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Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

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One week from what I’m dubbing the anniversary of this blog, and WWE has decided to up its game in the weeks heading to London. In the seven days since THAT crowd, the fans, the storylines, and the product seem to be reinvigorated after a humdrum WrestleMania.

Between the calls for the New Jersey crowd to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, the worldwide trend of “Fandangoing” (before you ask, I did buy “ChaChaLaLa”, and I did promote the hell out of the #FandangoRevolution), and my sheer excitement for next Monday night, I ended up having to miss Raw live due to having work on Tuesday morning. Frustration was an emotion I felt last night, but I have caught up and I enjoyed the show. Let’s get started…

Has the Voice of the Voiceless lost his voice?

One of the reasons for my aforementioned frustration was that I missed the first sighting of CM Punk since his WrestleMania loss to the Undertaker. I wasn’t expecting too much in the way of a “pipe bomb”, since I hear Punk is planning on taking some well-deserved time off. In fact, my only thought was “where does Punk go from here?”

I did expect a typical heel Punk promo. Instead, we got something better. Punk was lost for words for the first time in recent memory (or perhaps ever?). It speaks louder than anything he could have said, and it gives us a reason to look forward to his next move. It could be his way of leaving WWE for a while, but I’m thinking he might slowly turn face.

As a heel Champion, Punk did lose some of his fire. He became very much like Triple H when he was WWE Champion in 1999-2000, and it worked in turning him into a heel you could loathe (if you ignore fans like myself, who stood by and supported the history-making run he was on). The problem was that he became less about being the “Best in the World” and more about the number of days he was Champion.

All Punk really has to do is blame Paul Heyman for steering him in the wrong direction and, viola; we have the CM Punk who stunned the world with his original “pipe bomb”. We also get the chance to see Punk versus Brock Lesnar…

So, it WAS a heel turn…

Last week I told you all I was confused by the closing events of Raw. The crowd responded to everything, in the eyes of WWE, inappropriately and it caused me to question Ryback’s attack on John Cena.

This week confirmed two things; John Cena is definitely not turning heel anytime soon (despite his 2005-esque cocky attitude), and Ryback is definitely heel. The third thing I realised is that I really, really like the idea of Ryback as a tunnel-vision heel.

I say tunnel-vision because Ryback refused to help Cena. Firstly, to begin to even the score with Cena for not helping him when he was attacked by The Shield (I’m not a huge fan of Ryback thinking he needed Cena to have his back, in all honesty), and because his sole focus at this point, despite a history with The Shield, is Cena and his WWE Championship.

The only downside to Ryback being Cena’s next opponent is that WWE will most likely have Cena revert back to his “underdog” attitude. This would be a terrible idea, given that Cena has beaten his biggest obstacle and should now be accepting of his role as the face of the company. If WWE does have Cena get beaten down only to come back and defeat Ryback using the AA after a few moves it would, in my eyes, kill Ryback’s momentum.

Cena needs to look equal, if not better than, Ryback if this rivalry is to be the start of a new era in WWE.

I started this week’s blog by outright telling you that I consider next week’s Raw the anniversary of this blog, and I’m glad to say I’m very excited for it.

Over the past year, I have produced a lot of negativity in this blog (when it came to The Rock ending Punk’s reign, and what I have called the “John Cena problem”), and I even said that WWE wasted their last opportunity at a great show in the UK by, and I quote, “phoning it in.” This time it looks like WWE has prepared London for a great show.

Not only have WWE started building some interesting storylines in Cena vs. Ryback and the on-going Randy Orton/Sheamus/Big Show saga (the matches these three guys are having are making me an Orton fan again), but we have Punk’s sudden loss for words to be intrigued by and, I can hardly contain my excitement for this one, Undertaker’s appearance on Raw. That alone will make next Monday night for me, as I have never seen ‘Taker live.

I have high hopes for next week, and you can probably expect a very positive read (and possibly a few pictures). Bring on London!

I leave you with this question this week; what would you choose as the match type at Extreme Rules for the possible World Heavyweight Championship match between Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, and Jack Swagger?

Follow me on Twitter (@SpringerAJ) and tweet me using the hashtag #YYYTRR. Thanks for reading.

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  1. ThomHodkinson's Avatar
    Very good blog, Kudos to you.
    The WHC triple-threat match I fear will be just that. A Triple Threat Match, with no special added stipulations or gimmicks.
    A shame too as an obvious choice would be a 3 Way Submission match, with ADR's Cross-Arm Breaker, Swagger's Patriot Act & Ziggler's Sleeper Hold. Utilise these guys' strengths, that's what I say.
    But that's my choice, not WWE's choice. The choice of a company who'll air a PPV called "Elimination Chamber" where there's only one Chamber match and there isn't even a Title on the line (Totally ruined it for me).
  2. weems's Avatar
    What would I choose for the stipulation at Extreme Rules for Swagger v Ziggler v Del Rio....30 minute iron man match. Whoever, has scored the most pinfalls or submissions when the clock hits 30:00 is the winner. I would like to see a wild ass match where there are multiple pins and tap outs over the course of the match. I don't recall ever seeing an iron man stipulation in a triple threat match so I think it would be entertaining. Unfortunately, the WWE will probably not give 40 minutes (including entrances and post match Ziggler celebration) to a WHC match so this is probably utopian.
  3. The Royal Ramble's Avatar
    Why not a Ladder match since all three of them have won Money in the Bank?
  4. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    Submissions count anywhere
  5. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    i agree with the submissions but have arm breaker and patriot lock on ziggler and den have him tap and due 2 a tie still heavyweight champ ziggler
  6. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by WWE.TNA.2012
    i agree with the submissions but have arm breaker and patriot lock on ziggler and den have him tap and due 2 a tie still heavyweight champ ziggler
    I don't think it would make sense to have him tap and retain the title on a technicality, WWE should make him a strong heel champion instead of someone who wins by any means necessary.

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