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Who will dethrone Bully Ray

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Hey guys, Shirty88 here just wanting to get your thoughts and opinions on the TNA World Heavyweight Championship scene.

Now, I've been wondering for a few weeks about Bully Ray as the TNA world champion. While I feel that the swerve at Lockdown was played out well it was extremely predictable and it got me to thinking about who Ray could fued with. There's no way TNA are going to let jeff hardy take the the title off bully ray and my reasoning for this would be that during hardy's run as champion the most entertaining bit about it was Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. That to me is a real slap in jeff hardy's face but the man doesn't do himself any favours, he's just too bland for my liking. There aren't too many main event faces that could go up against ray with the only real threats being Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. However, Angle seems to be too busy trying to get some retribution from Bischoff and Briscoe so that puts him out of the picture for the time being. Samoa Joe, whilst I feel he deserves a push in the world title picture, will probably not be the one to beat Ray. It seems very likely to me that it will all come to a head at Bound for Glory and if TNA continue with the new tradition of the BFG series then who do you see winning the right to face the champion. In my opinion, the only logical choice is AJ Styles. I am really liking this new AJ and I think that this upcoming fued with him and Storm could be brilliant. I feel that AJ will reject Aces and Eights but continue his new path of looking out for number one. This will then bring on the ire of Bully Ray who will more than likely have Mr Anderson try and take out AJ to no avail. Eventually, Bully Ray will have to face AJ after months of ducking him(Hogan/Sting?) and at TNA's biggest ppv of the year(and probably the most hyped) AJ gets the win and becomes world champion.

This is my theory. You guys are more than welcome to divulge your own and suggest some other opposition for Bully Ray.

That's all for now folks.

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  1. Treechstah's Avatar
    Hulk Hogan will dethrone bull and becoming TNA World Champion
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Matt morgan wants to erase all of hogans mistake's and the biggest mistake was bully ray ... Would be the biggest tweener champion I can remember
    Morgan becoming teh champ will be real good..n he has a purpose as well..if we go by teh story..even Storm has the purpose as he had many issues when A & 8s kicked off..

    I'm actually for a Morgan reign or Storm reign..but as a huge fan of Abyss I want him to become the champ only to see one more Lockdown match b/n Abyss n Aj...
  3. The Hit Man's Avatar
    I think Bully Ray will lose the Championship sometime between now and BFG to someone like Hardy or Angle only to win it back in a rematch. I think AJ will eventually join Aces and Eights and be put in the BFG series to prevent others from getting a shot at Bully Ray. He wins it then announces his intention to win back the title and quites Aces and Eights and becomes the new champion.
  4. Forrey6437's Avatar
    I would love Magnus to get his opportunity but sadly I can only see him taking the TV Title rather than the big one. If not Magnus then I would love Kaz to join Aces and Eights after getting an offer he simply couldn't refuse and Daniels to get a World title shot, this would lead to Kaz screwing over Bully and turn out that Daniels and Kaz are the saviours of TNA and we finally get Daniels as TNA champion.
  5. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    I would hope that TNA would put Austin Aries back on top. His build up last year was amazingly done but his run was just too short for such a fantastic athlete. He also beat Ray to many times to not beat him again, this time for the championship.
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