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Booking Challenge: Wrestlemania 30

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Wrestlemania 29 is in the books. Everyone is wondering what matches will we be seeing next year. Tons of rumored matches already being discussed. I chose to try something different with blogs to spice things up. Have a booking challenge 1x a month just for fun instead of all the crazy top 10s. I know what you are thinking? Booking Wrestlemania 30 so soon? If I do it during Wrestlemania season....people won't book the matches they particularly want. They will book matches that are rumored to take place. Of course we have rules such as no more than 10 matches. I'd also like to see at least 1 tag match along with the majority of the titles on the line. Put in bold the matches you are booking and tell me how you would build the feud up to make fans want to see it. Include who you would have as Rumble winner as well. That is about it. Here is how I'd book WM 30:

Tag Team Turmoil for Tag titles: Jack Swagger/Cesaro(C) vs Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara vs Sheamus/Del Rio vs Christian/Tyson Kidd vs Kofi/Big E Langston-I don't believe Cesaro will receive the type a push I'd like to see based on reports. I also don't believe great things will happen for Swagger since he lost the world title match vs Del Rio at Mania. I figure a tag team would be good for both parties. Swagger America type of theme with Cesaro joining. Have virtually every tag team who works in America, but is from a different country. Tyson Kidd/Christian wins tag titles. Student/teacher type of situation here with Kidd getting a big head after this. Develops a feud and a singles career after their tag title run. Kofi turns heel and joins Henry's stable along with Langston.

IC title: Fandango(C) vs Mark Henry vs Big Show vs Kane-Monsters who are really serious vs a dancer. 3 of the biggest monsters in the company wanting Fandango's IC title. Fandango somehow some way finds a way to pick up a victory. Main reason for this is because they needed on the show as well meaning the vets in this match.

US title: Damien Sandow(C) vs Cody Rhodes w/Dusty Rhodes-Sandow is one of my favs in WWE right now. Putting down and insulting the intelligence of fans while being the US champion. Dusty doesn't like the constant disrespect Sandow how has to the WWE fans. Claims America needs a champion to be proud of, so it takes a while, but Dusty finally motivates Cody to challenge and defeat his former tag team partner on the biggest stage of them all. Call the moment: America's Dream!

Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho-I know they have faced, but I'd love to see a feud between these two. The matches they could put on certainly would be entertaining. The comparisons continue with Bryan and you know who. Can they outshine that feud from the 2000s? That will be a hard task to follow. Either 1 heel or face it would be solid. Winner=Daniel Bryan!

WHC title: Wade Barrett(C) vs (RR winner)Ryback-Got Ryback winning the world title from Ziggler at some point. What top face should besides him? Doubt Dolph will have it for an entire year so why isn't Ryback champion? MITB winner, Wade Barrett cashes it in after a beat down by Mark Henry and his new stable. Rematch happens, but of course Barrett cheats his way to victory. Ryback wins Rumble to end up to be the one to defeat Wade Barrett for the WHC at Wrestlemania.

Dolph Ziggler w/AJ vs HHH w/Steph-Ziggler has been compared to HBK. Love to see how good a match him and HHH would be. I know they have battled in the past specifically when he was with the Spirit Squad. Dolph/AJ sorta reminds you a bit of HHH/Steph. I was thinking mixed tag, but I think it is better just 1 on 1 with each in their mans corner. Of course involvement in the match. Dolph wins of course proving in their own minds they were the best power couple of all-time.

Special ref Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk-You gotta wonder how long WWE will keep these two from each other. Like they don't know Paul Heyman is managing someone else. Paul Heyman is forced into this situation basically to make a decision. Who are you with? Punk/Brock lose team vs team Survivor Series match. Each trying to blame the loss on the other. Punk mentions, maybe if you actually competed more than 2x a year maybe we would have won. Brock responds maybe if you were a foot taller you would say it to my face. Face-off and Heyman is in between the two. Lesnar wins thanks to Heyman. Lets be honest here, who needs Heyman more of the two? Punk or Lesnar? Punk gets a rematch at Extreme Rules and wins....everyones happy!!

The Rock vs Randy Orton-
They did compete in a tag match at WM20. I've always been interested to see how these 2 3rd generation superstars would do in a feud together. Legend Killer gimmick and he wants to add another name to that list. I'd have Orton win here.

Main Event WWE title: The Undertaker vs John Cena
-To add to the prestige of the WWE title. Undertaker asks for his last Wrestlemania to challenge for 1 last shot at the WWE title. I know many people would hate to live through a long title reign, but wouldn't it be better to say WWE title than to give Cena the praise such as you are the man in the WWE. That is why I choose to face you? That is how I want Taker to go out. In the main event vs the franchise in the WWE. Win or lose, really doesn't matter to me. I've been wanting Taker/Cena feud since Cena became a main event player. Never did happen, however they did have a match or 2 on random Raws. That is the nod, I believe Taker deserves.

There you have it!! My Wrestlemania 30 card with a little less than a year away. What is your card? How did I do? Are you up to the challenge? Goodness, I hope I don't see Sting, Austin, or something like that until it is confirmed they will be wrestling in the event. In Stings case, at least under contract with WWE. That is all....hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Dime Store Saint's Avatar
    The only match I like is Brock v Punk with Heyman as ref. At some stage it has to happen where he needs to choose between the two and I hope is Lesner for a Punk face turn. The tag combinations.....I hope none of those teams happen. Fandango against monsters won't happen. No Shield members?? One of them will be on the title hunt and I hope it's Rollins against Ziggler or Rollins against Bryan
  2. smellmycooking's Avatar
    Love the punk Brock idea. I hated the thought of cena taker at mania 30 but I really like the way you have built it so I think it would work. As for the concept of a monthly booking challenge I like it. R we sending cards 2 u or posting them as blogs?
  3. Kajmere's Avatar
    I love Cena/Taker and Brock/Punk but I hate Barrett/Ryback and your tag match participants. Here are a few I would like to see not mentioned:

    Daniel Bryan d. CM Punk (WHC)

    No one will complain about this one. Two of the best in this business in what will be the feud of the year. Would love an iron man match between these two guys.

    Ziggler d. Orton and Jericho
    This should be a great match. AJ and Big E will be long gone at this point. Feud goes on until the summer with interchangeable one-on-one matches between the trio.

    Sheamus d. Brock Lesnar
    Possibly Last Man Standing. Two big guys that love to fight. Lots of potential here.

    Rock vs HHH
    One more to add to the series for one of my favorite feuds of all time. Fans, old and young will be pumped about seeing these two go at it for the first time in over a decade. Main event potential, although I’d like Cena/Taker to close the show.

    The Shield in a triple threat match for the US title (Rollins wins)
    Battle over leadership eventually leading to their breakup. It can stem from them eliminating each other at the Royal Rumble.

    Damien Sandow d. Del Rio for the IC title
    2013 will be Sandow’s break out year. I hope for a MITB briefcase win, but I’ll settle for the more realistic scenario. Del Rio sucks on the mic and I have fast forwarded his promos for over a year. Sandow will hopefully win a tag title and a mid card title this year, and start 2014 strong.

    Ryback ends Mysterio’s career
    We all know Rey is getting close to that point, and Ryback, if able to sustain the main event level push he appears to be receiving, can be the one to do the deed.

    I want a 4-way tag title match, as well, but refuse to predict one considering how ridiculously that division will probably be booked between now and WM.

    And I’m just going to add this: I’ve been watching WWE since Wrestlemania 5, when I was 3 years old, and only stopped shortly after WM 12 for a couple years. I’m at the point where I DVR Raw and watch it in 90 mins with fast forwarding, and DVR Smackdown and watch it for 30 mins (or less) with fast forwarding.

    However, if WM 30 is not the best ppv that I have seen in years like it should be, I will quit WWE. Your thinking, “yeah you and everyone else”, but I mean it. They not only need an awesome card, top to bottom, they will need multiple five star matches, not just one. I’m getting tired of being punished for supporting their product. The WWE will probably survive for 100 years, but they will do it without me.
    Updated 04-14-2013 at 04:17 AM by Kajmere
  4. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    I still say HHH vs HBK in a retirement match!!!!! Undertaker vs The Rock vs Brock Lesnar - No Holds Barred!!!!
  5. blink's Avatar
    @wwe.tna.2012 - thatd be hhh's 2nd retirement match in a row. I dont think theyd start making that a yearly stipulation for him. I also hope not. Plus hbk is already retired and, as much as i miss seeing him perform, i respect the fact that hes one of the few that says retirement and means it. But i also know hes a company man and would come back if they needed him. Im also aware that the idea has been kicked around backstage with hhh pushing for it. Its really a conflicting topic for me. On one hand, id love to see it. Id love to see hhh get retired by his best friend and he deserves to go out against the best of all time. At the same time, i dont want hbk to come out of retirement. His send off was perfect. He was retired by the freaking undertaker! It was truly a heroes sendoff. I dont want that spoiled, much like ric flair did to his.
  6. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    @blink what is ur opinoin on the triple threat?
  7. big poppa pump's Avatar
    Lesnar vs batista. Taker vs the rock. Hhh vs hbk 60 min iron man match. ( whc ). Ziggler vs del rio vs sheamus vs big show vs wade barrett vs cm punk falls count anywere 6 man match. Cena vs mark henry vs ryback wwe championship. Ic match fandango vs shelton benjamin(just a fot to return!)
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