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The DREW Review: What to do with Orton

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Hey everyone this is my first blog and hopefully it is enjoyed.
Anywho Orton is getting stale its one of the many things I keep reading. This is the year I would love to see Orton have.
Keep up with the current story with Orton and Sheamus teaming, having them lose to Big Show and Mark Henry in tag, and one on one matches and have Orton start showing his frustration more and more as the weeks roll on. Finally have Mick Foley show up and during a promo (in ring) have Mick break up an argument between the two and offer his opinion saying how the thoughts of a hall of famer and hardcore legend (when Foley says legend Orton twitches a bit, clearly not happy with the interruption) cant hurt, at that moment the Shields music hits, at this point they are owning the joint fresh off a victory over Taker and Team Hell No. They surround the ring and start the attack. Orton makes quick work of Rollins while Sheamus is getting worked over trying to protect Mick, Orton runs over to help and gets Foley out of the ring, then turns to the ring and watches the Shield as they hit the triple power bomb on Sheamus and run, Foley and Orton enter the ring again to check on him, while Foley is tending to Sheamus Orton keeps looking from the Shield to Sheamus to Foley and stops on Foley. Foley turns around only to eat an RKO, he then looks at the Shield and then leaves. this sets up Orton vs. Sheamus, during the match the Shield show up and destroy Sheamus with the triple powerbomb again exchange a nod with Orton and all 4 of them leave through the crowd.
Now with the ground work laid we can get Orton back to a crazy voices in his head heel we all love. He can come out and say how hes tired of helping everyone only to lose and how the Shield has the right idea show up take out the biggest players in the game and leave on top. hes very impressed with there recent choices as of late going after the likes of The Rock. Undertaker, and Triple H. and how he once used the same tactics earning him the name the legend killer and how he wants to help the Shield make their group be even more deadly, and they accept.
Now over the next few months have the Shield, with Orton leading the way, pick apart the biggest names in the biz. the WWE has plans to do HHH vs. Brock 3 have them show up and leave them both laying fore a huge twist, setting Orton up to face both at some point in time having him win (with the help of the Shield) against both.
They can also use this story to help elevate the Booker T and Teddy Long story theve been running with Teddy trying to piss off Booker. Have Booker confront Orton and tell him too stop with the path that he's on only for Orton to make notice of Bookers HOF ring laugh at him and say, "I bet you think your some kind of legend now right?" then RKO him and have the Shield come out and pick apart the scraps. Now with Booker injured, Teddy steps up to take over the day to day duties in Bookers absence, leading to an angry Booker when he returns after Teddy uses his time to make himself look good and Booker look bad.
Now with Teddy Long in there back pocket they have set there sights on the Rock leading to Orton vs. The Rock with Orton winning clean over The Rock setting him back up as one of the big dogs once more and maybe going after the streak again in an attempt to take out the only legend he never finished off at Wrestlemania 30 unless they already have something in the works for Taker. if they do then have him go for the WWE Title at mania and maybe have the Shield get some gold there too maybe have Rollins and Reigns pick up the tag titles and Ambrose grab the IC Title making them a very shiny force to be reconed with.
i hope this was enjoyed by many and hated by a few

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Updated 04-16-2013 at 08:50 PM by DREW1986

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  1. DXSoldier's Avatar
    Serously on of the best blogs I've read. I 100% agree with you. Keep up the good work!
  2. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    It would be a good story but seen stuff like it before. Orton has already been in 2 major stables with Evolution and Legacy so I dont think he needs another one. Turn him heel on Sheamus with their fued ending at s.slam. Then have him fued with Bryan over the world title later on in the year after Bryan wins it off Ziggler at NOC
    Interesting blog & I do agree with Randy Orton's character is stale & has become directionless since his return from injury. Orton does need his edginess or in better words, that psychoneurotic voices in his head element back like he use to have within his characteristic structure. Now as far as your foundation on how to get him their to that state of frame, is were I differ. For one, Orton getting involved with the HHH/Lesnar angle is pointless & is a misguided use on how to get him back to main event status. Let alone that angle is about building Lesnar as the beast he truly is. According to reports, the HHH/Lesnar feud was always going to be a 3 match feud as originally the 3rd match would take place later this year but with the recent Rock issues WWE has made several storyline changes since which is why HHH/Lesnar is taking place at Extreme Rules. Lesnar is predicted to win the match which from there (if I assume correctly which I probably am) is going to lead him on a path of heelish destruction. Also, Lesnar is to big of a heel to have Orton go over him. It just won't happen. The other issue is The Rock element which one, you will never see Orton & Rock face off. Orton isn't particularly fond of Rock behind-the-scenes & was one of the individuals who wasn't happy with him returning. Also, I don't see Rock letting himself be a stepping stone to anyone at this point near the end of his career. Rock isn't pleased with how WWE treated him with the whole Cena situation currently (from the recent reports being made, I actually don't blame him). Rock & Orton won't ever happen just like Rock & HBK would never happen because of the personal issues between the two. Last but not least Orton doesn't need to be in another stable as that is just redundant & mundane. Recently, Ambrose, Rolllins & Reigns were asked in a interview about adding other individuals to the group & they weren't in favor of it. I would agree to that as well. Orton shouldn't be with a stable let alone The Shield.
    Updated 04-17-2013 at 11:57 PM by CULTOFPERSONALITY
  4. blink's Avatar
    Not bad but the shield needs to be left alone. No leader. No new members. Theyre perfect.

    @cult: im sure rock and orton would face off if there was money to be made. I dont see personal differences stopping that. Plus theyve already gone at it at a previous mania. Oh and rock & cena cant stand each other but they still worked together. Money sways all my friend
  5. Lavablob77's Avatar
    Orton induces coma's he's so dull. Really just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    He's definately mid card material now and if Rock ever decides to come back for one last match you can bet your bottom dollar Vince will beg him to to help sell WM30, he won't wrestle Orton.
    Just the thought of Rock putting him over too is laughable.
  6. Lavablob77's Avatar
    If anything I'd like Rock to wrestle Cena one final time in a 3rd match and go over clean or simply destroy him. Somebody really needs to do Superman over to the point he's literally dead in the ring. Has there ever been a more teeth grindingly cringe worthy childish babyish loser in wrestling more than John Cena?

    I doubt it.
  7. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Agree that orton needs to turn heel but can't see the shield teaming with the viper ... He has been out the title seen for a whio now also the shield need some gold soon but this has been wwe's best long project in years

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