Also Antonio Cesaro deserves to be on the main card.
    there are some other things but I'd say a solid card based on your opinions.
  4. sexyboy14's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Y2JLionsault
    All I would like to say is it's refreshing to see a card that doesn't utilise all those part timers. Even I did on my card but this was good to see.
    The other thing is there are a few superstars who aren't on the card at all who I can't imagine being left off. Big show, Mark Henry and Ryback will all be on the card as long as they are healthy. Also Antonio Cesaro deserves to be on the main card.
    there are some other things but I'd say a solid card based on your opinions.
    I originally had Big Show vs. Ryback on the card, but I couldn't think of a compelling enough storyline to keep it there. I also had to make a choice between Mark Henry and Christian for the MiTB match, and Christian won out.

    The reason Cesaro vs. Swagger is on the Pre-Show is because I wanted a match/rivalry that would compel fans to tune into the Pre-Show. My original idea had Del Rio vs. Sheamus as the Pre-Show main event and Cesaro vs. Swagger on the main card. But I changed it and put ADR and Sheamus in the MiTB match because it also gave 6 other guys a spot as well, and I could've kick started Big E's push.

    How many people liked that I had Bray Wyatt end the streak? I really grappled with this match, but felt that 'Taker could make Wyatt into a big time player in this match.
  5. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    You know what I actually commented on a thread a couple of days ago that I think Bray Wyatt should end the streak. He is a young guy and a great talent in my opinion. If you wanna invest in this guy being your top heel and a sadistic monster, have him go over the most supernatural and creepy star we've ever seen, pass the torch to Wyatt.
  6. sexyboy14's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Y2JLionsault
    You know what I actually commented on a thread a couple of days ago that I think Bray Wyatt should end the streak. He is a young guy and a great talent in my opinion. If you wanna invest in this guy being your top heel and a sadistic monster, have him go over the most supernatural and creepy star we've ever seen, pass the torch to Wyatt.
    Thanks, I feel the same about Wyatt. I imagine though, that if WWE went down this path, wrestling fans would hate that such a newcomer would end the streak that not even HBK or The Game could finish off. That is my only concern.

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