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Ideas on what the WWE should, but wont do.

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Hello everybody and thanks for taking a look. this will be my fist blog in about a year and a half??? and my first on this site. So every now and then i want to do a blog on what these guys at the WWE should but probably wont do.

For my first i want to take a look at Kofi Kingston. I love this guy and he is a very talented entertainer. Theres so much they could do with Kofi but dont.

Theres probably a lot of this but id really like to see a heel turn for Kofi and my main reason for this is his past fued with Randy Orton. i loved Kofi in that fued and with the aggression he showed i think he would make an exceptional heel.

place him in al 4 way eliminaion with the miz and two others for #1 contender for the IC title, haveit down to the two where Miz will eliminate Kofi. and after Miz wins the title at ER have Kofi come out and have Kofi brutally attack him causing Kofis turn, initiating their fued and setting up a match at Payback

anyone care to place their thoughts. please do.

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  1. KJ79's Avatar
    I think the balance between faces and heels is a little uneven at the moment.
    Most of the current faces are either part timers or John Cena who most people boo.
    The only thing that makes a good heel effective is a good face.
    I think Kofi is genuinely liked by most people and just needs pushing further up the card before considering a heel turn.
  2. Godsmack78's Avatar
    and just because they gave kofi the us title doesnt mean he doesnt need a push and a heel turn...hell if done correctly he could be an awesome wwe champion with the right stable(big e, titus and darren, rtruth,shelton,mark henry, bobby lashley and hell even bring back mvp and have a new nation of domination)
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