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10 best match types and favourite situations in matches

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this blog is about my favourite 10 match types and who i would like to put in that match.

1. Elimination Chamber - I love this match as it has some real potenial, if we put high flyers in this match then we get leaps of the chambers, but if we get Powerhouses then we get massive slams onto the chamber floor. I would love to put Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Big Show, Ryback, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes in a new creation of mine. Put a pod inbetween each chamber now and then that fits them in. Have the powerhouses start, so Show vs Ryback, then introduce Henry, then Sheamus and Jack Swagger, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, ADR, Evan Bourne and then Kofi Kingston. have as the best moments, Big Show goes crashing through the whole chambers door and then have him beat up all the refs around and the ones that dont get beaten run in fear, Have as the only ones left to enter as Kingston and Bourne but they find gap in the metal ontop and climb to the top of the chamber pod and jump on both sides onto all the competitors in the middle, Bourne goes to the top of the chamber to deliver airbourne to Jack Swagger but then he quickly gets up and jumps onto the turnbuckle, then to the top of the pod and deliver a belly to belly suplex!
Winner = Orton

2. MITB - MITB is, to me, the best creation the WWE has come up with to date but the best thing to add is if we had Ultimate X matches to decide who goes into the MITB match. I would love to see Bourne, Kingston, Cara, Mysterio, Epico, Primo, Truth and Gabriel in this match. the match highlights would be Gabriel delivering a 450 splash to Cara from a 40ft ladder, Mysterio performing a 619 with the splash onto a ladder and Epico and Primo split by Primo hitting Epico with a ladder which also costs Epico the match.
Winner = Gabriel

3. I Quit - This is one match that i always loved because you can be made to not be able to say i quit eg John Cena, so he specialises in this type of match. I would love to see a fatal four way elimination match between Orton, Cena, The Rock and Brock Lesnar. the highlights would just be all the eliminations.
Winner = John Cena

4. Traditional Survivor Series match - This has always been my favourite PPV, not even MITB or EC could beat it. Team Lesnar vs The Rock - The Shield, CM Punk and The Big Show vs John Cena, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio and Chris Jericho. This could be a build up to WM30, they could have Rock and Brock choose teams but not show up on the night. The Highlights could be everyone puts their finisher on The Big Show and then he is eliminated. John Cena vs CM Punk, mini match which sees Punk get eliminated. The Shield eliminating all the competitors of the other team. Winner = Team Lesnar

5. Steel Assylum - This is the first TNA match that i am mentioning. i would like to see austin aries, Kenny King, Shark Boy, Curry Man, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Saban, Petey Williams and Alex Shelly. The Highlights would be Motor City Machine Guns hit a double cross-body. Kenny King spits in Curry Mans face to then get taken down by Shark Boy. Sonjay Dutt get a massive India chant which distracts him near the hole.
Winner = Shark Boy

6. HIAC - This is one of the all time great matches and it is one of my favourite through the ages matches. I would love to see HHH vs Undertaker vs The Rock vs Brock Lesnar in a last legends left match. The Highlights would be all four in a massive brawl. Lesnar and Rock show down. Taker dissapears in the middle but turns up at the end.
Winner = Brock Lesnar

7. Casket - I love these matches and they have a real feel to them. Kane vs Ryback. This is just as Kane has the relivence to the caskets and i want to see Ryback take him on. The highlights would be Kane delivers Chokeslam into the casket. Ryback delivers Shell Shock into the casket. They both are in the casket with the lid open but both knocked out.
Winner = Ryback.

8. Royal Rumble - This is a once a year match that gets 5 stars every time. I am not going to name all the competitors but you should know some of the obvious competitors. The Highlights are Randy Orton eliminates himself and Sheamus when he delivers an RKO from the top rope over the barricade which knocks them both out for 10-15 minutes. 3MB Turn on each other and all three go over the top rope in a big clump. The Miz eliminates Mark Henry and The Big Show in one go with a massive double Clothesline.
Winner = The Miz

9. Last Man Standing - This has a very prestigious legacy and there is never a year without it since the WWE has come to power. Sheamus vs Randy Orton. The Highlights would be The Shield comes down and tries to attack both Orton and Sheamus but they fight them off. Sheamus delivers a high cross to Orton sending him through the baricade. Orton delivers an RKO off a 30ft Ladder through two tables.
Winner = Randy Orton

10. Grudge - This is what i love the most, who says that people can't have a good match without the whole stipulation, it could just be i hate you let me tear you apart! The Rock vs Brock Lesnar. The Highlights would be when the security run down as there is blood everywhere as they have a massive punch up (not scheduled). Rock hits 5 Rock Bottoms and 3 People's Elbow's. Lesnar locks in the Brock Lock 4 times and hits 7 F-5's.
Winner = The Rock

So then this is my blog please leave comments and no Hate please!
Thank You For Reading, I Hope You Enjoyed!

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  1. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    its not in order
  2. weems's Avatar
    2/3 falls, iron man match, career on the line and battle royal would be in my top 10. Stipulations I would hope to never see again are a lion's den match (owen v shamrock), an evening gown match between 2 men (patterson v brisco), a hardcore match in a junkyard (inaugural wcw hardcore match), taser on a poll match (hall v goldberg) and the match that WCW and TNA have used where there are boxes above each corner which could include a weapon to use, a gag gift or the title belt.
  3. by_300's Avatar
    Two words- War Games!!!
    This blog is amazing!!!!! 5 Rock Bottoms, 7 F-5's, Miz eliminating Big Show and Mark Henry from the Rumble with the most devestating clothesline that anyone has ever seen(JBL would instantly Tout his love for Miz clotheslines), and a 8 man elminination chamber without having losers like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Chris Jericho, and Dolph Ziggler to stink up a match like that. Then let's have a 60 minute ironman match with Ryback vs Mark Henry because the one @ wrestlemania was too short!

    I do like the topic though
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