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Sudden Impact: The Need for the Mid Card Title

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Hey fans. DK Savior here, way ahead of his homework this week and had time to do a special edition of Sudden Impact. Though this should be more of a Coffee Talk, I've decided to do this TNA focused blog without doing a report on what was a very hyped, yet, someone deflating episode of Impact from Corpus Cristi, TX. The 2 out of 3 falls turned out to be a pretty decent match even after the first 2 falls were done in about a minute. The TLC match was also good with the spots, but lacked that climatic feel. The rest was sort of...ehhh. But that's not the point for this week's blog. The point is adding certain relevancies. And I'll tell you what I mean by that.

It's no secret that Devon wears a title around his neck that hasn't been defended in months. This lack of a mid-card title generates pointless matches that are looked at as more like grudge matches. The lack of this mid-card title relevancy is hurting TNA in my opinion. There's too many people on the roster with virtually nothing to do. Not everything can be about the war with Aces & Eights, the conflicted AJ Styles, and wrath of Matt Morgan. It seems that wrestlers who aren't directly involved with these three main storylines are left off Impact way too much. And that's where the TV Title can come into play. Let's look at some contenders that could vie for that title.

Devon: Reigning Television Champion

Devon, much like the majority of his Aces & Eights brothers, hardly ever wrestles. He's been television champ for several months but also hasn't defended it in several months. Hopefully, Joseph Park pulls some legal mumbo jumbo to make him defend it.

Joseph Park: Likely Next Contender

If what I said above holds true, then perhaps Joseph Park will be the first to get a TV Title shot in forever. Since Devon suckered him this past week, I'm hoping he gets that shot. I'm not saying he needs to win it, but the title surely needs to be defended.

Rob Terry: The Next Mid-Card Favorite

Rob Terry made minced meat out of Joey Ryan this past week. I find it to be a sad thing considering the great storytelling they did with Joey Ryan to bring him in, just to have him be irrelevant. But former Bigger Rob would make a nice TV Champ. People are starting to like him and if he holds that title and is on tv more, he could get a decent following and the tv title could be one of those stepping stones that could maybe get him to the next level.

Christian York: Time to Leave the X-Division

I like Christian York. But I don't feel his style meshes well in the X Division, especially with the new X Division rules. He's clearly much slower than his counterparts and looks awkward trying to do some of the crazier moves that typical X Division wrestlers do. He's built well and I think pursuit of a mid-card title would suit him much better.

Robbie E: Former TV Champion

Robbie's feud with Bigger Rob should be finished now. I think Rob Terry has created that separation and is ready to move on. This should bring Robbie back into the division. He's not an X Division guy and I don't ever see him in the World Title picture. So, the only goal for him is this mid-card title.

Eric Young: A Return to the Title Picture

Let's face it. At this point, Eric Young is not a viable contender for Bully Ray. And with moving away from the war with Aces & Eights, EY should return to get his title back. In fact, he could be the next true contender if they don't go with Joseph Park. This way, he still battles A&E, and gets himself into that title picture. The new, serious Showtime Eric Young, would make a great TV Champ and we'd get to see him much more.

Samoa Joe: Giving Him a Goal

Samoa Joe is someone I've been waiting for to get a World Title shot and it just never seems to happen these days. He falls short in the BFG series and gets involved in being one of 4 or 5 guys to battle Aces & Eights. He's popular and should be held in much higher regard. He's someone I can see taking to TV Title back into the realm of relevancy.

Magnus: Another One who Needs a Goal

Magnus' popularity has increased since his return during TNA's UK Tour. While he's been involved in the war with A&E, and meshing well with his former tag partner, Samoa Joe, I don't see these two reforming a tag team and pursuing that title. He needs something to work toward. He's not used enough and he, like Joe, could definitely bring relevancy back to that title.

DOC: The Big Man Enforcer of Aces & Eights

Aces & Eights don't fight enough. They do more gang attacks than having actual matches. I think DOC is getting lost in the shuffle with this approach. He's a big, strong guy and would be perfectly suited for a mid-card title like the TV Title. He would obviously not fight Devon for the title, but if Devon loses the belt, DOC can become a contender for it. Devon, as the SGT in Arms and Bully's brother and right hand man, he can definitely get involved in other things that don't involve a mid-card title and still be relevant. DOC on the other hand, needs something like this. And I'd much rather seem him working at this, rather than being thrown into a make-shift tag team with Knux or something like that.

So there you have it. I've just listed several guys who would make up a nice division for the mid-card title that currently doesn't really exist in TNA. It's a title that needs to exist though. Much like how WWE needs something for guys like Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett, and R Truth to fight for. TNA needs the same thing. There's too much actual talent who can be utilized and it also gives more for the fans to focus on. If all we focus on is Aces & Eights and AJ Styles, that's where stale comes into play. The TV Title. It needs to become relevant once again.

I hope enjoyed this rather unique edition of Sudden Impact. I've got 4 weeks until graduation, then I'll be able to blog more reguarly with it.

Thank you again for reading. If you haven't done so yet, go to and become a fan. I'll be posting an update on my wrestling web series later this weekend.

Have a Great Weekend and Be Safe Everyone!

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  1. MjBryan17's Avatar
    It's kind of ridiculous that Devon hasn't defended his title because after he won before he joined Aces Hogan said the title would be defended every week. That could make the title actually mean something and stories could be built around how many consecutive weeks its been retained. But no, I guess TNA just forgot about it. Nice read BTW.
  2. body slam's Avatar
    I would really like to see Gunner in the mix.
  3. walldo 3:16's Avatar
    Did roode and aires not say they were after all the gold a while back ? .. There seems to be a disregard for the ' smaller ' titles across both companies ie intercontinental and that pointless piece of metal round cesaro
  4. weems's Avatar
    I agree with pretty much everything in this blog. Hopefully the TV title will actually start being used in angles again and defended more than once a year. Also, what ever happened to cashing in the X division title for a TNA title shot? Seems like they have just forgotten about that angle. Before RVD lost the belt, I always thought he would try and take advantage of that stipulation. Oh well.

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