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RE: Booking Challenge: WM 30

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Hi everybody! I was reading the blogs and came across TheGreatOne’s WM 30 booking challenge. I figured I’d throw my two cents out there because I’m always up for some good ol’ fashioned fantasy booking. I tried to follow the rules as best I can, but there are a couple of wildcards I had to get in there. I know it’s highly unlikely any of this will happen, but it is all stuff I’d like to see.

Special Attraction: 8 Man Money In The Bank for WWE Title Match Contract: Sheamus vs Orton vs Y2J vs Kane vs Big Show vs Miz vs Barrett vs Mysterio
Yes, I am aware there is a PPV view called MITB and most likely will have two of these matches *neither of which will be as good as thisJ*, but in 2013 like they did at the EC and HIAC, they cut back to one ladder match, ands it for a WHC match contract. This creates outrage from fans, which drives to WWE to put this spectacle on at WM 30 *Hey, a guy can dream, right?* The catch is all participants, like at the last MITB, had to be former WWE Champions. The exception is Barrett, who cut a shady deal with Brad Maddox to gain entry.

Four Corners Tag Title Match: Mark Henry & Swagger(c) vs Prime Time Playas vs Tons of Funk vs Rhodes Scholars
Actually I much rather have seen something like this at this years Wrestlemania to get PTP, the Funk and the Scholars on the show and up the ante on the importance of the tag team title. I don’t think Rhodes Scholars will be a team by WM 30, but this match filled a lot of holes for me, so I’m going with it.

Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan
Mainly the point here is Brock has to be on the card. The rumor going around is he will face The Rock but I hope it doesn’t happen that way. I don’t have anything against the Rock and I’m sure they’d have a decent match, but I don’t think it’s beneficial to put two part timers against each other. I think they should be paired off with the current full time guys to give them some rub. Brock Lesnar is a physical freak and a legitimate bad ass. The guy doesn’t say a word on the mic and still is one of the most intriguing characters out there. If you go ahead and put him against Daniel Bryan, talk about David vs Goliath! Daniel Bryan has the in ring ability to have incredible matches and I’m sure this wouldn’t be any different. Bryan might seem a little low ball for Brock but I think that’s what needs to happen to elevate the “guys of the future”. The build up? Lets say Bryan eliminated Brock in the Rumble and Brock got pissed.

US Title Triple Threat Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose
Before I get bombed with people pissed I ended the Shield the same way they ended Legacy, hear me out. First, I liked Legacy and that match. Second, I like the Shield. I’m thinking they own the mid-card title scene for the summer with Rollins and Ambrose holding the Tag Titles. Towards the end of the year infighting destroys the group and it becomes every man for himself and Reigns US Title becomes the object of desire.

Triple H vs HBK: One Final Time
I know Triple H and Shawn Michaels have had pretty much every match imaginable and both were in the main event of WM 20. That was a triple threat match and they’ve never faced each other in a one on one match at WM. I also know storyline wise HBK is retired as a result of his loss at WM 26, but how often does the retirement of a wrestler actually hold up? I would be on board with this mostly because it would be a scenario where Triple H would likely retire. I’m not saying he can’t cut it or have a good match. I think his match with Brock was pretty good. I just feel there isn’t anything left for him, except to have one more match for the ages at WM with Mr. Wrestlemania. The two best friends go out there, tear the house down one more time and leave the in ring game for good. Plus I think HBK is the greatest of all time, so I’d definitely want to see it.

WHC Title Match: Alberto Del Rio(c) vs Antonio Cesaro (RR Winner)
I think Antonio Cesaro got shafted this year, even more so than the performers who got cut from WM. He had a bunch of good matches with the Miz, and he’s been a good US Champion. I think him and Del Rio could have a classic. Del Rio‘s been in the WHC match two out of the last three years, so it made sense to me.

The Rock vs Dolph Ziggler
When The Rock came back, he was in the main event of everything and 90% of the time, he was the last segment on Raw. They gave him an incredible run where he main evented two WMs and let him beat CM Punk, who was on the biggest roll in the business, twice within a month. I know he is a huge name, an instant draw, and doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to, but I think he still has more to give back. He should take a cue from Jericho and work with someone who isn’t Cena, Punk, or Brock and see he if can elevate someone to that level. It didn’t seem like he had problems with doing that towards the end of his first run with putting over Brock at Summerslam and even working with the Hurricane a few times on TV. If he can take Dolph Ziggler to the next level his legacy would be that much greater. The Rock does his thing, hurling insults at Dolph and AJ. Dolph snaps and has a pipe bomb moment talking about how he is sick of the part timers stealing the spotlight at WM and he is going to steal the show by beating the Rock at WM 30.

IC Title: Ryback (c) vs Fandango
After cooling off from his fued with Cena, which he lost, a heel Ryback feeds on this mid card title. Fandango seems like he is one of those guys that will end up a face because of his budding popularity. They throw these guys are thrown into the fire at WM 30 in the middle of some huge matches to see what they are made of. Mostly this is more of a come down match for the crowd who needs a breather for the final stretch J

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk
I’ve liked the trend of WWE bringing back big names over the past couple of years for the recent Wrestlemanias. I may not always agree with how they have used those guys but that’s another story. For WM 30 I hope they take it to another level by making this rumored match happen. These guys are both unbelievable on the mic and in the ring. I could go on and on about how great their careers have been and how a feud would be can’t miss. You have the straight edge superstar vs the hall of fame beer swilling rattlesnake. This time, CM Punk is the one interrupted by the breaking glass. They’ll take it from there. As for including Austin, I figured I already brought HBK out of retirement, so why not? At least I’m not using Sting.

WWE Title Match: John Cena (c) vs The Undertaker
Yeah, I jacked TheGreatOne’s main event. I really want to see this though, even more so than Punk/Austin. With John Cena winning the WWE Title, it looks like he’s back on the rocket to the moon. First he won the Royal Rumble, and then got his redemption against The Rock in the main event of WM 29. I think he should he should continue this roll and hold on to the title all the way until WM 30 *pauses for the collective groan of the Anti-Cena movement* He holds on to the belt, jumps all the hurdles, and climbs all the mountains…again, until around WM 30 when the lights go out and we hear the bell for The Undertaker. He’s done it all at WM with his streak, but he wants to finish his career at WM 30 with an exclamation point. At WM 28, he “ended an era” and at WM 29 he honored the memory of Paul Bearer. Finally at WM 30 he wants to walk off into the sunset with the WWE title and as “the man” in the business and to do that he has to beat John Cena, who will facing the biggest challenge of his career...ever…again. I know The Undertaker doesn’t need to pad his resume anymore than it already is. I also know putting the streak and the title in the same match may seem excessive. I still think it would be cool and a fitting end for The Undertaker. Maybe I still haven’t gotten over no streak vs streak but I think this is the highest profile match on the table outside of Punk/Austin.

Anyway, that’s what I’d like to see. You’re welcome and I hope you enjoyed.

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    ok y2d2017 what u have just done with the shield is wat they did with the nexus, and have u heard of them recently cos i know i havent. they split!
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