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My Ideal WWE Title Situation

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Hello everyone. This blog is going to be about what I think would be an ideal Championship situation in WWE, and by that I mean what titles do I think they should have, rather than the current setup.

Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Championship
This is the big one, I think we need one world champion. The World Heavyweight Championship has lost a lot of its prestige, and the brand extension is practically non-existent at this point. I personally have no problem with wrestlers appearing on both shows, but if that's the case I feel there should be just one world title. I would have the titles unified at Wrestlemania 30. I don't care who does it, but I think Punk or Cena probably deserve to do it more than anyone else on the roster, as they work the hardest in my opinion. In a perfect world, the design of the belt would be the World Heavyweight Championship design, but it seems like WWE wants their logo front and center on the belt, so we would most likely be stuck with the current design, which isn't THAT bad, but also isn't that good.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
To me the Intercontinental Championship is the definitive mid-card title. It should be around forever, and I'm a big fan of the current design that Cody Rhodes brought back. One big decision is that I would unify the United States Championship with the Intercontinental Championship, so that the Intercontinental Title would be the only Heavyweight mid-card championship. You might see where I'm going with this...

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
I would love to have the Cruiserweight division revived. There are currently 20 members of the WWE roster that weigh in at 220 pounds or less. There wouldn't have to be completely separate divisions or anything, but if you were under the 220 pound limit you could challenge for the Cruiserweight title. I would love to see guys like Seth Rollins or Tyson Kidd win this title. And if the WWE decides to make The Shield the dominant stable that it has potential to be, Roman Reigns would win the Intercontinental Championship, Seth or Dean could be Cruiserweight Champion, and Seth AND Dean could hold the Tag Team Titles. I'm just spit-balling ideas here, but you get my main point: bring back the Cruiserweights!

WWE Tag Team Championships
I don't really have much to say here, except please get rid of those God-awful, hideous, rusty-penny belts. And WWE needs to revive the entire tag-team division. Stop throwing random wrestlers into makeshift teams. I love Rhodes-Scholars, but the tag team killed Sandow's momentum as a singles wrestler. They need to go their separate ways, maybe even having one of them turn face and they could feud for the Intercontinental Title, bringing prestige back to it.

WWE Women's Championship
Please stop referring to the roster as Superstars and Divas...they're wrestlers. At least, most of them are. There are definitely some current females on the roster, like Alicia Fox, who have no business even being with the company. Please for the love of GOD bring back the WOMEN'S Championship and get rid of the tramp-stamp belt. Then get women who can actually wrestle and give them enough time to SHOW us that they can wrestle. You made RAW three hours long, stop showing us Touts and recaps and let the women have a match.

Well there you have it. I know plenty of people will probably disagree with my decisions, but I think my plan could easily work if it was handled right. Mind you, I'm no businessman, and I don't pretend to be. I don't know how to run a company. But as a fan, I know I would definitely enjoy seeing this sort of championship heirarchy.

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  1. Hurtts101's Avatar
    I too believe the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles should be unified once again and the Cruiserweight should be brought back. I would like to see both the IC and US Titles stick around. With only 1 'major' title, I think there can be a place for both and would hopefully bring back the prestige of each.
  2. TempestH's Avatar
    I agree with you.

    If you got rid of the World Heavyweight Title, then the WWE Title, and the IC Title would have more contenders. Guys like Ziggler, Bryan, and Ryback can go contend for the WWE Title and be built up into big stars before eventually winning the title

    Let some of the guys who aren't quite on the top tier level (Christian, Del Rio or Sheamus), aren't quite ready yet (Miz, Swagger), or the have already had their time on top, like (Kane, Big Show, Orton) go after the IC belt and have EPIC feuds for it. Use their notoriety and star power to make the IC belt look important.

    I think that instead of the Cruiserweight Title, they should bring back the Light Hevyweight Title. No point in getting rid of the World Heavyweight Title, and U.S. Title only to bring back the Cruiserweight belt. WWE should be using the belts that they created. They shouldn't be using ANY left overs from WCW.

    Also, I think there should be a lower midcard belt. There are a lot of guys on the roster, who aren't quite at IC level, but still wouldn't be eligible for a cruiserweight title because they're over the weight limit (i.e. Alex Riley, JTG, Santino, Brodus Clay, Sandow, McIntyre, McGillicutty, Otunga, Tensai, Big E). It would be nice to bring back the European Title, or create a new Television Title, so that these guys would have something to fight for

    WWE needs to go back to having one world title. Some people will argue that "X wrestler won't get to be a world champion with only one belt", but that's perfectly fine. There are LEGENDS who've never been a world champion. And part of the problem with having two World Titles, is that it's killed the midcard. Having two world titles sends the message that being a midcarder is a bad thing.
    Updated 04-16-2013 at 12:22 AM by TempestH
    Doesn't it seem like people like the way things 'were' but not much how they 'are'? Instead of repeating the past with lots of belts, the E needs to implement a 3 person team belt, get rid of the intercontinental championship, put some wrestlers in the divas division, and bring in someone who can be a face without jokes that 10 yr olds can relate to. #Bring Legitimacy to the E
  4. wil2197's Avatar
    As much I would love a six mean tag team belt, wwe needs to learn to manage their tag team division first. And I for one am not for getting rid of any belts. I think it's good the way it is. The WHC, although not equivalent to the WWE title, is perfect for wrestlers that can main event, but in actuality are no where near being in a main event position because of a crowded roster. It helps to make for more compelling shows. Now better writing could also help.
  5. jlsniper's Avatar
    I think fewer belts would be better. I'd love to see the Cruiserweight title back, or lightheavyweight title. Four belts, its perfect in my opinion. It would produce so many feuds and the titles would mean something again.
  6. Zane Morris's Avatar
    Or how about instead of getting rid of any belts, the WWE creates decent feuds for the current belts. There's no reason why guys that are under 220lbs couldn't feud for the US or IC titles. Those titles have already lost alot of prestige anyway so why not treat them kind of like they were a cruiserweight or light heavyweight title. Keep World heavyweight as it is, its like what thye IC title used to be. Agree with the women's title comments though. As far as tag teams go, everyone says that WWE needs to fix it then when they put some teams together, everyone wants them to break apart because the guys could be better as singles wrestlers. Let them stay together for awhile while you create and build up some new teams. Guys like the Hardys, Dudleys, E&C, go back to Hart Foundation, Steiner Bros., Harlem Heat all had long runs as teams before going to singles action and the guys were still successfull when becoming singles competetors.
  7. weems's Avatar
    I don't like the current belt structure. The WWE and WHC titles are on equal playing ground. Likewise, so are the US and IC titles. There needs to be just 1 world title like you said. WCW had a good structure back in the late 90's with the World Title, US Title, TV Title and Cruiser Title in that descending order.

    Personally, I don't think the cruiser weight division would work in the WWE. It only worked in WCW because of the luchadors and that high flying style of wrestling. The division would only benefit a handful of current guys such as Tyson Kidd, Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara and probalby a few others. However, if guys like Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan or Rey Mysterio competed in this division, it would bring their stock down tremendously. Rollins is a rising star and has been only wrestled against top tier talent so far. Putting him in the cruiserweight division would only bring down his stock. Meanwhile, Bryan and Mysterio are former world heavyweight champions. It doesn't make sense to see one of them facing an undercard guy like Justin Gabriel one night and then have them facing and a guy like Dolph Ziggler or CM Punk the next night. However, if El Generco and other similar talents are brought in, then I am all for a cruiser division.
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