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Random Thoughts: The Honeymoon is Over & Another Raw

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Oh boy, there’s trouble in paradise people.

The Honeymoon is Over
So, everyone probably read the dirt sheets by now. As every suspected, there appears to be more to the injury than originally told. And it makes it look more and more like The Rock deliberately put the WWE in a tight spot by never trying to reach out to them that he was leaving. And it looks as though The Rock and Cena just aren’t getting along.

Now, I can only you’re damn right I’m going to.

So The Rock was pissed that he wasn’t going to hold the title at Wrestlemania. Now, I can kinda understand it somewhat, because beating The Rock at Wrestlemania, as insanely popular as he is, would be the equivalent of beating Hulk Hogan in the main event at Wrestlemania...but in the end, let’s think about it from a financial standpoint.

Cena, say what you like about him, is also insanely popular. Maybe not to a more mature audience, but to the majority...absolutely. So does it make sense to leave the belt on a man who cannot consistently make weekly performances because he has to juggle a PR and movie schedule as well, for a total of four months? Look at the heat he was gathering just being champ for two months. Sure, he makes money for the WWE, but I think Cena can generate more of an income in the long run, because quite frankly he can participate every week. Rock can’t. He’s about to shoot a movie. I guess he was still going to be able to make Extreme Rules, but how many appearances could he have made before then? How many live via satellite promos would we have to see? It just isn’t feasible to keep him as WWE champ.

However, The Rock seems to be having a hard time understanding that fact, or he understands it and just having a difficult time dealing with reality. I suspect that Rock probably believed that he was the one holding the mold together. Now, Rock is popular, but he is not necessarily needed. I don’t care how the audience sounds to everyone, but Cena’s popularity easily rivals The Rock’s. You got breakout stars like Ryback, The Shield, and stars that have spent time establishing themselves like Dolph Ziggler. Would it be nice to have The Rock? Yes. Can the WWE survive without him? Yes.


Shhh...Smackdown never happened

So we start off with a wrestling match...surprise surprise...with Orton and Sheamus against Big Show.

...wait a minute? Didn’t we do this match last week on Smackdown? Well, you wouldn’t be able to tell considering that they recapped everything that happened on Raw, and none of what went down on Smackdown. Wow...the ratings were that low?

It’s a good match, but JBL made a good point. Big Show vs Sheamus AND Orton? That’s no fair. These two are former World Champs themselves. And well...he lost. This time Big Show decides to taking his beating like a man. Overall, still a good way to start the show.

Death wish

So 3MB announce that their record sales are abysmal and wants The Shield to put them out of their misery. Brock Lesnar answers the call instead...and it...was...GLORIOUS!!!

Did Heath Slater need to be F-5’ed twice into the padded barricade? No. Should have Brock done it a third time? Hell yea!!!

Heyman then gets on the mic, and he is a great damn talker. Should never try managing his own promotion again, but a great damn talker. Heyman announced that Brock challenges Triple H to a steel cage match in the rubber-match that...quite frankly few people want to see.

Oh no. This is it for Cesaro, isn’t it

Yep, it is. Cesaro drops the title, the downfall is complete. I certainly called this in my last blog...which has yet to be approved on this site...*sigh* I love how Michael Cole calls the US Title prestigious. Sure it’s so prestigious that they can’t get the graphic right when announcing Kofi Kingston as the new champ. And now, don’t misunderstand, I like Kofi Kingston. I think unfortunately he’s a mid-card for life...or at least a very long time, but I think he does make a good US champ every time he holds it. And the crowd seemed to like it too. Just that...I don’t like how they’ve been taking a dump on Cesaro lately.

Oh well. Bye Cesaro! Enjoy NXT!

Oh, that was uncalled for. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Cesaro is in line for a main event push. And maybe his yodeling made my ears bleed...again.

Ah, memories

Last week's cash in by Ziggler is shown in its entirety. Ah...good times.

Does he ever NOT get interrupted

So Ziggler comes out and has his work cut out for himself again, trying to remind the people that they should be booing him, not cheering. During this, Del Rio comes out demanding a rematch right away. Ziggler is about to brush him off, but Vickie Guerrero comes out and grants the rematch.

I know, I know. Am I going to go on a tirade about Vickie Guerrero getting involved in WHC manners. Well...not really. Although I do think Booker, or at least Teddy Long should’ve come out to grant the rematch, it doesn’t bother me that much either. You see, even though the WHC is a Smackdown title...kinda...the champ is on raw. If Ziggler wants to risk coming to Raw with the title, where Vickie Guerrero is in charge, fair game. By far different from Booker coming out in the beginning last week on RAW, a show he’s not in charge of, and telling Mark Henry he can’t go for the WWE title, authority that a Smackdown GM has never demonstrated over the WWE title.

So the match gets under way...almost. Swagger comes out...I thought that feud was over...along with Zeb. Zeb tells Dolph that he isn’t fit to be the champ...quite frankly neither is Swagger. Then Del Rio and Swagger get into it...I thought this feud was over...and Del Rio doesn’t come out better for it, getting his ass handed to him on a silver platter, with a side of his leg.

No, really, I thought that feud was over.

Another Prime Time Beating

The poor Prime Time Players. WWE is pushing this Be A Star anti-bullying campaign, and yet these two are bullied by Team Hell No on almost a weekly basis. Umm...double standards...much?

Well, of course Team Hell No wins again, those bullies, but we do get two things out of this.

One: A flying goat joke from JBL while Daniel Bryan is on the top rope. Funny.
Two: The announcement of a six man tag next week with THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION...and Bryan...versus the Shield.!!!

Not Hungry...just feels abandoned

So we finally hear from Ryback, and...he pretty much has a good reason for attacking Cena. You have to a hundred percent sympathize with the character. Ryback has come out to help Cena every time he was attacked...and Cena hasn’t seemed to have return the favor. Hell, it makes him a very sympathetic character. He feels that he was used as nothing more than a stepping stone on Cena’s rise back to the top, and he feels honestly wronged. So from here on out, the gloves are going to come off.

This is an angle that I’m definitely looking forward to. They managed to give Ryback deep resentment towards Cena, while avoiding turning him heel, which I don’t think would’ve worked out to begin with. Touche, WWE...touche.

Because we should be reminded of great memories

They replay Brock tearing apart 3MB again.

Ahhh...good times.

Uh-Oh, we got a build up

So R-Truth takes on the IC Champ, Wade Barrett. Why is it R-Truth and Kofi Kingston keep getting build up to a title at the same time seemingly all the time? Do they have a buddies clause in their contract or something? Well, it’s short and sweet, and R-Truth manages to upset the champ.

Uh-Oh, Booker is gonna be pissed

So...ugh...Team Bickie gets a visit from Teddy Long, saying he set up a match with Swagger and Dolph tonight on Raw. Well, at least he has the curtosey to tell them. But Teddy doesn’t tell Booker.

[Sarcasm]Yea, I’m sure Booker won’t care. [/Sarcasm]

Send in the clowns

So it’s Khali and Santino, with Hornswoggle and Natalya...ugh...versus the On again, Off again, Team Rhodes Scholar. Khali gives his team a strong start, but Santino starts his usual antics and Rhodes Scholar won’t have any of his nonsense. But as the script dictates, Santino turns things around and hits the Cobra on Sandow, while Hornswoggle tries to hit Rhodes with a mini...cobra?

Ok, really...who wrote this script!?

Well, Sandow still catches Santino from behind with the pin...thank god.

Lawler threatens to

God help us all.

Fandango the...pervert?

So Lawler is in the ring and he shows Fandangoing clips from supposedly all over the world.

Well...the book of Revelations is finally coming true. Repent now.

Lawler says Fandango’s name right to ensure that he comes out...damn it all. But when Fandango gets into the ring, he quickly starts talking about Lawler’s hips. The conversation gets really uncomfortable here for everyone, including Lawler, so he promptly and wisely leaves.

Fandango gets the crowd hyped up for...ugh...Fandangoing if the crowd can say his name right. Despite a step-by-step tutorial, Fandango is still not pleased so he tells the crowd to go fu...uhhh...Fandango themselves. And they do...promptly singing his song...

Cena announces he’ll be waiting for Ryback tonight

I support any decision that puts Cena in bodily harm at all times

Bitch slapped!

So Dolph and Swagger square off and...ugh...Dolph is going to be coming out with the front of his World Title hanging off his ass every time, isn’t he. *sigh*

Well, Dolph gives Swagger a bitch slap, and that wasn’t a good idea. Swagger ends up dominating most of the match while AJ holds the World Title in the same manner that Gollum would hold the ring.

...are they related?

Swagger pulls off the upset, but his celebration was short-lived as Del Rio comes out attacking Swagger, putting him in the cross armbar while Swagger is hanging off the stage.

...again, I thought the feud was over.

Mark Henry doesn’t let Sheamus say a word

Cause that’s what he do. Sounds like a great title for a book teaching kids to potty.

Teary-eyed Punk

Punk comes out to a decent ovation, and talks about how he has always tried to jump the next hurdle. He then starts talking about the Undertaker, hugs Heyman, and just leaves looking distraught.

I’m kind of hoping for a Punk run in next week when Undertaker fights...but I doubt it.

Told ya Booker would be pissed

And Teddy tells Booker that because Swagger won, he’s number one contender. Booker overrules Teddy and changes it into a triple threat match for the WHC. Booker then warns Teddy that he has to start handling his own business.

I smell heel turn.


Bathroom break

Okay, so to quickly summarize what happened in the Divas match, the Bella’s keep taunting Kaitlyn. Nikki actually comes out looking strong for a while but Kaitlyn gets the upper hand, but it’s twin switch-a-roo, and Brie gets the win on Nikki’s behalf.

Really, why isn’t there instant replay in wrestling?

Yayy, Cena gets bodily well as the dude that cut to The Shield too early

Oops. Kinda spoiled the surprise there. So Cena comes out, calls out Ryback. Ryback comes out, Cena calls his excuses hogwash. Yea, that’s right, it’s just Ryback crying.

Waah, I’m not champ because of Cena

Waah, I’m in Cena’s shadow.

Waah, I got attacked by the Shield six times and Cena didn’t help, causing me bodily harm...oh wait...that part is actually true. Surprisingly enough, Cena doesn’t mention that part. Cherry-picking much?

Well, Cena challenges Ryback to a fight in the ring. As all big men that have an opportunity to squash someone like a bug usually do, Ryback just walks away. But that’s okay, cause The Shield, who we had ABSOLUTELY no idea that they were going to come out, comes out to give Cena a beating. Then they stop and look at Ryback. And Ryback looks at the ring.

And they look...

...and look...

...and look...

...and The Shield proceed to finish off Cena with a triple powerbomb, with Ryback leaving Cena to his fate. And Michael Cole is shocked by Ryback’s lack of action...really he sucks at his job.

But on the upside, in Shield we trust.

Of course now we can question why Team Hell No wouldn’t come out to help Cena since they’re building up a feud with The Shield, but I’ll just play the role of the mindless sheep. Yayyyyyy!

In conclusion, it was good. There was seven matches on the program for tonight, which is pretty good. Brock was good. Dolph was good. The Cena vs Ryback feud was good, especially on Ryback’s part. Overall, good show. Can’t top last week cause you really only get a crowd like that once a year. There was even Fandangoing...don’t know why that’s an upside, but whatever.

I’ll give it 4 resumes for a newly open spot on the production team, previously occupied by that dude that cut to The Shield way too early, out of 5.

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  1. shirty88's Avatar
    Overall enjoyed the blog. Knew the WWE would find it hard to top last weeks raw however there were some good matches and plenty of build up for extreme rules so its all good. In regards to CULTOFPERSONALITY's comments I agree and disagree about Cena. Whilst I feel he has longer than 2-3 years of his prime left, once he's done with wrestling he doesn't have a lot of avenues to pursue. Yes he can try acting again but to be honest I would rather watch him wrestle than act. This is where the rock has an advantage over cena. The Rock's a hollywood star, no denying it and that won't change anytime soon. Cena will never be anything close to the rock's level when it comes to success outside WWE
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