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The TNA Knockouts and the WWE Divas

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I have been reading people's blogs on here for a long time and felt it was high time I added my own. I want to focus my attention on the TNA knockouts. I watch TNA Impact every week and also keep myself informed about what's going on in the WWE Divas division. Now don't get me wrong, I am a fan of the divas but it must be said that they do not compare to the KOs. Divas matches are always so short and tbh usually fairly boring. I am glad Natalya now has the title because Laycool were just plain annoying. Layla has really improved and I like her in ring style but Michelle McCool just gets too much air time when other divas seem to get so little or nothing. I love Melina and Maryse and think that Gail deserves a push, especially after her TNA success. To me the Bellas are pointless as they seem to do the same thing everytime they wrestle. Alicia Fox is good and she has a bit of presence in the ring and Kelly Kelly is always fun to watch and she has also improved but come on WWE - use the divas properly!

As for the Knockouts, I really enjoy watching them on TV and always have. They seem to get more airtime and their matches and storylines are grittier than WWE. I thought I'd give MY view on the TNA knockouts:

Angelina Love - Always like watching Angelina although I prefered her as a heel. Good in the ring but sometimes overused.

Velvet Sky - Don't really have a fixed view on Velvet. She has received some negative comments about her in ring ability recently but she has always been entertaining and can wrestle.

Madison Rayne - Love her! Since winning the KO belt the first time her charachter has really grown and developed. Madison is a great heel and very good in the ring.

Mickie James - She has had a great impact on the KO division but I just can't warm to her and never have. I know there are a lot of people who love Mickie but to me she is overrated and other KOs need to be in the limelight. If she wins the KO title, which she will, I'' be gutted.

Tara - I felt about Tara as I think about Mickie when she first joined TNA but since her return I am loving her. I much prefer her as a heel and hope to see much more of her.

Daffney - Another of my favourite KOs. Daffney needs a title shot as she seems to be the only wrestling KO not to hold a title (except Mickie). Very talented in the ring and needs a big push.

Taylor Wilde - My favourite KO but very under used. I'd love to see her get a push and go for the KO title again. She seems to have faded into the background since she dropped the title back to Kong and we need Taylor on our screens more!

Sarita - Very talented and great to see her back in the spotlight.

These are only my opinions but thought I'd give it a go on here. All comments welcome!

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NWO_Loki
    Mickey James was the biggest asset TNA made to the KO division. She knows how to work a match period. WWE Diva(thats a joke) havent been good since the Trish Stratus / Mickey James fued cause that rivarly story was aweseme and the matches were awesome in telling the story of the fued. WWE FAILS at doing any of the women who compete there justice. Its garbage. I was fuckin stoked to see the main event TNA be women. Tara and Mickey did an awesome job taking the opportuinty given to them and making a main event. Kudos to TNA for it. I respect them more for it. A womens cage match? A you kidding me? WWE doesnt have the balls anymore to do anything like that. Instead i have to see them jerk off the super hero characters like John Cena and Rey Meyterio so that the merchandise flow stays plentiful. Lame. Boring.
    WWEs doing something hardcore..the upcoming divas tag team table match at TLC. Imagine how watered down and short thats gonna be!
    TNA KOs aeren't only hardcore, but can get fans excited to see them compete in the ring, unlike WWE, where the crowd goes dead.
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