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Who should take the title off Cena?

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Hey, this is Dennis back with another blog for you guys! This time I'm doing another duel blog but this time with my friend Kendon. I hope you guys like the subject matter we decided to discuss and as always feel free to tell us what you think and how we could improve.

Who do you think should take the belt off John Cena?

Dennis: John Cena is the most controversial superstar of my lifetime for sure. He's put on show stopping performances on his way to becoming a 13 time world champion in world wrestling entertainment. Here is something that I find interesting about this situation though, John Cena has never had more heat as a champion than he has currently had on his 13th world title reign. Maybe because it's because they were in front of a smark crowd, or maybe it's because the fans are finally sick of having the same thing pushed down their trouts on a constant basis. Who knows? But I do believe that whoever beats John Cena will get a mega push into superstar-dom because the kids will hate that superstar for beating their idol and the smarks will love them for beating their most hated superstar. So to me, it should be someone fresh to the world title scene that finally snatches the world title from John Cena. I think it would be interesting for the WWE to allow Antonio Cesaro to win the title off of John Cena. Antonio has proven to be able to gain some heat from the fans as the United states champion and has displayed feats of strength maybe only matched by John Cena. Smarks already love this guy, and a lot of them think he isn't quite getting the push that he deserves. I don't think there would be a better way to see if Antonio Cesaro could work on this stage than to give him the nod against the thirteen time world champion. I think he'd have to drop the united states title at the next ppv for this to realistically happen with in the next six months. I'm not saying it's the most likely situation but I am saying it's a superstar who deserves the push plus a superstar who would be unpredictable and fresh in the world title scene.

When thinking of people to whom Cena could drop the belt, a shortlist immediately started compiling in my mind. Show, Lesnar, Jericho, Punk, Henry, Orton, Ryback, and Sheamus seem like the most likely candidates. Of these, one in particular stands out: Mark Henry. Henry has been wrestling in the WWE since 1996, longer than anybody else on that list, yet he has never held the WWE title, a characteristic shared only with the newest member of the list (Ryback). After having the same champion for over a year, a champion who has only wrestled eight times in the past decade, and an eleven time champion, WWE needs to bring something new into the championship race. This might sound like an argument for Ryback; not only has he never won the WWE championship, but he is also the newest on that list to the company. However, Henry still seems like the best choice for the following reasons:1: He would be a first-time champion, which would be the breath of fresh air that the championship needs.
2: He deserves it more than anyone else on the roster. He has dedicate well over a decade and half to the WWE and the best he has been given is a three month World Heavyweight championship reign.
3: Henry will be 42 in June. If he doesn’t get a chance to hold the title soon, he probably never will.
4: Cena can loose the title without disgrace. After touting (notice the little “t”) the shame Cena felt after losing to the Rock, WWE should have him lose to somebody like Henry; Henry is big and strong, even by wrestling standards, so there would be no shame in losing to him.

Dennis: Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind having Mark Henry win the belt off John Cena. The only reason I'd go with someone like Cesaro over Mark Henry is because Mark has one the other major belt in the WWE. I mean, I'd be very naive to say that holding the WWE title on WWE's flagship program is the same thing as holding a world championship on WWE's B-show... But I think most of us who watch the product have seen the hall of pain gimmick and we have seen what mark henry does. I think having Cesaro win the belt would show that the WWE is again unpredictable. I think it would show that anyone with major talent on the roster could win the big one, instead of it being held by a select few of the front offices golden boys. Also, like I said beating Cena would be a mega push for whoever gets it. Mark Henry is almost 42 as you said, having him win the title and get that push wouldn't have nearly the advantageous backlash that having a young talent like Cesaro could possibly have for WWE's future at least in my opinion. I wouldn't mind having Mark Henry or even Kane take it off Cesaro a couple months after Cesaro wins the belt, I just think having Cesaro win the belt over Cena would do much more for his career than for a great veteran of the company.

Kendon:I agree that Cena represents something of a creative rut in WWE at the moment and that the solution to this is something fresh. Also, I will not deny that Cesaro has proven to be able to gain some heat from the fans as the US champion; his gimmick all but guarantees it. Still, I have my doubts as to whether Cesaro is the man for the job. I must call into question whether Cesaro really has “displayed feats of strength maybe only matched by John Cena,” especially when I’m lobbying for the World’s Strongest Man. Sure, Cesaro’s feats of strength seem impressive but that is only because he is stronger than he looks. Henry’s feats might seem less impressive but that is only because of how strong he already looks. If anything, this makes Henry a better candidate. As I mentioned before, it is imperative that WWE have Cena lose the title in a way that is not disgraceful. We can clearly see that Henry is bigger and stronger than Cena; there is no shame in losing to the World’s Strongest Man. On the other hand, Cesaro doesn’t look as strong as he is, so Cesaro needs to prove himself, which adds a hurdle not present with Henry. As for “Smarks already love[ing]” Cesaro, I need to point out that they love Henry too albeit for very different reasons. I grew up watching wrestling in the Attitude Era; as a kid I booed to Nation of Domination and cheered for Sexual Chocolate (and if the crowd on April 8’s Raw proves anything, I’m not the only one). Henry might not be the best technician (okay, he definitely isn’t), but true wrestling fans have fond memories of Henry and respect his commitment to wrestling over the years. Henry has never received a push that WWE has followed though on, and a WWE championship could be the start of the push he deserves. As for Cesaro receiving a push, I must admit that I think he needs one too. However, rushing him into the WWE championship race seems like a bad idea. When WWE used that belt to push Sheamus, the entire angle was a mess; it took Sheamus’ winning the World Heavyweight championship to recover. If WWE wants to push Cesaro, that is what his target should be (the World Heavyweight Championship). Cesaro has a bright career ahead of him. Let him finish up his US title run, give him a feud with a big name, and then let him win the WHC once or twice. After that, I would love to see him win the big one. Cesaro has the next decade to get there; Henry only has a few years.

Alright guys, thanks for reading this debate. I have to admit, I didn't expect it to be so wordy but it lead to some pretty awesome points on both sides that I enjoyed quite a bit. We'd love to hear it and as always godspeed to you all!

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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    ​I dont mind old school wrestlers getting title reigns, but really? This not only makes for a guaranteed boring main event, but guarantees a boring main event rematch at the next ppv, as well. Not every guy needs a courtesy title reign on his way out. I mean, if HBK and Flair didn't need one, why the hell does Henry, who has rarely put on a decent match in his career. Nice blog, but I hate the idea.
  2. weems's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    ​I dont mind old school wrestlers getting title reigns, but really? This not only makes for a guaranteed boring main event, but guarantees a boring main event rematch at the next ppv, as well. Not every guy needs a courtesy title reign on his way out. I mean, if HBK and Flair didn't need one, why the hell does Henry, who has rarely put on a decent match in his career. Nice blog, but I hate the idea.
    I may have a compromise....I don't want to see Mark Henry experiencing a title reign either. However, if Mark Henry really is about to retire, how about one angle and one PPV main event of Henry v Cena for the WWE title and it is also a career match. The IWC will all know this is Mark Henry's swansong. However, the kids (which are Cena's fan base) will buy into the angle of how much of a monster Henry is and how he could put an end to Cena's career. This lets Henry go out in a main event match and also helps put over Cena and the WWE title. Likewise, us in the IWC will only have to suffer through one Cena v Henry match and have the pleasure of knowing there will not be a rematch.
  3. CM Sizi's Avatar
    I love the point-counterpoint format of this blog. Both are good arguments. Personally I side with Dennis because right now they need to look at the future. There have been many great superstars and wrestlers that never won the WWE title. Since 1963 there have only been something like 43 guys who have ever held it. That is only because 8 different people won it in 1999. People like Roddy Piper, Snuka, Vader, and William Regal never won it so it is ok if Mark Henry never wins it. HHH is making it so title reigns last longer to bring prestige back to it. I think that the next person to win it will either have won it before or be a new face to be pushed to super-stardom. I love that you thought of Cesaro because I like that he is a throw back type of guy. Right now, I don't see a young guy on the roster in position to take it from Cena, but Cena might carry it for a while. Ryback is interesting because Vince thinks he can be a top face eventually and winning it first as a heel would make sense, but I still think Cena holds it for awhile.
  4. Dennis's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for your input so far!

    CM- Thanks for the compliment on the formatting... It was fun to write for that reason as well. Kendon and I love to argue in general, so giving us a wrestling topic to argue... something that we have both watched since childhood... was a ton of fun for me at least.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Wade Barrett and Ryback are the two that instantly come to my mind. MITB winner likely will o.
  6. TempestH's Avatar
    Honestly, Ziggler should take the WWE Title and become Undisputed Champion. Being the World Heavyweight Champion isn't really raising his stock any higher than it has been for the past year or so. They need to go all the way with him.
  7. swanny316's Avatar
    I am ot a fan of Cena but after everything that has happened they should give him a full year and it will be the final Cena reign.

    Main Event WWE Championship.

    John Cena vs Kane ( Royal Rumble winner)

    After entering the rumble 10th and dominating everyone Heel Kane challenges John Cena and no one can stop Kane as each week he is interfering in most matches threatening refs announcers through all of this John Cena does his usual super Cena promos. John Cena has held the belt for exactly a year. Can the menacing derranged Kane end the reign or will Super Cena prevail. Promos are boring but the action before wrestlemania is as good as C M Punk and Austin. After 30 minutes of mainly Kane dominating and we then get the usual 5 moves of doom from Cena. We hear the whole crowd boo as Cena covers then 1-2--- Kane powers out and goes back to throwing Cena around - knocking out the ref Cena looking worried slides outside followed by Kane he picks up the ring bell and hits Kane 3 times. AA through the announces table (possible heel turn) he drags Kane into the ring again hits the AA covers and the ref slides over 1-2--- kane barely kicks out with blood pouring from his head with John Cena looking like he knows he cant win and only to be saved by the ring bell time is called on the match and J Cena is announced as the winner. he picks up his title and starts to leave (again fans booing) only for HHH's music to hit argues with Cena turns on his mic and orders the match to continue. Ref starts to count out Cena (who has a grin on his face knowing he will retain through countout only for the Undertaker to come out throwing Cena to Kane (perhaps setting up Undertaker vs Cena Wrestlemania 31). Kane hits the Chokeslam covers 1-2-------- kick out a little more back and forth Kane then hits the Tombstone everyone in the arena on there feet as they count with the ref 1------------2--------------------------------------------------------------------3 NEW WWE CHAMPION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A last decent title run for one truly deserving and underrated WWE stars. Undertaker comes out to congratulate Kane.

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