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10 Bold Predictions between now and WM30

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So this is all about the next 12 monthes to WM30 in New Orlands! I will give 10 massive predictions, some obvious and some just plain stupid and i want to see if they come true!

1. Antonio Cesaro will lose US and stay minor - Mr. McMahon has made it no secret that he despises Cesaro and he has to lose the us title soon but the difference between my prediction and others is that he will not go on to the WHC he will stay as a rarely used mid-carder.

2. John Cena will defeat The Rock - I can see them facing off at either SummerSlam or Payback so to not lose my numbers i have just put that Cena will win when Rock will cashes in his rematch clause.

3. Big E.Langston will turn on Ziggler - After Dolph's win for the WHC he has been a big name around the wwe but i can see Big E.Langston and AJ Lee getting together and the having Big E vs Dolph Ziggler for the WHC.

4. Fandango will become a massive name and then flop back to mid-card - Mr. McMahon's pet project is going pretty well and we all know that he will be given a WWE/WHC shot at some point but my prediction is that McMahon's pet will be klet off the leash and then will crash and burn.

5. The Miz will not go to main card - Many people want to see The Miz forget about Barrett and have him go after either Cena or Ziggler but this is what will go down, he will win the title back from barrett at either Extreme Rules or Payback and then he shall keep it until either Survivor Series or Royal Rumble. He has the possibility to be in the Elimination Chamber but not likely.

6. Zeb Colter will become an in-ring competitor - After he was put in a match with ADR i think they will try and start a thing of putting him into matches with Swagger until he betrays Swagger and becomes one of the best Mid-Card wrestlers, he would do good as the new US champion!

7. Sheamus, Randy Orton and The Big Show will have a great rivalry that will last until at least Survivor Series - We have seen the set up and with Orton due to turn heel and Big Show on the wall of heel and face it would make for a great traditional survivor series match with Team Orton vs Team Sheamus vs Team Show!

8. Brock Lesner and The Rock will have a rivalry - I don't know when but these two have to face off, it was rumored to be WM30 but now Undertaker has reportably got Lesner booked for him. I think that if Lesner doesnt face Taker at WM then it will be Rock.

9. Kofi Kingston will turn heel - I would love to see this as im not a Kingston fan but this could start to show more of a technical side to Kofi and he has alot of talent (who knows maybe i might start to like him).

10. Money In The Bank will be the best yet - I can see them setting up two massive MITB matches and it being the best PPV of the Year (apart from SummerSlam Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and WrestleMania).

So that is my top 10 predictions please leave comments. plus feel free to add on your bold predictions.

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  1. The Real Badt3's Avatar
    I like all of them and would really like to see the kofi hell turn.
  2. Jack Newport's Avatar
    I see almost all of these predictions happening.
  3. wil2197's Avatar
    Good predictions. I think the situation is even more dire for the US title as I can see it being discontinued this year. Cessaro's latest string of losses has brought the prestige of the title down quite a bit, and of course that's because of WWE booking. But will they see it like that? Noooooo. They'll think people are just tired of the US title and retire it.

    As far as Fandango is concerned...oh boy. It's a good prediction but I do hope the slimmest of hopes that you're wrong on that. He showed very little at Wrestlemania, is only popular because of his theme song, and has his stock extremely inflated at this point. It's really the fans fault in this respect. We wanna be cute and hum his theme, and it gets him a push into the main event scene...stupid us.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    How is #1 bold? He definately isn't going to hold on to the title for almost two years. I hope the minor part is wrong. I like him a lot. I was upset he wasnt on Mania. Same goes for Sandow who is a top 3 fav of mine.

    2 will definately happen if and when he does face the Rock in their grudge match.

    Don't really doubt #3. Love to see Mark Henry build a stable with Big E and E Jackson. Possibly have PTP join or Kofi.

    8. is a plan for either Summerslam or Mania. I hope they use it for Summerslam though.

    Maybe I become a Kofi fan if this happens.

    MITB is in my opinion, 1 of the greatest creations WWE ever made even though you could make the claim they copied of King of the Mountain. Just the excitement it always brings every time a cash in is made. The majority has been successful!

    You actually see Zeb being active wrestler? The man isn't 30 or 40. Nor is he in the shape like a man like Finlay. Will he compete? On a rare basis I figure.

    I hope you are wrong about that. I want to see Sheamus vs Orton. No Show involvement needed. I'm always for 3 matches and after grudge match feud is over. I didn't mind it with Taker/Batista/Edge because Edge and Taker got hurt during that time frame. Edge and Taker never faced 1 on 1 til Mania. Orton should have been the one to turn heel.

    Miz simply doesn't bring the same spark that he had as a heel.I wanted to see him work with Del Rio however, both turned face at the same time. Like to see him tag with Riley for a while with Riley turning on Miz this time.
  5. WWE.TNA.2012's Avatar
    i completely agree with the whole MITB being the best creation of the WWE to date. i think that they could make it better if the qualifing matches were ultimate X matches! that way i think that we could make a real high flying match.

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