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Dimension X: When Eras Collide

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Hi everybody! I came up with a fantasy booking idea which I thought was pretty interesting and I had to document it. I’ve actually been trying to move out of the realm of fantasy booking and focus on other blog topics in the world of WWE/TNA. However, with Extreme Rules shaping up, I couldn’t sit on this any longer. I’m expecting complaints about the use of certain guys and there will be a big glaring absence of a certain upstart trio. It’s just entertainment for those who choose to read it. *thanks by the way* So let’s start with…

Extreme Rules:
In the main event of Extreme Rules John Cena retains the WWE in his match with Ryback. Dolph Ziggler wins the WHC Ladder Match against Del Rio and Swagger. Brock Lesnar defeats Triple H in their steel cage match. Sheamus goes over on Mark Henry and The Big Show beats Randy Orton. All the feuds carry over to…

Payback: Ryback tries to seek “payback” on John Cena from Extreme Rules, but Cena retains. Alberto Del Rio is looking for “payback” from the cash in on Raw, however Dolph manages to get the W and leave WHC. It is enough to merit a rematch for ADR at the next PPV. Y2J and Randy Orton get their “payback” with singles victories over Fandango and The Big Show. Also, Sheamus continues his roll by defeating Mark Henry and concluding their feud. *Side Note: Payback, huh? This reeks of the corniness of WWF circa 93-94 and is perfect for the PG Era. It will do 5,000 more buys over the June 2012 PPV and all the guys on the fourth floor will pat each other on the back for coming up with best PPV concept yet. But I digress…*

Money In The Bank: John Cena is still the WWE Champion and Dolph Ziggler is still WHC. Because of his recent success, Sheamus gets to make a decision. He can either face Jack Swagger at MITB and the winner gets a WHC match at Summerslam or Randy Orton and the winner gets a WWE title match at SS. He chooses to face Swagger. This leaves Orton to face Cena for the WWE title. It is built up as face vs face encounter, differing from their storied battles in the past. However, Brock Lesnar has other plans. He attacks Orton, injuring him badly. Paul Heyman conveys Brock should be #1 contender because of what he did to Triple H. The MITB match goes to the Big Show instead. Cena retains and Ziggler finishes his feud against Del Rio still WHC. In the ladder matches, Y2J finally wins the match he created and has the WHC briefcase. In the feel good story of the year, Kofi wins the WWE Title briefcase. Sheamus becomes #1 contender for the WHC by beating Swagger.

Summerslam: Brock Lesnar finally gets his WWE Title shot and his rematch against John Cena. He wins the title and injures John Cena, knocking him out for 8 weeks. Sheamus wins the WHC title from Dolph Ziggler.

Night Of Champions: Brock Lesnar is the new WWE Champion. Heyman states since Cena and Orton injured and the Rock is gone, there are no suitable opponents for Lesnar…until he is interrupted by CM Punk!! Heyman can’t believe it. Punk is back with a slighty more face attitude and he wants a shot at Brock. They have a match at NOC but it is marred in controversy because of interference byRandy Orton. Sheamus continues his feud with Dolph Ziggler and their rematch is a dogfight. Sheamus retains and is still the WHC…until Y2J cashes in his money in the bank and defeats Sheamus!!! Y2J is your new WHC!!!

Hell In A Cell: CM Punk is mad because Randy Orton interfered in his title match. Orton feels he still has a title shot coming to him from back before Brock injured him. They’ll settle it in a #1 contenders match at HIAC (not in the cell though). Heyman said Brock will take the night off because he knows nobody on the roster wants to face Brock in the Cell…except for Kofi Kingston!!! Kofi comes out and cuts a promo about how hard it is to get noticed and how hard it is to get in the main event and title picture. With the Punk/Orton match and the eminent return of John Cena, he can see the writing on the wall. He’ll be left behind until he takes a stand, so he decides to cash in for a big time match with Brock…in the Cell! On the Youtube pre-show, we get the surprise return from the Rock *it is in Miami*. The Rock is standing backstage with Triple H, acting more like the heelish movie star from 2003. The Rock says he heard Brock was talking trash about him and wants a shot. Triple H says if he wants a shot he has to earn it. The Rock says if he’ll earn it by beating CM Punk for the third time and if the Game ever wants Rock in a WWE ring, he’ll put him in the match. Triple H says its Orton’s match and Rock tells him he has to make a decision. Triple H takes Orton out of the match which infuriates Orton. He interferes in the Punk/Rock match, causing a no decision. Y2J retains in a rematch with Sheamus, and in the feel shitty about your position in the company story of the year, Kofi becomes the second man to unsuccessfully cash in MITB when he is destroyed by Brock Lesnar and is put out for A YEAR!

Survivor Series: The night after HIAC, Raw opens with the return of John Cena. He blasts Triple H for screwing Orton out of his title shot and letting Lesnar run roughshod on the roster. Guys like him, Orton, Punk and Kofi who have been working hard for years get shafted for guys like Triple H, Brock, and and Rock. Triple H says “those guys” draw all the fans and if his generation is mad about it, they should do something about it…at Survivor Series. He does want another shot at Brock so it will be a classic 4-on-4 elimination tag, Triple H’s guys vs Cena’s guys. The survivors from the winning team face Brock in a TLC match next month. Triple H recruits the Rock, and Y2J who is looking to once again unify the title like he did 12 years ago. Also he gets the Big Show, who is also looking for a title shot. Cena gets Orton, Punk and Sheamus who is looking for another shot at Y2J. John Cena is the Sole Survivor and will face Brock at TLC. Even though Brock is the champ, he sits this one out. A lot of his dates are getting eaten up. J

TLC: This PPV is headlined by the rubber match between Brock and Cena. Cena wins the match.*so that’d be like his 14th world title?* Y2J wins a match against Randy Orton who finally gets his World Title shot *Yeah, I know it was a WWE title shot before, but I’m using WWE logic here J*

Royal Rumble: Brock exercises his rematch clause and gets one more shot at Cena despite being down in their series 2-1, however Cena retains. Y2J continues his roll as WHC by defeating CM Punk in a WM rematch. The surprise of the night, however, is The Miz winning The Royal Rumble.

Elimination Chamber: Cena comes out on Raw the night after Royal Rumble, and says he might be done with Brock Lesnar but he is not done with Triple H. Triple H told him at Survivor Series, if he was mad about the big names stealing the spot light he should do something about it. The locker room has taken a stand and is stepping up at Wrestlemania. He challenges Triple H to get his seven biggest aging stars and once again pit his team against Cena. If Cena’s team wins, all the old guys are gone for good. They’ll end the era, only for real this time. Triple H accepts but says if his team wins, whether he is champion or not, Cena is fired and gone for good. Cena agrees. Triple H then tells Cena at the Chamber it will be 3 guys from each team in the Chamber. Whichever team wins the Chamber gets to choose who faces who in the best of seven series at WM. However, Cena cannot represent his team in the Chamber because he will be defending the title against Triple H. Triple H is tired of Cena’s disrespect and before he fires him after WM, he’s going to take the title at EC. He recruits Y2J, Brock, and Big Show for his chamber team by telling them each they will get the WWE title match at WM if their team wins. Cena gets Orton, Punk, and Sheamus to represent him in the Chamber. Orton and Sheamus agree, but Punk holds out until Cena agrees to put Daniel Bryan on the Cena’s WM team. Cena agrees and it is a good night for the PG Era as Cena beats Triple H and his team wins the Chamber.

The Build Up: The Raw after the EC opens with a meeting between Triple H’s team. They are all upset because they figured out they were all promised the same title shot and now their careers are all in jeopardy because they agreed to join his team. Triple H points out they lost so it doesn’t matter, but he had a plan all along. He tells them not to worry and to leave everything to him, at which point HBK comes out in a surprise return. He offers his services to Triple H, who politely declines. He tells Shawn it’s not his fight and he got himself into this, so he’ll get himself out. Later on Triple H is negotiating with The Rock. He needs The Rock on his team because he is a legend and he beat Cena and Punk. Triple H promises The Rock if he joins the team and they win, he will be WWE Champion after Triple H fires Cena, however if Cena’s opponent wins the title from Cena, his hands are tied. The Rock takes the chance and joins the team. John Cena also hits the recruiting trail. He is seen talking to the Miz. John Cena says he respects that Miz won the Rumble and beat him at WM 27. He wants Miz on the team and tells the Miz he earned it. At first the Miz is tentative. Cena rejected him when he wanted to be on his Summerslam team against the Nexus. He could just as easily use his rumble win for a shot at Cena and mess up his whole plan. Cena reminds the Miz he’s never been WHC and it’s the only title he’s never held. He lists off all the guys Y2J has beat since becoming WHC. Miz can be the guy to finally beat him. Miz buys into it and joins up with Cena.

Announcement of the Matches: The six announced members of Team Cena are Standing in the ring with the five announced members of Team Triple H. Cena says coming up with the matches was a team effort and they’re ready for a battle. Their first order of business was “the boss” Triple H. It was their turn to boss him around and they order a match between him and Daniel Bryan! Second, Miz won the Rumble so he’ll get his World Title shot against Y2J. Next, they know Brock likes to fight so they pit him against the fighting Irishman Sheamus. The next guy is the Big Show. He’s a giant and Cena says when his opponent heard he’d be facing a giant he just said “Feed Me More!” and Ryback comes out revealing himself to be the seventh member of Team Cena. Cena stares down The Rock and says he didn’t forget about the 3rd generation superstar. They have 3rd generation superstar of their own and he just happens to be a legend killer, Randy Orton! He then looks to Triple H and tells him to reveal his last two team members so they can get on with it. Triple H tells Cena he actually played it pretty smart, but even though they get to pick the matches, Triple H gets to pick his team members, and the 6th member of the team is Stone Cold Steve Austin! Austin comes out and Cena’s team huddles up. Of course they come to the conclusion he will face CM Punk. That leaves just John Cena. Triple H says Cena is the champ and when it’s all on the line, there is only one man he can face, The Undertaker!!!

Wrestlemania: After an opening battle royal featuring everyone else on the roster not involved in this storyline, the best of seven series begins with…

Brock Lesnar vs Sheamus: Brock Lesnar wins this knockdown drag out battle to give Triple H’s team the early 1-0 lead.

WHC – Y2J vs The Miz: In an amazing, high paced, back and forth battle, The Miz scores the victory and his first WHC, evening the series 1-1.

Ryback vs The Big Show: Ryback shows impressive feats of strength but it is not enough to overcome the veteran giant. 2-1 Team Triple H.

Triple H vs Daniel Bryan: Triple H is feeling good going into his match with Daniel Bryan. If he wins, they take a commanding 3-1 lead with arguably his 3 heaviest hitters to go. However, Daniel Bryan pulls off the incredible upset on the grandest stage and evens things up. 2-2

The Rock vs Randy Orton: In the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, Cena motivates Orton. Cena tells Orton he knows what it takes to beat the Rock. The Randy Orton who lost to Jericho at TLC and was on the losing team at WM 29 isn’t going to be able to do it. He needs to become the Legend Killer, The Viper, and The Apex Predator again. He needs to become the guy he battled in 2009. He strikes a nerve with Orton and Orton pulls off another amazing upset. 3-2 Cena

Stone Cold vs CM Punk: Team Cena is one win away from victory with two matches to go. It doesn’t come here, as Stone Cold wins this dream match to even the series and send it to match 7!

John Cena vs The Undertaker: It all comes down to this. If Cena wins he is still the WWE Champ, he ends the streak, and he sends all the guys on team Triple H packing for good. If The Undertaker wins, he is the champ, the streak continues, and Cena is fired! If you think I’m going to write the end of the streak, you’re crazy. Taker wins and Team Triple H wins!

Now…The Undertaker is WWE Champ, the part timers are all safe and John Cena is fired!

Where do we go from here? Should it be continued? Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed.

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  1. HellDemon102094's Avatar
    I smell biased towards Cena
    Good article though, liked the whole thing.
  2. sret's Avatar
    Fantastic blog. I really enjoyed this booking, despite the burial and absence of Mark Henry and the lack of various suprstars including Kane and The Shield (which I suppose is fine as they won't necessarily be in the world title picture in the imminent future).
  3. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    Interesting read. Nothing wrong with making matches which can never happen, as it's your fantasy, not the reality of wrestling (which I know is an oxymoron). I think most of this could actually work, as long as Cena stays on in one way or another afterwards just like he did when he was "fired" by Nexus. It's tough to tell at times who is the face and who is the heal, and while the IWC likes tweeners, they don't exist in the WWE and never will (Cena comes close at times). Still, very thorough, and you obviously put a great deal of thought into this, so I appreciate your effort and your imagination. Well done.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Brock wouldn't work all those dates though. I hate the team vs team format for Mania.
  5. Kajmere's Avatar
    Start off realistically, but went off in a strange direction. It would be too demanding to book all of those part timers together.
  6. weems's Avatar
    This was an entertaining read. I would love to see a full-timers vs part-timers match at Survivor Series in a traditional SS tag match. Only question I have is why does Kofi win the MITB briefcase only to be humiliated when he cashes in? More specificially, why have Kofi out for the year after the match?
    All in all, I enjoyed reading this blog.

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